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■ 04, June 2020

Good evening wonderful People great Biafrans wherever you are, we welcome you to another explosive edition of Radio Biafra presentation this very evening of the 31st day of May in the Year of our most high Elohim 2020.

I know that a lot of people are shocked that I am once again on-air presenting this very evening, but we have a gospel to preach and we have decided that that very gospel we must preach on this very day.

We are not like any other broadcaster, and we are not like any other that you may have come across, we exist in over 80 countries around the world and in all those places across the length and breadth of this very planet earth People are listening to Radio Biafra.

Once again I welcome you and I say good morning, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight to some of you because we are broadcasting into every time zone around the world. Should you wish to listen to us? You will be able to do so without any hindrance or whatsoever I welcome you.

My name is Nnamdi Kanu

I am the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra and by the very special grace of Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile a servant of wonderful people of Biafra.

This evening before we go any further we are going to pray, we are going to call upon Elohim to direct our proceedings this very evening as we have always done, and will continue to do until the end of time.

Opening prayer followed the opening prayers were anchored by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as always, and after which I Onyebuchukwu Oluchukwu Nwafor echoed Isee Isee Iseeee to all the great prayers he made, and he proceeded with the broadcast.

We have to proceed very speedily and without hesitation to preach this very gospel. This very evening we are going to start in a way that those who attack us do not expect us to, we want to lay the background upon which everything that is rotten about the zoo is predicated. We want to lay for the whole world to understand that when people talk about the zoo called Nigeria, that when saboteurs are raising up and defending what in essence is indefensible that they understand the enormity of the problem confronting the people that inhabit the damnable zoological republic.

Our enemies are not sleeping. Therefore, I may choose to come on air every blessed day; if it is warranted I will do so our enemies are not sleeping at all, the zoo is not sleeping their Saboteurs in our land, all the traitors are not sleeping. Therefore we shouldn't sleep either we shouldn't be cut sleeping, our enemies are numerous they are fighting us in every way possible, we must overwhelm and overcome them that is what we are going to do this evening.

You must listen very very carefully please we have to preach this very gospel.

This is the real sponsor of Boko Haram all of you know him Ali Ndume, and he is a politician, he is a Janjaweed politician.

If Facebook is frustrating you, if they kick you out try and rejoin again that is what they do all the time, that is their stock in trade BBC was against us during the war, there was a media blackout on BIAFRA during the war, we have traced their conspiracy back to the house of laws. England doesn't want the light to shine in Africa it didn't start today, they have been doing this thing for nearly 390 years it didn't start today. So what Facebook is doing is not new.

The only thing is that our enemies who are within are using the of Biafra, they are telling you that they are agitator to deceive, to miss direct your attention they are doing all of this things in order to delay the coming of BIAFRA, to please their Janjaweed masters in the North we have discovered their tricks, we know what they are up to, and we are determined to stop them, and that is what we are going to do every blessed day that we wake up, what we are going to do is to remind them always without fail that we remain as determined and as formidable as ever.

Ali Ndume is telling you that all of them are bad including Nigerians themselves that is exactly what he is saying, they are all bad, all of them are bad, politicians in Nigeria they deceive people they are telling you that is their job, their job is to deceive you, their job is to raise I from everywhere, it's their job always to make sure you are held down in poverty and in penury, it's their job to make sure you have no electricity, it's their job to make sure you have no good roads, it's their job to make sure you have no good education, it's their job to make sure you are born into suffering, you will exist in pains d suffering, and you will die in pain and suffering, it not me saying it it's a politician.

Nigerians also deceive themselves when we call them zoo when we say people living in a zoo they don't understand us; they don't know where we are coming from, they didn't know we agitate the way we agitate not only are the politicians bad Nigerians themselves are also bad. They are the ones who are suffering, they are the ones who are at the receiving end of the primitive Janjaweed miss rule, they are the ones who should be raising up to fight for their freedom, but they are the ones over and over again that have decided to fight those who are fighting for their freedom.

And I don't want anybody to get discouraged; you can not afford to be discouraged we must remain resolute. That is one thing we are known for our determination unquestionable, and that is what we must demonstrate at all times, at all times we must, we are unwavering.

If you are wondering how an evil black man is what is saying is a pointer it tells you all you need to know, and why you have supporters in our land who are working for the enemy and proudly so, they are not only working for the enemy they are proudly working for the enemy they are, and tomorrow they will come out to complain they will not tell you that they are the architect of their own problem.

