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■ 07, June 2020

Good evening wonderful People great Biafrans wherever you are on the surface of this very great planet earth we welcome you to another explosive edition Radio Biafra presentation, where the truth is spoken, where we relentlessly pursue those who have come not just to lie, to destabilize nor to delay BIAFRA all those who are doing the work of darkness, those who have to emerge from the darkness to try to extinguish the irreplaceable light of hope and redemption.

We had come that BIAFRA maybe restored in truth and every honesty because we are spotlessly clean because we are without a blemish, because we are whiter than white and whiter than snow because before we came, there was nothing like us now that we are here, they can not be like us, and after we are gone they will pray that we had l lived forever, we are the children of the most high.

On across 24 timezones on this very planet earth, Elohim children are listening, Radio Biafra is not like any other we are listened to across the entirety of humanity, that is why only on Radio Biafra we say good morning, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight to some of you. Because regardless of where you are living, where you are residing, where you are domiciled we welcome you this very evening.

My name is Nnamdi Kanu

I am the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, the largest standing most formidable mass movement anywhere in the face of this very earth. I am a servant of the wonderful People of BIAFRA only by the special grace of God almighty in heaven, Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile and we are here to preach this very gospel until BIAFRA is restored in our time, and we know, and we hope and pray it will be this year and not beyond this year.

That is why we have to do everything within our powers, everything humanly possible to make sure we disseminate this very gospel this evening. That wherever you are you propagate it, you will tell your friends, you will tell your neighbours; you will tell those who are close to you, even those who are far from you.

Listening to this very broadcast via my Facebook page comes with a warning, Facebook as always is doing all they can feel they have been bribed, they know the zoo is sinking, they know the zoo is irredeemably sinking that is why they keep borrowing money and bribing everybody, they have bribed the diplomats it didn't work, they bribed the mainstream media it did not work now they are bringing social media as well. Facebook has collected their own share, and they are doing all they can to see what they can do to justify the blood money that they are taking, because if you accept anything from the zoo called Nigeria it is blood money that you are taken because people are dying and you are collecting money to suppress the truth, and that is what we are here to expose".

Before we go any further we must call upon Elohim; we must hand over our proceedings to the most high Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile that mercy and his grace may guard us.

And for those of you who do not understand, BIAFRA is not going to be an ungodly nation it has to remain Godly the same way it has been from the beginning so shall it continue till the end of time. It will not change BIAFRA will remain Godly that was why I proudly proclaimed in Israel when I was interviewed, that BIAFRA will be another version of the Jewish state of Israel. I said it very proudly and I restraint that this very evening.

We are IPOB we do not retreat nor surrender, and that is why the zoo is collapsing precipitously nobody can stop it. This 2020 we collapse the zoo there is nothing anybody can do about it, it doesn't matter what they do, it doesn't matter how many idiots they recruit on their side, it doesn't matter how many saboteurs springs up, it doesn't matter how many traitors they have recruited the zoo must fall in 2020 we have all the facts and the figures, it doesn't matter what they do.

We must pray!

Opening prayer followed the opening prayers were anchored by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as always, and after which I Onyebuchukwu Oluchukwu Nwafor echoed Isee Isee Iseeee to all the great prayers he made, and he proceeded with the broadcast.

This evening without further hesitation, we must proceed to preach, our enemies are vibrating right now they are panicking because they know we are whiter than white and whiter than snow. They know we are incorruptible, they understand that we are unbribable, they know nobody can buy us, they know we only have one mission the essence of our existence why we are born is to restore BIAFRA and BIAFRA will come in our time.

This evening we shall preach the gospel that Elohim has mandated should be preached to the children of men on this very earth. That the truth may always prevail.

This very evening we are making it very very obvious, I want to start from the beginning the dismantling of the zoo piece by piece, brick by brick, zik by zik rope by rope the dismantling of the fraudulent deficit called Nigeria where they have been, where they are going and where they are going to end up. This is one massive organized colonial fraud presided over by very backward primitive uneducable tribe the Janjaweed.

I want to start from the very beginning because am going to dwell on an executive order signed by Trump yesterday which I posted on my page on Facebook, and I am going to dwell on it that the world may understand what is happening, that everybody may know the amount of work we have put in into making sure that civilized nations see Nigeria for what it is the damnable zoological republic.

