■Author: Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah

■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu

■ 05, NOV 2020 

The horrific genocide going on in Obigbo is disheartening, my heart bleeds over the extrajudicially killings of resident's of Obigbo communities in River's State by Fulani Janjaweed military, ordered by Hitler Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, the killings, torture and intimidations melted on an innocent civilian at Obigbo is highly provocative and unbearable, 

Tyranny Nyeasom Ezenwo Wike has committed the worst atrocity ever known to humanity, he has defiled the law's of the land countless times, his nothing but a bonafide tyranny and dictator, else he won't have placed a curfew for two weeks on law-abiding citizen's of his state, he must stop denying that he never ordered Nigeria murderous military to invade Obigbo, because he is the chief security officer of the state and it's within his jurisdiction to stop an invasion of his state by military personnel's.

Haven learned that Nyesom Wike is a leader of Ogboni fraternity i have no doubt that the mass murderer of his people is using residents of Obigbo as sacrificial lamb's to renew his power and bid for vice president 2023, the proscription of IPOB by hitler Nyesom Wike must not be taken for granted because ever since he assumed office in 2015 it has always been his nature to place bounty on his opponent for execution,the likes of Don Wanny and countless opposition's of Nyesom Wike were all placed on bounty and executed by Hitler Nyesom Wike order, this same mass murderer denying that he never ordered for the invasion of Obigbo in his political bid to become Governor in 2015 hired Atake Tom,they killed a young man and cut his private part,they also slit a young mans throat and hung him on a tree, the sins of Hitler Nyesom Wike in River's State is too numerous to mention,he has committed crime's against humanity,Wike is a bloody taste beast, Ogboni occultic man using Obigbo as his sacrificial lamb's for his political bid. 

With the way Hitler tyranny Nyesom Wike is screaming IPOB with his hoax voice every day one might begin to wonder if this Ogboni man is fighting ISIS or Boko-harm, the accusation he levelled against IPOB is uncalled for and highly provocative, reasoning been that Hitler Nyesom Wike was not at the scene when the violence erupted, out of Hitler Nyesom Wike jealous and envy for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu he forcefully accuses IPOB of instigating violence in his state, while as the same violence he accused IPOB of erupted in every state's of the federation, I challenge Hitler Nyesom Wike to provide pictorial evidence of IPOB members instigating violence during the #EndSARs protest organized by Nigerian youth's in his state, if he can't that means his nothing but a bonafide tyranny and little Hitler looking for popularity, he must as well prove to humanity how to identify an IPOB member.

Lekki toll gate massacre is a child play compare to the genocide committed in Obigbo by Hitler Nyesom Wike army, the genocide is too horrible, so sadden the media houses in River's State are not airing the situations in Obigbo, media houses should stop interviewing Hitler Nyesom Wike the mass murderer and interview residents of Obigbo so as to get there fact's that Nyesom Wike is a beast and murderer, the till further notice curfew placed in Obigbo by Hitler Nyesom Wike was to achieve his homicide aim, Nyesom Wike it was you who ordered for the invasion of Obigbo, you instigated the war between Nigeria murderous army with unarmed IPOB members by forcefully accusing them of killing ten security agent's without proper investigation conducted by secret service if truly Nyesom Wike never ordered for the military invasion of Obigbo/tyranny and little Hitler why then should the military invade Obigbo to conduct house to house search without a search warrant issued by a judge? Why must a democratic governor allow the military to invade the privacy of his citizen's? Was it only in River's State that police stations and government properties were burned down? Wike why did another Governor's never ordered Fulani Janjaweed military to invade axis were their is violence? With the above questions, it got to prove that Nyesom Wike did not just order for the invasion of Obigbo, but in all ramifications, he is tyranny and little Hitler looking for popularity.

Humanity must note that Hitler Nyesom Wike order for the invasion of Obigbo, in order to eliminate a certain ethnic group, currently in Obigbo River's State, his killer murderous Janjaweed army is killing, torturing and intimidating innocent unarmed civilian's, in a bid that they are searching for there missing gun's, Obigbo is bleeding with the blood of innocent civilian's and Hitler Nyesom Wike must be held accountable for the unrest happening in River's State more especially Obigbo. 

#GovWikeTheHitler #GovWikeTheMassMurderer #ObigboBleed #ObigboGenocide #ObigboSOS #ObigboBloodyInvasion 

Edited/Published By Udeagha Obasi 

For  Umuchiukwu Writers 

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