This is a man that was sponsoring Boko Haram; he is a politician; he is from the zoo that tells you all you need to know.

I want our people to understand that there are only two factors holding us down, having regard for what this man has just said there are only two things holding us down as a people and keeping us away from our freedom, that is what we are going to discuss this very evening.

There are two factors holding us down, and that is the reason why it is always easy for the Janjaweed to kill, to invade and to divide us at will they are not going to change, they will not change they will always try to demoralize us, they will do everything that can to make you feel that what you are doing is not working but believe you me, I am holding them in a bad place that I can assure you.

There are two factors holding us down, and that is the reason why Fulani Janjaweed always find it easy to kill us, invade and most importantly, critically to divide us at will it didn't start today, The reason why people at all times are ashamed or should I say afraid to say who they are, to use the world BIAFRA was that Britain over 300 years ago started this very process.

When them themselves researched and discover that indeed we are the children of God in the land of Africa, there to bring light to Africa, that was when Britain started this very concerted effort both covertly and overtly to make sure that BIAFRA does not see the light of the day, And this evening I will prove it to you.

I am also trying to make you understand this, that the successive leadership of all Biafran ethnic nationalities has failed repeatedly failed to address the issue of division, the issue of subjugation, the issue of subversion of the name BIAFRA so that when we agitate for BIAFRA, the world can understand the reason why we are doing so, that our enemies as well can appreciate why we are doing so.

Another problem that we have Igbo man love gossip and backbiting, I didn't say Igbo women I said Igbo men their love for gossip this affinity they have to backbite which links to what I have always preached all the time, it has to do with greed, envy and jealousy that is why you have Janjaweed in our homes, in our villages, in our communities, in our market square, in our bushes in our forest everywhere you have them, upon until now, upon until this very minute those who hold political power they have never been any concerted effort to try to drive those people away.

And before the Janjaweed came, before the Fulani decided to invade BIAFRA land and take our land over, they bribed every major media house in the world they bribe everybody, they bribed Facebook, they bribed BBC, they bribed CNN every major news outlet in the world.

Now that they are invading have you heard about this invasion anywhere else? Are people complaining about this invasion, have you heard about any publication anywhere in the world analyzing the influx of Janjaweed Alamagiri terrorist fighters into Biafraland? Am asking you a question have you heard it anywhere? The reason why you will not read it is that they have been paid, they have been bribed, there is a global effort not to allow BIAFRA to emerge and the Igbo man is not helping either, they are the ones who have been recruited to do the work of Janjaweed for them. They are the ones who are going all over the place lying against BIAFRA trying to deceive the same people that they ought to be saving.

This is the issues confronting us as a people, and it is my duty and responsibility to highlight it to the hearing of the whole world, that mankind may know that there was a time we preach this very gospel we warned our people, but they did not listen.

This evening we are continuing our effort to unite Biafrans all over the world especially in Biafraland, I said especially in Biafraland because there are some things that people do not know, there are many things we do not appreciate nor understand, nor have the urge or the need to understand it. That is why when we preach we use historical references that each an everybody listening to us may come to the understanding that what we are saying is irrefutable, you can't doubt it. You can never ever doubt it.

Now this very evening having heard what the Alamagiri said, that the zoo called Nigeria is a den of rogues politicians are evil, even ordinary Nigerians are evil as well that is what the man said that people are merely saving themselves, they claim they believe God there is nothing Godly about them, all they do is to lie and to deceive themselves, and the headquarters of all this lies and deceivers are in Igbo land, they said in Igbo men.

It doesn't matter if you call yourself a Niger Delta or anything you call yourselves, you are your own greatest problem and enemy, when other people are grouping together seeking to devour you, to invade your land, to take the ancestry homes you are busy gossiping envying each other and backbiting, because that is what the enemy ask you to go and do, to divide their attention, to make sure they don't focus on that very thing that we are doing which is to come into your land conquer you, besiege you militarily and politically, and then take over everything that belongs to you.

Traitors, saboteurs are hiding under the name Niger Delta to delay BIAFRA, they are hiding under the name Niger Delta to perpetuate iniquity, they are hiding under the name Niger Delta to get away or to excuse themselves from a responsibility they willingly entered into, liers and deceivers that was why I said that anybody man or woman referring to himself/herself as a Niger Delta person once you have Niger, you have Delta I anything you are doing God in Heaven knows you are a demon, you are working for the caliphate that is how you know them.