Unbelievable we are in the spirit, I am going to refer you to a document from the Department of Justice in the United States of America, issued an answer call to action on Boko Haram, you may be wondering why I am going back to 2016 to start our program this very evening it's very very critical that you follow this presentation methodically.

Don't mind what Facebook is doing, do not mind what they are doing they have been paid to do what they are doing, but they can not stop us rest assured, they can't because people are listening through YouTube, people are listening on Radio Biafra App, they are listening on simple Radio, they are listening on even sweet Radio, they are listening on TuneIn, they are listening via our F.M., they are listening via Satellite it doesn't matter what they do. If they kick us out which they are planning to do, we shall return and preach the same gospel.

Now listen very carefully this publication is called DOJ issued on answer called to action on Boko Haram now follow this carefully,  I want you to understand what the Fulani Janjaweed are doing, I want you to understand that they are in concert with some democrat, people in the state department of America for many years they have been bribed by the Fulani, for very many years they took the same bribery to Obama they bribed the former USA president Barrack Obama.

And Why am I talking about Obama? I want to tell you that their agreement between the British and the Fulani has collapsed and the only person that collapse it is Trump, I want the world to understand this the only person that collapsed that devilish arrangement whereby the Fulanis have been guaranteed in-perpetuity the advancement of their hegemonic interest right across the whole of the West Africa not just in the zoo. As long as Britain get their free Oil, as long as there is enough money to pay every successive director of the United States department of state, as long as there is enough money to bribe all the Ambassadors coming to Abuja, as long as they have enough money they were prepared to do anything they like to kill as many people as possible, to run the Government into the ground, to borrow like there is no tomorrow, to de slave their mediocrity at it very worst yet they remain in power.

It was Obama that brought in Buhari before he died, it was the same cabal at the USA department. United States Department in Washington they bribed them, gave them huge sums of money so that anything to do with Nigeria that comes to their desk they so no! No !! Nigeria is too big to break, there will be instability once you break Nigeria there will be some much destabilization, 300 languages, 500 tribes, and we keep telling them, but people are dying every blessed? Do they say oh no Nigeria is too big to fail that is what they keep telling us do you know why they say that to us that Nigeria is too big to fail? Because their pocket has been lined with money.

Money that was meant to go to schools, to roads, to hospitals Nigeria Fulani using to bribe diplomats, they are using it to bribe people inside the United States department of state. Now, this is a publication by a highly regarded investigative journalist he was trying to argue in 2016, why did it take so long for the democrat to tag Boko as a terrorist group having seen what they have been doing to people? If you compare that to how IPOB was tagged terrorist without weapons, haven't carried out one single terrorist attack and the speed which they got it that tells you all you need to know about the influx of Janjaweed into our land today.

Nearly two years before the state department finally acknowledged it a threat, in other words as Boko Haram were killing, bombing and massacring people those people in United States state department, in the payroll tried to block every move to designated or to recommend that Boko Haram and should be designated a terrorist group, they took a bribe from the Janjaweed the Fulani, People are coming to kill everybody in the South they took money from them In other to delay the designation of Boko Haram as a terrorist group.

Now listen carefully, a document obtained shows that Obama administration officials recognized that Boko Haram was very very deadly, but under Hillary Clinton, they refused to acknowledge the damage that Boko Haram was doing on people even as the victims were multiplying as they were bombing and killing Christians in the North Hillary Clinton did nothing, Obama did nothing. And when they report to designated them a terrorist group they said no,  I am heading somewhere that is why I want to build this as a background, we are heading somewhere there is a place we are going to.

Some people were reluctant in the state department to recommend the designation of Boko Haram as a terrorist ground.

They found time to tag IPOB a terrorist movement, that is why we must see their moves and their plans, if you are intelligent you will understand what the zoo is trying to accomplish, you will understand the way they operate, you will come to appreciate how determined they are in other to stop us from having Biafra and freeing up people as well.

In the U.S. then they have designated nearly 70 foreign organization they have recognized them as a terrorist group over a period of 20 years.

