Biafra: Who is for Biafra?

■ Author: Onwe Ozioma

■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu

■ 13, 08, 2020

No man is an island they say, and that is markedly true. Even in the most harmonious periods of life everyone still needs the help of another in this or that way. How much more in a time of precariousness like the one the people of Biafra find themselves in today? 

A people seeking freedom to the tune of national sovereignty no doubt needs very critically, the backing of prominent heavy-weights in the form of what is today known as world powers. But it seems that all the frontline heavy-weights have a thing or the other they are profiting from Nigeria – the contraption from which Biafra wants out. So who is for Biafra? 

The second attempt to restore the sovereignty of the ancient but demonized nation called Biafra has been on for about a decade now. Many groups have arisen to demand the total or partial liberation of this part of today’s Nigeria as designed by the British. 

Enlightenment campaigns have been ongoing without ceasing both at the grass-root level and at the global stage, thanks to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu whose group – the indigenous people of Biafra has taken the struggle to a height hitherto inconceivable. 

The out of the ordinary radio broadcasts of this group, there is hardly ever any person alive to global happenings who can feign ignorance of the Biafra-exit campaigns. World-leading social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram among others are always awash with the free-Biafra calls. 

The atrocities of the terrorist Nigerian government now have no hiding place. The global authorities saddled with policing the world are constantly and quickly put in the know of the Fulanis’ killings, raping, pillaging, sacking of villages, and other hideous activities against the different indigenous peoples concentrated in the British racist construct called Nigeria.  But to the baffling of many the people, countries, and organizations from which actions are expected to end the Nigeria problems are all mute. And the question on everyone’s lip is, “why?” 

The very likely reason is that they all have some lucrative interests in Nigeria. And these interests cannot be risked simply because some niggas are dying. Quite likely the case, to them it is first thing first.

Below an attempt is made at bringing to the fore a bit of what good the continuous existence of Nigeria is to the powers that be with a view to making those sincerely calling for the long-overdue disintegration of Nigeria know who to expect assistance from.

To start with, the British is the creator of Nigeria. Apart from the wealth of resources they enjoy from Nigeria, it is to the interest of the British that Nigeria remains because it gives them that sense of pride. Nigeria provides the British with some sort of God status. More like what God can do we can do. God creates nations we do too. In addition, Nigeria gives the British people to order around - The Nigerian leaders are ever willing tools, doing the behests of their master without any questioning. Who would prefer to lose such biddable servants? Remember Britain has been the definition of feudalism and in the Fulanis, they found a bird of a feather. By the principle of first thing first, the deaths in Nigeria can go on forever as long as the British lordship is preserved.

Also, an end to Nigeria will largely mark the end of the slur against the black race. Nigeria simply means an area inhabited by niggas, nigga being a demeaning word used on blacks. Nigeria reminds the British and their racist abettors of the idiocy and daftness of the black man which perhaps provides some amusement for them. In Nigeria, blacks accept with pride what they fight with pain elsewhere. Black people with their brainlessness fail to recognize that fighting a man who calls you a nigga in the USA whereas you are carrying a passport which confirms you a nigga from a nigga-area is enough reason for you to be seen as an entertaining clown. Nigeria is the highest evidence of racism. If not why, as the IPOB leader asked in one of his broadcasts, would the Scottish people that number about five million be given a referendum, again and again, to decide if they want out of the British empire but Biafra that is about thirteen times more populous than Scotland cannot have the same privilege?

Economically, the monetary gain of the British from Nigeria is so much that anyone who insinuates that Nigeria as a British company is the mainstay of her economy may be utterly correct. Oil shipped to Britain from Nigeria is untold. Crude oil as a natural resource of Nigeria is to the British what a subservient wife’s earnings are to her lord husband. Many multinational companies in Nigeria are completely or partly owned by the British and Brits. Some of these international companies are Hardy Oil and Gas Plc,  Diago,  Cadbury, Procter and Gamble (P&G), PZ Cussons, GlaxoSmithKline, British American Tobacco (BAT), Price Waterhouse Cooper (PWC) and the list keeps towering. These companies cannot deny feasting on the gargantuan corruption ingrained in Nigeria. Neither can they refute that they heavily invest in keeping Nigeria one, the deaths notwithstanding.

Moving to other major players in global politics we see that like the British, they all have a very tangible though the antilife reason to favor the continuous existence of Nigeria. The USA has Halliburton Energy, Chevron, Exxon Mobil, and more. France has Total, Italy has SAIPEM,  AGIP. China has Addax, Nexen Inc., Brazil has Petrobras. Holland has Shell. Norway has Statoil now Equinor. Russia has Gazprom EP,  Lukoil, Germany has Julius Berger. To mention but a few.

The individuals who run these money-spinning firms you can be sure have been doing and will continue to do everything possible to ensure that their parent countries do not for any reason favor the IPOB argument. And worse still IPOB and all pro-Biafra groups put together is a no match to the financial strength of just one of these corporations.

Furthermore, the Nigerian government cleverly signs contracts and MuOUs which lucratively favors foreign governments all in a bid to emasculate Biafra. For instance, the worth of Nigeria’s defense contracts with Israel is enough to silence the Israeli government on issues of Biafra. 

At the individual level, the continuous existence of Nigeria guarantees the satisfaction of the sensual needs of base men and women in different parts of the world. How? Nigeria is the highest exporter of whores. The youths who the country has frustrated and banished to wherever can take them are condemned to prostitution, drug peddling, and other social vices. This situation makes available usable humans. Very sadly people take advantage of them. So Arabs, Americans, Europeans, and even fellow Africans are assured of continued supply of sex slaves as was the case during the open slave trade era.

The silence of global bodies like the UN, EU, and others is simply to allow for further experimentation of the population control theory orated by the likes of Thomas Malthus.  The killings in Nigeria are very much known to these powers but just like in Rwanda it is potently achieving its purpose – people reduction. Can anybody sanely say that these organizations were not aware of the 1994 Rwandan genocide as it raged – a pogrom that lasted for about 100 days?  Do not be fooled by the never again con. It is here again.

Briefly highlighted above is the unsealing of the position of the so-called international community which Biafrans and other peoples entrapped in Britain’s Nigeria always call on every time they are served the Fulani patriotism like those in southern Kaduna are currently enjoying. Can anyone disprove this? I doubt.  If this is the reality, who then is for us? Who do we run to? Who do we call? Our collective will to stay alive. 

The survival instinct has saved humans and animals in the past and it is always there to be tapped by anyone who appreciates its saving power. Solutions to perilous situations have always come to people via this inner redeemer. In fact “SURVIVAL INSTINCT”, is beautifully defined as “the ability to know what to do to stay alive”. What else do you need to hear?  

Edited By Ezekwereogu Odinaka John 

Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka

For Umuchukwu Writers .

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