Once they have Niger to their name or South-South, anything that has Delta to it you know, they are working for the Fulani caliphate. And their job is to distract your attention at this very critical time is to make you not to see clearly, is to make you not to critically analyze your situation, to make it impossible for you did not come together as a people to articulate a solution or should I say a way out of the mess that you are in, that is why they are in our land.

And if you don't know that we are surrendered we are, apart from Israel Biafra is the second most hated People in the whole world, People hate BIAFRANS for no reason, they just see you, and they hate you for no reason, they see the blessing of God on your face, and they despise you, that is why they have come into your land to take it. And what are their agents doing? Trying to deflect your attention, trying to deviate your attention away, trying to make you feel that you have a greater problem, that 2023 presidential whatever nonsense election is your priority or should be your priority that the best way to address the overwhelming invasion of your land is to hope that things will be better in 2023, and by that time you will no longer exist.

Facebook doesn't want the truth to be told that is why all of them are ganging up against us, ganging up against what IPOB is doing but we don't care; we don't give a dime if they say is only one person listening I will preach. Instead of me to preach for 2hours I will preach for 3hours, they know the more they reduce the number of our listeners the more I will preach, Chineke pkokwa ha ọkụ ndi ara.

Do you think this is 1967 you can intimidate? You can use your media blackout as they are slaughtering Biafrans, as our parents are dying on the Battlefield trying to defend us you are busy lying to the whole world, all of you were lying to the whole world every Yoruba media, every Hausa media, the same Middle Belt today who are being slaughtered, I said the same Christians in the Middle Belt that am fighting for when I go to America, the same Christians in Middle Belt. You joined Gowon, who was a Christian, to kill Biafrans. Gowon went and created Southeastern Nigeria, which is this same place where the IGBO people come from, in Cross River State hope you are listening?

Now Nnia Nwodo Ohanaeze so-called leaders of Biafra or IGBO leaders none of them overall this year's none of them ever rose up to challenge this abomination by Gowon and the Janjaweed Fulani that have been dividing us withdrawing artificial boundaries, we thought that what Lugard did was wrong, what Gowon and Janjaweed in the North did is an abomination. And that was why Chukwu Okike Abiama said BIAFRA could never come until you go and unite all this, my children, together and that is what we are doing; now you know why BIAFRA did not come in 1970?

I have told you this story before, I went to America, and they were giving us the facts and figures of the Biafran war they said that of course, the Vietnam war was a distraction. But had we fought on for another six months president Nixon would have instructed Harold Wilson in the UK to allow BIAFRA to go, only six more months but we stopped because Elohim wanted to show us BIAFRA. The promised land to say your parents have fought for this, now all of you should go and fight for it, and that is what we are doing.

But you can not fight for BIAFRA unless you unite the Children of most high unless the Biafran family are one together. And that is precisely what we are doing. The only thing is that we are doing it with every truth, and in every honesty, that is why we say everything in the open nothing is hidden. So when we tell you that this is where the boundary of BIAFRA start and this is where it ends you have no need to doubt us.

Let me read for you, according to official zoo census there are about 20,000 inhabitants in Ortaka community In Obubra local government area of Cross River State because when Janjaweed e-rat or Yoruba e-rat says oh leave Cross River out of your BIAFRA ooO, they will not tell you, this is something that Channels can not tell you, Punch newspaper can not show you all the Yoruba media can never tell you because they are doing the work of Lucifer, they are working for Satan, they are working for the darkness they can never ever tell you that there are IGBO people in Cross River State they can never tell you, not just in Delta not just in River because if you ask Ohanaeze first thing Nnia Nwodo will say is there IGBO speaking seven states.

IGBO speaking? But they can not have Hausa speaking state in the North? No fula speaking state in the North? No Yoruba speaking states? It is only in our land they want to divide us. They don't want us to be together. Once you divide the land of BIAFRA Elohim depart his glory can no longer be with you, he will take his grace with him, and you are on your own that is why we are suffering today.

So what we are doing now is what Ohanaeze should have done since 1976, they never did it, this is the elders that when they sat down, they saw something that young children could not see isn't it ironic that we have elders children are now teaching elders history? Elders that should be telling us under the moonlight in the night what our history is, who we are related to, who are your brothers, who are your cousins, who are your sisters they didn't do it, it is us the children now telling our fathers who we are and who our relatives are, it is a shock and utter abomination my goodness me.

