November 26 2020 | The Biafra Telegraph

The vociferous and vehement seemingly identification of @Gov_Wike with the plight of the people, right from the time of his occupation of the junior Education Minister's office in the government of @GOODLUCKJONATHAN, endeared him to many people, especially, those who bore the weight of the impunitous oppression, suppression, marginalization, if not total exclusion of the people of Southern Nigeria, with particular reference to Eastern Nigeria (Biafrans).

The level of audacious brigandage by the federal officials, coupled with the lawlessness that followed Buhari's imposition on Nigeria by @BarackObama and @DavidCameron_MP (which was cloaked as election victory), made what appeared as @Gov_Wike's resoluteness and formidability as admirable as they were challenging.

It was these qualities that made @Gov_Wike to be endeared to the people to the point that when the Janjaweed were desperate to achieve their triangulation of the East through election theft, everybody, especially, the Supreme Leader of the Biafran nation, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, stood for @Gov_Wike, making the penetration of the Sahara Desert barbarians impossible.

On a number of occasions, @Gov_Wike made utterances and took actions that made him appear as though he was on the side of his people, the climax of which was his assertion that the so-called South-South was not a vassal state, and must not be brought under the subjection of any feudalistic establishment.

This, he seemingly demonstrated during the COVID-19 lockdown, when the federal gangsters and bandits at Aso Rock, called Nigeria PRESIDENCY, @NGRPresident, violated the lockdown rules in Rivers State, and he resisted them vehemently, to the admiration of every sane citizen, and to the humiliation of the impostors that operate with the name of the late @MBuhari.

As has been proven recently, this humiliation of the Aso Rock terrorists was a very sore wound, which they vowed to avenge at all costs.

But unknown to @Gov_Wike, the decision to revenge, and the method of their vengeance was shrouded in secrecy, as the savages had resolved to maximally "cut their pound of flesh".

This made the feudalistic and expansionist Sahara Desert barbarians to fashion out the most tantalizing baits for @Gov_Wike, which included, but not exclusively;

  • Dangling the presidency before the eyes of @Gov_Wike
  • Promising @Gov_Wike the expunging of all his past atrocities, thereby making him immune to the attack dogs of the gangsters
  • Protecting @Gov_Wike from all national and international probes and consequent penalization
  • Easy and unquestionable acquisition of limitless assets, even up to over 50% of Rivers State (as @AsiwajuTinubu did in Lagos), without any challenge.

However, all these can only be made possible on one condition. That condition is that @Gov_Wike would amputate, decapitate, liquidate, and obliterate IPOB. @Gov_Wike was also reminded of the divisive "ABANDONED PROPERTY", and the possibility of its reprisal, should IPOB have its way.

It was this mention of "ABANDONED PROPERTY", which naturally resurrected all the tributary atrocities, that brought to focus the reality of the abomination of the past to @Gov_Wike, which made him to be filled with great fear and indignation, resulting in his being highly obsessed to the level of insanity.

It was equally in this state of insanity that the Janjaweed drew @Gov_Wike's attention to all the divisive elements pervading Biafra land, which needed to be reinforced, so as to retain and maintain his relevance, and be able to attain the political height already brandished before him.

Having heard about attaining unprecedented political height, the hypnotic spell of the British, transmitted through the Fulani, became immediately activated in @Gov_Wike, as it was manifested in the treachery of Saro Wiwa, the sabotage of Edwin Clark, the denial of Peter Odili, and the moronism of the Creek pig.

The result of the triggering of this insanity in @Gov_Wike, is the gory picture and the heinous genocide that is committed before the world as #ObigboMassacre. #ObigboMassacre represents the infantile vacuity, the imbecilic moronism, and the barbaric savagery of a person that is demolishing his defences as a gratification or appeasement to his deadly enemies, whose only target is to totally exterminate and obliterate the perceived stumbling block to his ultimate goal of total conquest. 

Unfortunately, and very painfully, this is exactly the gullibility that @Gov_Wike has come to symbolize.

It will be improper, and certainly, a clear case of half haphazard delivery, if we fail to draw the attention of @Gov_Wike and his fellow hollow headed travellers and dreamers to the fact that while he is busy, using the terrorists in uniform called Nigerian Army, @HQNigerianArmy, in killing his kinsmen WITHIN HIS STATE, who are ultimately his wall of defense and a bulwark against the ferocious Fulani expansionism and conquest.

His Fulani counterparts who instigated him to kill his own kinsmen, are very busy assembling their kinsmen all over West Africa, if not Africa, and settling them in the forests of Biafra land, especially @Gov_Wike's Rivers State, in readiness for the command that will signal the ultimate massacre and occupation of his indigenous and ancestral land, by the same enemy that he, @Gov_Wike, has been trying to appease and pacify. @Gov_Wike can ask the Governors of Bauchi state, Kano state, Sokoto state, Katsina state, Zamfara state, and the midget and butcher of Kaduna state, Nasir Elrufai.

At this point, if the lessons of Gobir, the Hábe monarchies, Afonja of Ilorin emirate, Awolowo of Gowon Era, Saro Wiwa of Abacha time, and @ProfOsinbajo of the present time, don't teach @Gov_Wike any deep lessons, then, nothing else can, as the lessons in the referenced cases are as glaring as they are indelible.





Biafra has come!

Written by:
Okwunna Okongwu
[Twitter @biafra4ever]
For: Lagos State Media

Edited by:
Mazi Chukwudi Okeke
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media

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