This is people now coming with their men in our land, those you see now in our villages are the Al-Qaeda ISIS in West Africa, this is the people now in our villages waiting for orders to unleash mayhem. And do you know what this document said as far back as 2012? It said that their mission was to spread violence across Africa so what is happening today in our land the well planned, well-orchestrated move to put Janjaweed fighters into the South was recognized in the USA in 2012, what you see today was highlighted in 2012 in the USA.

Now the question is, why did it take so long to designated Boko Haram as a terrorist group? Because they have taken money, that is the background.

Now let us look at what happened earlier today or should I say yesterday night, and before I do that there is a picture because they have all these people.

When Britain planned to replace Buhari, the dead Buhari with body doubles and Jubril and all the rest of Britain was in on it. Of course not the administration of Boris Johnson I must say, Boris Johnson has nothing to do with it that is why I am confident the zoo is collapsing this year, Boris Johnson doesn't want anything to do with such abominable crime against democracy he is an upright man, Boris Johnson is a typical USA conscientious Republican senator he doesn't want his name associated with the fraud going on in Nigeria right now.

That is why they are panicking right now as I am talking to you, they are listening to me, and they are panicking because they know that I know that the zoo is over.

This picture is why for two reasons why Bukola Saraki has not been persecuted for corruption and embezzlement of funds this very picture, this same picture is the confirmation that all of them in the Government they know that Buhari is no more, everybody knows that, look at that picture tell me if this boy here with Bukola Saraki is Buhari that you know please click on the link below to see the rubbish they said is Buhari.


Now due to our consistency and determination, the whole world now knows that Jubril replaced the dead Buhari and that even Jubril himself is no more are you aware of that? You know that Jubril is dead and gone, are you aware of that? Now, look at this boy with Bukola Saraki every intelligent agency in the world including Israel they know that Buhari is dead, every intelligent in the world they know. It is the Britain every administration since the coming in of the dead Buhari Britain have supported this fraud; this fraud was supported by Britain look at that and tell me if this little boy here, maybe the age our last born tell me if this boy is Buhari.

Ask yourself why didn't EFCC continued with Bukola Saraki investigation? It is because of this picture. Look at the picture that is why Bukola Saraki said to them any day you write to me again on probing I will tell the whole world that this boy you told me is Buhari, this little boy that am looking at here I will tell the whole World he is not Buhari, that Buhari is dead that is why they left him alone. Have you asked yourself why they left him alone? And I ask anybody I the zoo even the most foolish idiot in the zoo including pigs ๐Ÿ– ๐Ÿ– ๐Ÿ–, I want you to look at this picture and tell me all of you people are talking, I want you to look at this picture and tell me it's Buhari because this is the very reason why despite the year of looting and stealing by Bukola Saraki he is not facing the threat of jail any whatsoever he knows, you can see.

Look at Bukola Saraki he plays his card very neat, and this was the picture he used and told EFCC if you come close to my house again, if you attempt to write to me I will tell the world that this boy is not Buhari that Buhari is dead they left him alone, and everywhere they know.

Let me give you the expo tonight; if you are in trouble, you are a politician you are in jail right now try and look for a means to contact an external lawyer use this very picture as Bukola Saraki did they will release you tomorrow morning, I want even the most foolish person alive that has ever meet the real Buhari to look at this very picture and tell me that is Buhari.

I want Yoruba media to be tweeted tonight ask them is this boy Buhari? Is channels tv this boy Buhari? Dailypost Editor is this boy Buhari? Is the Guardian newspaper this boy Buhari? This boy here with Bukola Saraki is it Buhari The answer is no, then where is Buhari? Is in a grave in Saudi Arabia, and instead of people to focus on bringing the zoo down they sent their agent to try to distract us, they can't distract us we are the focus.

We want to give everybody freedom including those Hausa people been massacred now as I speak in Southern Kaduna, to give everybody hope and freedom, not just Biafrans I said, everybody. Some of them who are slaves in Yoruba land in Ilorin can go with Janjaweed if they want, Freedom for all not just for Biafrans but for everybody that is what IPOB is all about,  that is what I represent.

Now having gotten away with murder do you see how the zoo Nigeria made it possible for the world to delay recognizing Boko Haram as a terrorist group? Whereas it was the IGBO Governors with Ohanaeze, they were the ones who invited Abba Kyari to prescribe I hope you are following?