Let me read this, and our language is IGBO in Cross River State. In Ortaka community in Obubra in Cross River State the language is IGBO language they speak the same IGBO that some parts of Ebonyi people are speaking that all, and in Ortaka village in Obubra LGA of Cross River State they have four market days, Eke, Orie, Afor and Nkwo and in Ortaka village in Obubra LGA of Cross River State they circumcise all their male children on the eight days, they celebrate New yam festival, they are called Isiko people, Isobo is the same thing. The same way we have in Isiko in the so-called Delta State, I hope you are following?

Not that we want to force anybody to be part of BIAFRA, but we want to let the God almighty in heaven know that, that assignment that he gave to us, that we must go and locate all his children shine this light if knowledge of BIAFRA to them, then let them decide where they wish to belong. They must choose where they want to belong, and that is precisely what we are doing.

Ortaka community in Obubra LGA of Cross River State is BIAFRA; it is an IGBO territory they call them the great IGBO sub speaking groups domiciled in Niger Delta that is what they call them. These are IGBO people, and they are calling the Niger Delta.

And it is even an excellent thing that even the pig 🐖 came out today to say he is an IGBO man and I said no wonder, only an IGBO man can be as stupid as you are, only an IGBO man can collect money and deny that he didn't collect any I will come to you, later on, only an IGBO man will now deny that he doesn't know who Uchenna Asiegbu is, you now deny that Uchenna Asiegbu never gave you any money, only an IGBO man will do that and say he is a Niger Delta talking rubbish, only an IGBO man will deny money giving to him onye oshi (a criminal). By day and by night, you denied I never spoke to you? Did you deny I never sent people to your mansion in Cotonou? I did not speak to you? Don't you know who Edoziem is? You denied speaking to me in the phone before you went into that meeting in Cotonou you denied it?

You are an IGBO man, so I am not surprised full of deceit, self-deceit I did not give you money direct from prison I ask somebody to give it to you, his name is Uchenna Asiegbu have you forgotten? You people are the problem, you are an IGBO man, but you are hiding under Niger Delta talking rubbish, but you are an IGBO man, you look like a pig 🐖 you are an IGBO man no wonder am not surprised. All you people know is backbiting, envy and gossip an IGBO man will sit down oburu egwusi na agba na aku asiri (he will be shelling egwusi and be talking rubbish gossiping)

All your useless militancy was pure 419, and you are a criminal, do you think everybody else is a criminal in blood daylight you denied the money that I asked Uchenna Asiegbu to give to you, so you think I will be in prison and I will leave jail as a witch (as amusu) I will fly to you and give you money. You want to play smart; you want to show us you are clever, but you are not clever Uchenna Asiegbu gave you the money. Come out and do a video and say Uchenna Asiegbu never gave you any money, bring Quran with you am telling you that God you worship will strike you dead, bring Quran with you and swear that Uchenna Asiegbu never gave you any money on my own instruction, swear that I never spoke to you I want you to swear that I never spoke to you from prison I spoke you. You are a liar and thief, and I give you names I knew you you would lie and deny like some of you claiming you are Niger Delta, but you are IGBO.

Why did I give you 20 million? I gave you 20 million as a starter for all the plan that we have. And you are busy lying, did general playboy not come to your house? He asked, and we sent him that we gave you money are you going to deny it? And you asked your boy to shot the door that you are not at home did playboy go to your house or not? Did we give you money to protect us at Nkpor or not? Am giving you facts and figures how much were you giving for Nkpor? Five million I approved it for all to defend us 2016 at Nkpor the massacre that amnesty keeps talking about till today at Nkpor have you forgotten? You were the one that went and told the zoo that we have no arms and they came to Nkpor to slaughter us it came from you, and you are an IGBO man am not surprised.

Let me tell you something in my training I learnt something, never ask a question that you don't have an answer to I know it was a trap yesterday  and you fall into it, I know that because I didn't give some much details last night that you will come out today to say I didn't  give you any money because you think you are smart Uchenna Omio omio gave you the money I want you to do video come out tomorrow and Omio omio never gave you money come out and do another video because you have no shame.

See how a grown-up man is lying, I want the world to know how an IGBO man behaves, that is why Janjaweed that did not go to school is controlling our lives because of this type of selfish behavior. All of you your masters are panicking in the caliphate they may have given Yoruba people working for Facebook more money to remove People listening.

