August 16 2020 | The Biafra Telegraph

The family members of IPOB Ebonyi state on 14th August, 2020 laid to rest the remains of late Dr. Uzowaku Chimezie in his country home at Nnenasa Njaba LGA Imo Biafra land.

He kicked the bucket on 20th July, 2020 after a brief illness. Until his painful demise late Dr. Uzowaku was a hardcore IPOB family member Nkaliki zone at Abakaliki LGA, Ebonyi state Biafra land.

Late Dr. Uzowaku Chimezie was a lover of freedom and a follower of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the supreme leader of IPOB worldwide until his dead.

The family members of IPOB Ebonyi state and Nkaliki zone attended the funeral in a mass to give the deceased the last respect due to him.

The movement to and from Ebonyi to Imo province was hitch free.

The family to the deceased appreciated the family of IPOB, Ebonyi State University and other friends and good associates, especially those who came from Ebonyi state to be with them during the moment of their tribulation and hard time.

Our correspondent, Ikemefuna Nwali was there for Ebonyi Media.

Written by:
Ogeh Friday Igiri
For: Ebonyi State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Ebonyi State Media
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