Fulani was busy bribing People in America to make sure that Boko Haram is not recognized as a terrorist group, but in our own case we have no guns not even ordinary catapult, it was our own people that went and called them to come and prescribe. What does that tell you about your suffering? That is why I said God want to teach you people a very bitter lesson so that in the next 200 years, the story should be told. Daddy, why do we have a mosque in our market square? Then they will say your ancestors they will refer to Nwodo they sold us out, your Governors they sold us out that is why they are here, do you think you can cheat God? You are dreaming.

Donald Trump yesterday sighed an order when I say the whole world listen to Radio Biafra you think am joking some of you think is a joke how is that possible? Remember here I have been preaching that the problem that we have is the American Ambassador in the zoo. I told you to live in air State department in America. We will be going to the USA anytime we get close to the State department something will happen, something will always happen.

Four times meetings were arranged between Officials and me of the state department, last-minute something will happen, I came back, and I told our people in D.C. that something is wrong there go and investigate it.

Now listen to what Trump said, president Trump quietly sighed an order directing state department USA to take action on global religious freedom because of course, he can not say BIAFRA because he can not be seen as encouraging the division of a country, is a no, no, Is a no go areal so you can find any other flowery diplomatic language to ram it.

God is marvellous Chukwu Okike Abiama we worship is immense You don't know how far we have gone, do you? You have no idea, and you have no clue you don't know how big IPOB is.

There is a well-coordinated effort run by British, the British all these years they had the U.S. in their pocket, once America wants to do something Britain will say no, no don't mind them everything is okay, and they will listen. For the first time since 1960, we have broken it, and this was how it happened.

As a result of our tenacity and consistency because I never ridiculed just do as you are told, the consistency of IPOB and other conscientious bodies in the world especially the USA, have come together to break that very yoke, that burden that Britain placed on us through Fulani, my only hope is that E.U. will follow suit shortly. Our coordinated diplomatic onslaught is working, and you can not see it is like Twitter, you don't see it but is deadly I can assure you is working.

It is an expensive business but is working, why do I say that? Let me read the executive order for you that Trump actually signed yesterday in the White House, by the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America; it is hereby.
Section 1. Policy. (a) Religious freedom, America's first freedom, is a moral and national security imperative. Religious freedom for all people worldwide, not America anyone they have now gone into the world, is a foreign policy priority, for the first time is a priority for Trump, priority for the state department and the U.S. will respect and vigorously promote this freedom. As stated in the 2017 National Security Strategy, our Founders understood religious freedom not as a creation of the state, but as a gift of God to every person and a right that is fundamental for the flourishing of our society.

Do you know when we went to America we meet Officials and report what was happening in Nigeria, and they will say to us oh is farmers and herders clash, and I said no, ask those that went, and we said no it is not farmers and herders is Islam against Christianity and other religions, they said no is farmers there is a problem, I said no I proved it to them that is a well organized, well funded, well-coordinated Islamic onslaught?

Meeting after meeting, meeting after meeting in some cases we will be in Washington for a week, meeting after meeting the same thing I was telling them, it has nothing to do with farmers, and herders clash no, these people are coming to take over our land, to burn churches and to destroy our way of life.

Once Covid19 finishes all those that support people that go about murdering, slaughtering people because of their religions they are a goner, maybe they will run to Dubai I know that is what they are going to do, Once the zoo collapses this year they will run to Dubai.

All this Fulani Janjaweed promoting Elijah El Rufai, those funding him is gone, is finished he is gone. As I told you they listen to us, they listen to IPOB; they listen to Radio Biafra all of them they do,  Radio Biafra is international, and I want to prove it to you tonight that they listen, do you know what Trump said? Trump didn't write all these things and say okay go and implement it he said no, this order calls for diplomats to increase efforts. They are now asking U.S. ambassador in the zoo anytime there is an atrocity in Nigeria you must raise it, you must query, you must ask what is going on? Do you understand it? They can no longer pretend nothing is happening. The heads of all agencies you must tell us, you must let us know what is happening, unlike what has obtained in the past.

Now that is the work we have been doing that you may not have seen and you can not see it, is only when a result like this come out that we can tell you. All that time you see us in the U.S. that is what we have been battling and discussing, others are doing the same thing as well is not only us who are being killed others are doing the same thing as well.