You are denying something I called you on the phone you and I had a conversation, my men had a meeting with you in Cotonou you deny it, Omio omio sent you the money you deny it I doubt you are a militant I don't think so. You are just there eaten pork pig 🐖 (na eri anu esi) look at how bloated you are? Bloated pig 🐖 everywhere.

They are the people in Cross River, oh they are Cross River, Cross River is Niger Delta, and we keep quiet like fools, if not for IPOB when they talk that rubbish some of you Yoruba e-rat they intimidate you and you run, like a fool you abandon an argument that you have won by nature, this is your relatives in Cross River, in Delta State, in Rivers, in Akwa Ibom, in Bayesal they are your blood relatives I said your blood, somebody a Janjaweed from somewhere is in Facebook saying leave Cross River, oh and you run away, some idiots will say to us but can't you make it IGBO only IGBO nation? I look at the idiots campaigning for IGBO nation, and I ask them do you know you have relatives in Benue? Do you know your people are in Cross River? You are talking about IGBO nation of 5 IGBO speakings you people are daft because you didn't go to school. Some of our professors but you know nothing absolutely nothing.

Are you more IGBO than somebody in Agbo? You are from Owerri or Nnewi are you more IGBO than somebody from Igbanke? Are you more IGBO than somebody in Ortaka in Obubra? How are you more IGBO than that person? I will ask you again can somebody tell me why they are campaigning for IGBO nation for only five states when you have IGBO people in Cross River? Who are they? Idiots, people that didn't go to school they go to Sahara reporter they will be writing nonsense, writing garbage, writing crap.

If not for IPOB, where would you be today? Janjaweed will make paper soup with your brain unbelievable.

Why was it I ask them all the time, why was it that Nnamdi Azikiwe and all their allege IGBO leaders they never source to unite our people never, I think it was the Ohanaeze of Ralph Uwechue that manages to bring in Delta State, Anioma and then some parts of Rivers, the rest say the South East South IGBO speaking states.

How about the IGBOS in Benue? How about the IGBOS in Cross River? How about the IGBOS in Benin? How about the IGBOS in Delta? How about the IGBOS in Rivers? How about the IGBOS in Akwa Ibom? Are you are more IGBO than them? You are asking me to restrict BIAFRA agitation to only five states are you more IGBO than those people in Akwa Ibom? Is now becoming clearer, isn't it? Very very clear.

Our enemies are wasting their time they know we know more than they do, we are schooled all these so-called leaders they failed in the simplest task that Elohim asks them to do.

People don't understand the level of conspiracy against BIAFRA the word BIAFRA, and I keep asking myself why is it that these people when they hear the word BIAFRA they want to go mad? There is something about BIAFRA that is driving the British man mad something what that thing is? What is it about BIAFRA that when you go to UN, and you mention the word BIAFRA everybody will run away from the room that was how I know that Tony Nnadi was lying he didn't discuss BIAFRA because if you go to the capital Hill the world and discuss BIAFRA when they finish dealing with you if you come outside you will suffer from typhoid and malaria and convulsion immediately, you will ask yourself but why this hatred for BIAFRA? We didn't actually do anything they are the ones that killed us 5million people, yet they are afraid of us.

If you went to the UN and called a meeting in the UN, and you put on the display board BIAFRA they will stand up, and they will work out, but that hasn't stopped us has it? We are still going stronger than ever they can't stop us, they can never, and they know it.

I said something about the pig 🐖 a simple trap; I said to him I gave you 20million and I know that being the criminal he is he will say oh Nnamdi Kanu did not give me any money, he will not tell you that I instructed Uchenna Asiegbu to give him that money. If he was an honourable man he would have said Uchenna Asiegbu gave me money or talk to me about money, Nkpor massacre do you know who is to blame? Is the pig 🐖 Asari Tokunbo, we gave him the money he said they would come to protect us at Nkpor they never came, I was in prison I was weeping, I was crying inside the prison as they were slaughtering our men and I asked Omio omio, and I said to him where are the things you promised me is coming to Npkor? He said oh no, they are somewhere near the head bridge, I said when are they going to come onboard? That men are falling he eat that money.

