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■ 28, NOV 2020 

Government Forces To Execute ‘In Secret’ Jewish Adherents Arrested In Nigeria’s Biafra Region 

Three hundred Jewish adherents arrested by government forces in Rivers State – a region of Biafra in Nigeria, will face secret execution, Mr Nnamdi Kanu – leader of the secessionist group Indigenous People Of Biafra said on Friday, citing sources of the Nigerian army.

Dozens of Igbo Jewish adherents and members of the Nigerian separatist group were killed in a raid by Nigerian government forces on Oyigbo, and other communities in Rivers State after irate youth protesting police brutality across the country touched police stations following the killing of protesters by policemen during the protest.

At least six (6) synagogues were razed by government forces who also arrested hundreds of people in the raid that began last month October 2020.

Mr Kanu, who had expressed his displeasure at the destruction of synagogues and the massacre, revealed that military sources said the detained Biafran Jews “had been taken to the Army base at Obinze, Imo State, from where they will be secretly taken to the North to be slaughtered.”

Meanwhile, many Nigerians have demanded that the United States of America, the United Kingdom and other international communities place a visa ban on Mr Nyesom Wike, the governor of Rivers State who ordered burning of synagogues and the horrific massacre of Jewish adherents and members of the IPOB who he claims to be “terrorists”.


“Besides the visa ban, Nyesom Wike should face a criminal offence of genocide for ordering the execution of the Igbos and their Jewish adherents in Rivers State. What he did was a crime of crimes, which is the greatest crime under international law,” Lawrence Peter, international law and human rights expert told Africa Guardian.

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