November 04 2020 | The Biafra Telegraph

There has been series of countless killings of innocent unarmed civilians going on in Ebonyi state being sponsored by the state governor Engr. David Nweze Umahi using the Fulani soldiers and police force with the help of unscrupulous hungry gullible among the citizens which he hired to work against the people.

Umahi mandated those working under his administration across the thirteen local government areas in Ebonyi state to engage on house to house search for IPOB family members for secret execution. Many are victims of this plot as records of missing individuals in Abakaliki increases daily.

IPOB Ebonyi Media team and the intelligent unit of IPOB were able to gather the names and mobile phone numbers of these agents of darkness working against their own people in Ebonyi to please their slave masters.

Below are the details of the identified saboteurs who has entered the record of those against the people:

~The first on this list is Hon. Matthew Uguru, former Chairman Abakaliki LGA and general manager Ebonyi Rice world.

~ Second on this list is Anagoro who is the commander Neighbourhood Watch thugs Abakaliki LGA, he is the one recruiting thugs in the guise of Neighbourhood Watch to work against the people, especially the youths seeking for their bright future through peaceful protests in the state capital and beyond to register their displeasure over the level of illegalities and bad governance worsts than autocracy in Nigeria. His contact mobile phone number is: 08128124178.

~The third on the evil list is Hon. Ekeke Ukpata Ajagbo. He is the former Coordinator Ekumenyi Development Center. Currently the supervisor on internal security Abakaliki LGA. His contact mobile phone number is: 08067092164.

~Still on the list is Hon. Joseph Ununu, also known As ZUMA ROCK! The former Chairman Ebonyi Rice World, currently member Representing Abakaliki South Constituency in Ebonyi State House Of Assembly. His mobile phone number is: 08037457971.

These and many more yet to be unveiled are those aiding the extrajudicial killings of young people in Ebonyi state on daily basis, the youths have committed no crime against the law, order than crying out against inhumane treatments and injustice they were forcefully subjected to by the evil politicians like Umahi who are serving the interest of their Fulani masters in Aso Rock.

Ebonyi people now live in fears and panic over this pandemonium caused as a result of the killings of their innocent citizens frequently by the Nigeria Security operatives.

Not less than twenty-five Ebonyi citizens, mainly youths have so far been killed under the watch of Dave Umahi the state governor in the past twenty-two days from 10th October, 2020 after the Lekki massacre in Lagos State.

One may wonder when all these wickedness and killings of poor helpless People by those who ought to protect them will end in Ebonyi and Biafra entirely.

It is believed that the centre can no longer hold as it has damaged beyond repair, hence the general agreement from the assessment on the state of the Contraption called Nigeria that there's no better thing to do than to  #EndNigeriaNow.

This will avert the looming doom and save the lives of millions trapped under the British Contraption called Nigeria. The world should take note and do the necessary things urgently before it becomes too late, the youths and relatives of those who's brethren were illegally murdered by the weak and brutal soldiers and police that cannot face and fight Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen  terrorists, are really bittered inside; reliable  information from anonymous source has it that the youths are reinforcing for revenge of their beloved killed by the soldiers and if nothing is done to address it, the oppressors will definitely feel the heat in no distant time.


Written by:
Ogeh Friday Igiri
For: Ebonyi State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Ebonyi State Media

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