I sent men to him in Igweocha I will tell the whole world, I sent men to you in Igweocha you eat the money, you left my men outside, in fact, have you forgotten how many men were arrested in Igweocha and how they were arrested? Who arrested them? Was it not your own boy that was riding on DSS truck pointing out my men in Igweocha? When they went to the place you said they are going to sleep was anything there? They were telling me there is nothing there nowhere for them to sleep, did you ask me to bring money to fence the place or not? To make it more secure, that is why I said you are a thieve so I will expose you to the whole world, did you or did you not ask for more money to build a fence? And I said how about the money that I gave to you what is it for? Are you going to deny it? Did Uchenna Asiegbu sent money to you or not? And how many times where you sent money? How many times since you think you are smart? You are denying that I didn't speak to you and am asking you. The meeting we held in your place I joined by teleconference 3 of my men were there. Did I fly them from Europe into Cotonou, Edoziem, Agbayim, Nzulumike true or false? A simple question you are a liar.

I lost my Mum, and I lost my Dad in this very fight these people are they are not satisfied and can never be until I die, and then they will be slaves, he is a Muslim he is part of them, so he is working for them to come so they make him like Afonja, they will make him Ijaw caliphate he will be Sultan of Ijaw. Because he is taking money from his friends in the North, and am asking him you claim you are a militant can you tell me where you fought battle with the Nigeria Government before I have videos of mine, tell us the day, the time you fought battle with Nigeria, if not for Henry Okah you are nobody?

Am going to look at BBC world time correspondent, I said to you yesterday that BBC is evil j want to prove it to you today when I push you I show you where to land, I can't come out and accuse you needlessly, I told you Tony Nnadi I didn't say he is a fraud I said he is a nonentity, he is a nobody, I levelled 4 accusations against him all he could think about to defend is Nnamdi Kanu that criminal you can see I didn't support Nwodo's #100 per head every month. All the things I said about him he could defend it, he couldn't defend any of them, you claim you are working for BIAFRA all these people you are deceiving you are a freedom fighter I say show me one document with BIAFRA in it, or with even your upper Niger or Lower malibu.

We are going back to Frederick Forsyth a conscientious BBC correspondent I want Biafrans to know who their enemies are, that they hate us not for anything we have done but because God bless us as a race if you don't know.

Listen carefully this is Frederick Forsyth, the federal government in Lagos that is Gowon Government was a brutal military dictatorship has anything changed till today with Aisha boyfriend? Has anything at all changed? Look at what is happening today anytime the North is in power the worst form of governance. In 1967 Frederick Forsyth was writing the federal government Government in Lagos was a brutal dictatorship that came to power In 1966, in a bloodbath during and following that coup the northern and western region was swept by a pogrom in which thousands resident of IGBOS were slaughtered this is a white man writing.

The same Government did not lift a finger to save the slaughter if the Biafrans when they say IGBO once you Come out and they start pursing you to kill you, remember our women tie two-piece wrapper you don't know if the woman is from Ogoja, you don't know if she is from Kalabari once they see you and you are tying two-piece of the wrapper they pursue you and then kill you. So are you following what am saying it is not about IGBO, they use the world we are against IGBO so that they can conquer you? And Yoruba is the one shining the light for Fulani you don't know that? Yoruba they are the one pressing the touch for Fulani to invade, once you are a Biafran they hate you it is natural us like been a Jew, there is nothing you can do about it you are hated by nature.

There were killing IGBO people once your mum ties piece wrapper you are a slice of dead meat, the Federal Government did not protect our people then never protected the Biafrans. That even somebody that was British educated then he was a Colonel Gowon. But listen to what a white man said he said that Gowon was a puppet-like hope Uzodimma, listen was a puppet the true rulers were a group of Northern colonels the cabal did not start today, Fulani cabal did not start yesterday or did not start with the death of Buhari in 2017, has been there always.

It was the cabal that said because we want to kill Christians from the south, the best thing to do is to get a Christian from the North, from the Middle Belt and support him to do the killing for us the same thing they are doing now, instead of them to come and say we are coming to take over your land they said oh they are resettling Alamagiri so that when you are writing to the world, they will say but is Alamagiri? They will not tell you it is the Fulani people who are coming to forcibly take over your land, that was what they did to Gowon they said to Gowon you would go for us even the Middle Belt they were filled with hatred and envy for IGBO man, Middle Belt all of them.

The only reason why they hated an IGBO man is that an IGBO man was successful, God blessed him wherever he goes to God will bless him, he will do well don't mind their stinginess and their wickedness ooO that comes with him as natural as well, but they always do well.

