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We are facing a very formidable arrays of enemies. Our enemies are intensifying their attacks against us. I am not saying this as Lamentations or Complaints, I am only trying to prepare our people about what is to come. You are being prepared for what is to come. The time has come TO SEPARATE THE CHAFF FROM THE WHEAT. Our match is very very near. The enemies are trembling and quacking all they can to stop us but they have failed very woefully, they will continue to fail.

Why am I saying this?

A few days ago, I got a message from Facebook they said they will be restricting and suppressing every Post I make on my Wall. Their reason is that: "I HAVE INSISTED SINCE 2017 THAT THE ORIGINAL BUHARI IS DEAD."

What this has to do with Facebook, I have no idea. If you scroll down on my page you will see a post I made about the 25 years old Boy and a very Old Buhari in 2016 before he died in January 2017. I called the Stupidity Check, I asked people to check on the pictures and tell us if those two people are the same. Definitely they are not the same and it is very clear.

Do you know what happened? FB, Lai Mohammed, Aso Rock as the case may be Garba Shehu etc, contracted two Igbo Boys and One Yoruba Boy, they organized them to do what is called a Fact Check -AFB a very reputable organization. A news agency. They decided to write an epistle that all my story about Jubril and Buhari are false. These are black people and I want you to caste your mind back about what I said about BLACK PEOPLE. The tendency to gravitate towards Evil. I make it very clear all the Time. Most people take offense, when I say this, when I preach it, that there is something so evil about Black People, that they are attracted to everything that is Bad. Some people don't take it very kindly. But it is the truth.

Two Igbo Boys claiming that they are AFP, (AFP is a wild News Outlet) they gave them so much money that they purchased the Rights to Fact Check for Africa AFP. They went and disgraced themselves by saying that the information I gave was false. When we noticed what was happening, I asked one of our Assistant to try and boost one of the Post and try to see what Facebook would say.  In an attempt to boost one of the Post, a reply came back that.

"This very page is guilty of publishing False Information about Buhari."

This is Facebook defending Buhari. I suspect they have been paid to suppress my Page. I want that very Pic to be posted. False Information checked by Independent Fact Checkers. What they are trying to do is when you read this you get the impression that it's a bunch of white people because it's AFP, independently verifying. Not knowing that these are APC E-Rats doing Fact Check on a subject that is Critical of a man in whose name they have been looting everywhere dry.

I want people to understand how the brain of an African man works.

FB based their decision to suppress my Page to stop me from disseminating information based on what two Igbo Criminals in Abuja wrote and One Yoruba idiot, three people. And there was no SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE to counteract what I have been asserting all these years. None. Just that two Igbo boys and one Yoruba boy came together and purchased the franchise to Fact Check, using the name of AFP (Associated French Press) FB bought into that nonsense and news about BIAFRA that I am disseminating.

Ask them their evidence that an Old man of 85 years old and a little boy of 25 that they are the same. Give these two pictures to a Baby and ask the child if these two people are the same. Facebook took offence.

APC Lai Mohammed gathered his gang, a bunch of Niggers from Africa to do a Fact Check.
Can you imagine?

Facebook is relying on what corrupt, useless, Africa Niggers said to justify their suppression of Free speech on my page.

I am saying all these for you to understand the number of enemies that we are fighting. I want Biafrans all over the World to understand that we have a lot of enemies not because we have offended anyone but because we are blessed.

As Captured by
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media
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