Biafra: Exaltation  Of Destiny Killers

■ Author: Celestine Ariwodo
■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu
■ 13, 08, 2020

Before one comes into this world, his/her chi (personal god) has destined or designed them for what they will be. That phenomenon is what we call destiny. The question of fulfilling that destiny or having it aborted lies on certain things happening within and around the individual.

For everyone who fulfilled that purpose, it is a thing of joy, and those who didn't fulfill there own it becomes an irrevocable tragedy. Everybody wants to fulfill his/her destiny.

We have heard things like destiny helpers, and destiny killers and without a doubt each one represents something.

Before I proceed I want to draw a few types of destiny helpers and killers.
1. God's help
2. Self-help
3. Others help.

1. Satan's killing
2. Self Killing
3. Others Killing

If a proud Nigerian and a proud Biafran should be asked one simple question their answers will differ but in the differences, self-help, and self-killing are in place. Let's say an American whose name is Greene interviews Tochukwu, Bashir, and Tunde in Los Angeles thus:

Greene: Tochukwu please can you tell me why you need Biafra?

Tochukwu: I need Biafra because I am a Biafran. I want to go back to whom I used to be before the white man came into Africa. I wouldn't have thought of doing this if I am accommodated in the country created by a foreigner where mediocrity reigns supreme.

Greene: Why don't you consider a restructured or new Nigeria?

Tochukwu: Considering a restructured or one Nigeria will spell doom on me because those who talked about a restructuring of Nigeria in the past paid with their lives. Over 5 million Biafrans also died in the hands of those talking about restructure now; Biafrans wanted it done then as contained in the Aburi Accord Documents. If they killed more than 5 million to make sure Nigeria was not restructured, they can never ever be sincere in the restructure now. But my stand is simple; I am a Biafran and I want to go.

Greene: Now, Bashir why do you need Nigeria?

Bashir: Thank you very much, Mr. Greene, Nigeria as you can see Nigeria is our country and we will not tolerate anybody to say they want to go out of it.

Greene: Tunde why do you need Nigeria?

Tunde: Nigeria is a giant of Africa, we want to make sure our oil (oil) is sold to all nations so that we will maintain our economic status as a giant of Africa.

Now, let's bring in where self destiny help and self destiny killer comes in.
Proud Biafran responded in honesty by saying who he is, and that truth is what can make one free. When you say the truth God will help you, that is where God's help comes in. When God is with you, it might just take a little time, then if you don't give up people will join you in everything you do and your success will be guaranteed, now can you see why our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu said he will destroy Nigeria with the truth?

Bashir said Nigeria is his country and wouldn't tolerate anybody to be free, which includes himself. He should have told Greene that Arewa is his nation and not Nigeria. If he is independent as an Arewa he will do better because his chance of success or failure as a nation will lie on him, which is self-killing.

Tunde knows very well that his nation is Oduduwa but choose to focus on answering the giant of Africa, and oil instead of telling the truth and being free. Another self-killing.

Back home in the political space known as Nigeria, Channels TV would not report Tochukwu's statement as being a Biafran but would either said Alleged or Self Acclaimed Biafran. Another Self Killing. The Fulani herdsmen terrorists will kill and rape people, Nigerian media will be silent over it as if it never happened, self-killing.

North propagated and sponsor Boko Haram till date, and Boko Haram is destroying the North, Northerners are comfortable with that as long as they are president, and occupy every sensitive position while their home turns warzone. Another self-killing.

The evil we have experienced or still experience is not from the devil or other continents first, it started from us. The devil only stepped in when there was a place prepared for him through lies. We went into slavery as a continent when we started selling our own selves, so others who devastated us did not do so until we played a role, sadly that role was the one keeping us down till today.

IPOB has chosen the path of truth because it is the only truth that sets free. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has told us that only God will give us Biafra. It will be so because we are refining ourselves with truth, if anybody is hurt with the truth the only pill is repentance then you are free.

Thanks to God that today, so many Oduduwa people have realized that their destiny is in their hands, have woken up and protested for their freedom. This is self-help. In a situation like this, the wider view of everybody is that the great Oduduwa republic will be free no matter how much saboteurs like Tunde in their midst tries to serve their Fulani Janjaweed masters...
What matters most is that self-help is in place, the wonders of God's help will not be hindered at a time like this. God bless Biafra. God bless Oduduwa.

Edited By Ezekwereogu Odinaka John

Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka

For Umuchiukwu Writers .

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