Do you know some Yoruba fought for BIAFRA? Some Yoruba men fought and died for BIAFRA, and we remember them, their heroism and their bravery we remember all of them. The Yoruba's that fought and died for BIAFRA we Honor them those that I am against are the traitors, the same way I am against the traitors in Biafraland, the same way being against the traitors in IGBO land, in Ijaw land wherever I see traitors I attack them, I can't stand them a traitor should not be alive. They come to you, and they pretend they are part of you, oh am fighting for you ooO but why are you not talking about the Fulani in our forest? That is when you know who is who.

Now listen to what British did am going to shock all of you, now you understand what is happening in Nigeria today is as a direct result of the wickedness of the British Government of the time I want to prove it to you, listen very carefully, the British organized Aburi conference the reason why they organized it was not to find a peaceful solution, it is to give a cover for the genocide, for the holocaust they were about to unleash according to an English a man Fredrick Forsyth that said what Britain did was a shame during the war. It was Britain that organized Aburi conference, and in that Aburi conference Gowon was there, Ọjukwụ was there two of them drank tea and brandy and agreed that the zoo called Nigeria would go back to a kind of confederation, back to 1960 or should I say 1963 constitution are you following?

Everybody will be on their own going and be developing their resources. Do you know what happened? On returning back to Lagos now listen to this, you will be shocked. In getting back to Lagos at the instigation of the British in fact the colonels, the cabals in the North including then the Oba of Benin understand this it is the truth, including then the Oba of Benin they ganged up against because of their hatred for IGBO man, they said no ooO we no go gree ooO we no go gree. Do you know they tore up Aburi conference and they ask Gowon I think it was last year why didn't you Honor Aburi conference? He said because Ọjukwụ came back and announced it first can you see? He is the one they said he is leading prayer.

And they said somebody invited him to come to Biafraland to pray I am looking for the name of that person, I can't find, and am telling the whole world today please can you give us the name of the person inviting Gowon, give us his name so you are telling me in Israel after killing 6 million people that Hitler children can be invited to come to Israel? Do you see how foolish we are? Do you see when I say that IGBO man is a poison unto himself do you see what I mean? You want to go and invite somebody who killed 5 million of us in a period when we are crying over the death of our people? Somebody wants to go and bring Gowon to come and pray in Biafraland go and bring him nah, no problem go and bring him and then you will know what will happen to you, useless set of people.

It was Gowon that destroyed the Aburi conference based on the advice from the Generals, from the colonels, from the cabals from the North Fulani on advice from the British said no, but that was what you negotiated? So now ask yourself, why would Britain say no to confederation? Because Britain wanted to constraint power to the hands of Fulani they know are very primitive, they know that very well, that is how they can be taking oil and gas, and nobody bothers.

Do you see how many enemies we have and how powerful they are? Not everybody who comes to you and say to you I am fighting for BIAFRA that is fighting for BIAFRA.

Because of IPOB, they gave you BBC Igbo, the job of BBC Igbo is to neutralize IPOB you can't do anything to us, they came with their tricks and games. BBC can never befriend of Biafra not now, not tomorrow, not ever don't say I didn't warn you. I went to BBC I give an interview they brought their bodyguard, huge men, they thought I was coming with IPOB to come and fight them, I give an interview in English and in IGBO language before that, when I was in prison my wife gave an interview to BBC Igbo and to BBC English you know what they did? She gave an interview for 50 minutes they cut it down to 3 minutes only that was the day I know they are evil.

I said ok let me try maybe it was a mistake when I came out, in London, I went to where they hired they don't want me to come to there studio they didn't want to offend the Fulani by asking me to come to BBC house to go and give an interview, I did an interview BBC English and BBC Igbo till today the BBC English never aired, BBC is evil they don't mean well for BIAFRA. All the thing I said about the zoo they never published never.

People don't understand what BIAFRA means I look at them, and I laugh, I said, do you know what we are fighting for? They say Oh but when is this your BIAFRA coming? You are talking too much oh you should come back and start fighting 😂🤣😂🤣😂 , oh dear me.

The worst war you can fight is the one which you are not prepared, the invasion of Biafraland took the Janjaweed nearly 40 years to plan, this conquest they are executing now 40 years plan. They have their war chest now stand at nearly $22 billion that is is the Fulani war chest to maintain their hegemon.

