July 15 2020 | The Biafra Telegraph

The man called Lord Lugard and his wife Flora Shaw named this contraption "NIGERIA". in the year 1897. The name is Flora's way of describing a Nigger area and unfortunately this name has sunk well in the brains of everybody.

In January 1967, the mutual agreement between Nigeria and the SE (BIAFRA) known as Aburi-Accord failed because Britain was jittery of the Skilled, Innovative and inventive spirit of the average Biafran.

Because they wanted to control the mineral resources in Nigeria, they needed to have the most Foolish Nigeria in helm of affairs and also using them to suppress the people of South-East region Politically, Economically and socially. This is the sole reason they instigated and wedged the genocidal war against Biafrans for three years from 1967 -1970. In that war, over 5millon Biafrans including Children, Adults, Women and Old people were massacred in cold blood.

When the war ended, the fear of Biafran's innovative spirit did not go away from the dark hearts of the British Masters. The plot to render the SE people completely useless began immediately. The first plot used to break the people of South-East was DIVIDE AND RULE Policy. They created new States out of BIAFRA Land and called it "South-South".

They mapped out the Oil Rich States (where their interest lies) and called them "Niger Delta". After this trick, they went into sensitization and brainwashed the people with falsehood, made the newly created areas to see Igbos as their enemies. They gave them properties of their Igbo brothers and called it Abandoned property, just to create everlasting enemies amongst brothers.

The question a sensible person should ask is, what is Niger Delta? What is the purpose of the creation in the first place? Google search says Niger means Black while Delta means where water body comes undressed and nobody lives at the Delta of a water body. Without thinking, we jumped at it, and became so proud to carry it as our name.

When the former President Olusegun Obasanjo formed the Niger Delta Board, he said his aim was to build and develop the Oil rich area. He named it Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC). It was all lies and a way to cut off and severe the relationship of the people of old Eastern region.

It is a known fact, that neither the splitting of the South-East region into strange States nor the creation of Niger Delta States have yielded any positive thing rather it has destroyed the brotherly relationship amongst the people of the South-East region.

The main purpose of all these cruelties is to bind the Igbos and keep them away from Power. Keeping the Igbos away from Government means allowing Britain to continue enslaving Nigeria. Till date, Nigeria is structured in a way that it is controlled by the North (Fulani) and will be impossible to reverse it. They control the Economic Power. They control the Political Power and also Control the whole Security network of the Nation.

In 2015, when the Present Government came into Power, an APC Lawmaker Farouk Adamu said and I quote: "The Oil in Bayelsa and Niger Delta belong to Jigawa, and we'll use our blood to protect it"

I will always bring up the memory of 2015 General Election when the present Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari threatened to shut down NIGERIA if former President Jonathan wins the Election. In his word

 "I will make your government ungovernable and will soak the blood of monkey and baboons with their own blood “, why was above statement made? Because Goodluck Jonathan is from the so-called Niger Delta.

How long shall these injustices be? When shall we wake up and say Enough is Enough? When shall we return to our old identity and embrace our true brothers?

Nigeria has caused us more harm than good. They have polluted our land. They have polluted our Waters thereby making it poisonous for the aquatic animals and humans. They have exploited us to develop the North. They have impoverished us to point of death. They have sent their marauding Terrorist Fulani Herdsmen to occupy our Land. They rape, maim, kill and destroy our farms. They have kicked us out from Government seats.

All you hear is... "We are building second Niger bridge." "We are going to clean up Ogoni Oil spill."

In summary, I am using this medium to call on the Rivers Brothers and Sisters and other States merged in the fraudulent South-South, who deserve to live a better life, as a matter of urgency to drop that mockery name called "Niger Delta", and accept whom they were before the British came...BIAFRA

God bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu
God bless IPOB


Written by:
Mba Chibuzor
For: Rivers State Media

Edited by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Rivers State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Rivers State Media

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