■Author: Victor Njoku

■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu

■ 12, NOV 2020 

 It's hard to believe how the great worries and philosophical NdiIgbo produced such a servitude, moronic egoistic leaders who never consider the wellness of their People, there's a saying that "Charity begins at home", but theirs begins outside. The problem is not them being nice to other tribes but them pleasing the north for their aggrandizement at the expense of their people. 

If you observe the devoid communique of the so-called leaders fastidiously, you will understand that they have reduced themselves to thanks-givers, thanking a man whose policies never benefited their people for once, a man who publicly told the world that he would never treat them well like the northerners for daring to give him just five per cent of their votes. 

What I'll one say is the main content and aim of their communique? What they did was to thank the late Buhari regime, pledge their total support for him and then appeal to him to look into their demand and request, If I may ask, what are they thanking Buhari's regime for? A man that never did anything good for the Igbos if not a countless military invasion of Alaigbo since he assumed office. 

This loyal thanks and appreciation of the Buhari and his regime by the devoid Igbo leaders is fishy, Could it be that they're receiving an envelope from this incompetent, tyrannical and corrupt regime? The so-called Igbo leaders went further to appeal to Buhari regime to grant their request; supposed Igbo leaders are now begging someone who was elected and given the mandate to govern and fix things that are bad to grant their request. You see the extent the so-called Igbo leaders have reduced themselves to? Should we also ask, what is their request which they want Buhari's regime to grant to them? The clandestine request is simply Igbo president and creation of another state from the South East. Because they're moronic, they are unable to realize that all the things they're asking for are irrelevant this time. 

 know quite alright that they live in a country where nepotism, tribalism favouritism and bigotry is the order of the day, a country where you will have to kneel before the sultan of Sokoto, beg the president and worship the entire northern politicians before they can reward them with any political position or appointment, so why don't this senseless so-called Igbo leaders push for instant disintegration and balkanization of this unfavourable curse called zoo Nigeria? Of course, they won't because they are comfortable with the crumbs given to them by their Fulani slave masters, their belly is filled up; therefore, they no longer care about their people. 

Is it not very stupid of Igbo leader to clamour for another Igbo state from the South-East geopolitical zone forgetting their Anioma brothers in Delta State? Why don't they call for Anioma start to bring back their almost lost territory? I must conclude by saying that we have power drunken and badly intoxicated bloodthirsty foolish leaders in AlaIgbo for commending the barbaric approach of the tyrannical regime towards peaceful #EndSARS protesters, How dare these potbelly wild mouthed people to try to justify and commend this humiliation, mayhem and massacre mated against peaceful youths of the country? They were very proud to also say that they will protect every other tribe domiciled in AlaIgbo, that statement alone is baseless and can only come out from an empty moronic and cowardly Igbo leaders, Igbo youths have always been peaceful, law-abiding and they detest evil, they Don't hurt stranger, unlike northern youths who derive Joy and satisfaction in killing Igbos and other Southerners living in the north unprovoked. 

The odious part of this, is that those wild mouthed leaders are incapable of protecting Igbos in Igbo land not to talk of protecting those outside Igbo territory but you see, they're very much committed to protecting Fulani terrorists than their people, there's an ongoing genocide in Obigbo targeted at indigenous Igbos yet these docile leaders remains quiet while their people are being killed by Wike and the Fulani terrorist military. I'm disappointed at the present Igbo leaders, leaders who try to justify homicides against their people, I want to let all know that they're not representing Ndigbo as they never seek the people's consent before dishing out their devoid communique. 

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum 

Published By Udeagha Obasi 

For  Umuchiukwu Writers 

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