Britain started working for the zoo because the zoo can not defeat BIAFRA this is according to Fredrick Forsyth, Nigeria could not defeat BIAFRA and because of that Britain got upset, Britain was very very upset they started to interfere in the war, they started to supply them with weapons contrary to the agreement Britain Britain started to give weapons to Gowon, fresh weapons to Gowon. Britain fought BIAFRA, not Nigeria, Britain have been programmed to fight the Children of God everywhere. I don't know why Britain succeeded because of the template we use during the war. Chukwu Okike Abiama was not ready; now he is ready just do as we tell you and watch the miracle happen before your eyes.

Biafra war was the III world war I want to educate the world, to know what happened something the pig 🐖 in the creek doesn't know. Russia was dropping Bomb in our villages, and we did nothing to Russia, we don't know who they are, but from somewhere they were dropping bombs on us, we don't know who you are Russia came to kill us as well unbelievable, missionaries knew and noticed what had happened, and they were coming out of the forest with children suffering from Kwashiorkor Roman Catholic Church they did well I commend them, especially those from Ireland, the Irish missionaries may God bless them immensely, the Roman Catholic Church did a lot. The Anglican Church did nothing. The people that came and work hard on the ground were Roman Catholics.

Who is Alamagiri to fight BIAFRA? You know we are going to fight very soon, and when that war commences Britain can no longer come in because now the whole has eyes and ears, we will only fight the Alamagiri from the North, and you will see what we are going to do to them.

Our people think they can run away from the war is coming you can't escape it, is a God punishment on the IGBO race. That war you are afraid of you are about to fight it now, the Fulanis brought it to your homes and if you survive after this then you know Indeed you are destined to survive, people are going to die am sorry to tell you these people will die we must continue.

Majority of the Yoruba been above an IGBO man is their highest achievement in life, if not why would they know that Aso Rock is empty, that Buhari is dead yet they are covering it up ask yourself why? Ask yourself why they know Aisha is now in charge of the zoo, ask yourself why they are allowing such travesty to obtain? What is Yoruba gaining, what is it that thing that Yoruba is gaining from Nigeria that will make them support Nigeria because of the hatred they have for an IGBO man that all?

I know why Fulani wants Nigeria is because they need oil, they are lazy, they are primitive apart from their cattle they know nothing, I ask you before how many Fulani Scientists have you seen? How many doctors have you seen from Fulani? Why do you think they always go outside to sign a contract with a white man to come and work in the zoo?

The name Biafara comes from came from the Afar region of Ethiopia the root of second migration, from the land of Samaria. That is the reason why only the Biafran people are light-skinned on the coast of West Africa, the only place you can come to and they give birth to someone who is almost white is only in Biafraland because of our bloodline from the land of Samaria, this is the second wave of migration all the way from Bushland they migrated into Sudan, into Ethiopia the afar region of Ethiopia as they were migrating through that particular root coming into Cameroon's the change their name the coming of the house of Ephraim.

Is worth knowing that the Portuguese came and was looking for the garden of Eden, the white man saw something one day I will tell you why they use Enugu as the capital of their administration in the East. The white man came looking for the garden of Eden because there were told that the garden of Eden is at the centre of the world, and the centre of the world is BIAFRA. And they came looking for it that is why they don't want BIAFRA to develop.

I think on that note I will bring this program to a close because we have preached this gospel this evening and Elohim is with us let no idiot come and tell you anything about BIAFRA. I will publish the maps very soon if not tonight tomorrow morning.

Elohim will bring BIAFARA in my time do you know why? No I want you to go to sleep with this, our name is Biafara if you take away bi which is the calling you have Afara left which is where I come from, and that is the Portuguese name is a Biafran name Afara, Afara means come and join that is the meaning of it, so BIAFARA means simply come and join are you listening?

Our name changed from BIAFARA to Biafraise Which was a corrupt version of BIAFARA, Afara Is where I come from, and do you know how I know that is correct? Because that was where BIAFRA ended. The last headquarter from where Ọjukwụ took off to Ivory Coast is in my village, in my Compound, is called Opkula Isiokwe where you have Ọjukwụ bunker that BBC Igbo went to.

Opkula Isiokwe means the very beginning of the people, Opkula means the very first place of those people. That was the last headquarter of BIAFRA, and from there BIAFRA will rise once again.

And I thank you very much for listening, as always we have demonstrated without doubt that BIAFRA is our religion, here on Radio Biafra is where we worship because Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile is our God, and from me, from here it is good evening.

Edited/Published By Udeagha Obasi 
For  Umuchiukwu Writers 

Remain Blessed Umunnem.
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