That is why when you are together, and you create pressure, or you make so much noise about something that is righteous people listen to you that is how the world works, that is why we must be on Twitter, that is why we must be on social media, that is why we must keep on every blessed day.

He is in America; he took pictures have you seen it? This IPOB we have broken the Fulani Janjaweed corrupt economic stranglehold in the USA department was broken by this executive order yesterday.

For years they have bribed, lied, blackmailed U.S. diplomats into believing that nothing wrong is happening in the zoo if you abroad and you want to lobby they will say oh is Fulani go and bring them that is bribery working. That is why they keep borrowing money every day to keep bribing, including Facebook as well.

Fulani war chest as at today is $22 billion, and have gone even to go and borrow more money; you think they are borrowing it to use it and pay nurses and doctors no. Fulani war chest is huge they use monopoly-like they have in Dangote.

I wonder why people still talk about one Nigeria to Biafrans I don't understand it, Igweocha seaport is not working, Calabar seaport is not working, Amechi is busy building airway line between Ibadan and Lagos so they can make him President he is daft, Sarowiwa tried it they end up killing him do you see how they roll? Do you see how they have managed to make you poor? To hold you down in perpetuity those are the chains IPOB is breaking.

Everywhere there is money you have Fulani there; you think they are doing it because they love you? Or they want to serve in office? Is called economic stranglehold they are holding it. The same way they held America since 1960, is only this year that we have broken it. All these years we have been working, I said I would destroy the zoo diplomatically is not happening now?

NNPC anywhere there is money you will see Fulani, you will see Janjaweed they are there telling you you are one Nigeria IGBO will dominate you but what are you doing? You are destroying people not dominating; you destroy because if you are a Nigerian you are a zoo Animal let me tell you why you are an animal, you killed Biafran people 5million  because you claim that Nzeogwu carried out an IGBO coup and killed a few northern Officers, is that correct how many were killed? Very few, good, how many people have died under the rulership of this Janjaweed people since Buhari took over? This is people paid, El Rufai paid money to terrorists from Mali, from Chad, from Niger How many people have they killed? Who created them? Who are their sponsors?

This is people that named Buhari at one point when he was alive as their chief negotiator; he was the one that said an attack against Boko Haram is an attack against the North, which they paid Google to remove but we have the caption of the picture, you forget, you forgive them voted for them again. But you can not forgive an IGBO man because IGBO man led a coup that killed less than 50 people, but you can forgive a man that presided over in wholesale slaughter of villages in the blood daylight? Do you see why I hate the word Nigeria? That name alone makes me sick in the brain.

You can forgive a man that came out and said Boko Haram is my brothers they are miss guarded, if you attack them you are attacking me, you can forgive such a man and voted for him again and say he is a good man? Legendary zoological republic.

This is the game they play with Hausa people, oh we are Hausa/Fulani when there is nothing like Hausa Fulani absolutely nothing. A Fulani man is different from Hausa man different in every way. Fulani is evil; they hide behind Hausa and Hausa language and committing all manner of atrocities.

The same thing they are doing you are Niger Delta don't agree to this BIAFRA people Don't agree on ooO; now we want to go and check who is running the life of Niger Delta people.

What they want to do in our land is exactly what they did to Hausa people, we will give you your leaders, your Governors, your traditional rulers, you P.G. we will elect them, we will tell you who will be your P.G. in your village, so when we start to depress you you will have nobody to run to, and shamefully we bought into that rubbish, saboteurs from everywhere. And am saying to every saboteur, every traitor working for the zoo it doesn't matter what your religion is looking at Hausa, Hausa will teach you a lesson what Fulani did to Hausa they will do to you even worse.

Niger Delta when you look at the list of everybody in NNPC do you see the price you are paying for sabotage of BIAFRA? Do you see it? Sarowiwa paid with his life.

Chairman of PANDEF Mr Edwin Clark now that you're writing letter begging for the position are you remembering your days of treachery as some of your children are doing today? When you were betraying BIAFRA, do you know that one day you will be begging? All of you betrayals we know who you are, all of you who are agents of the North we know you it doesn't matter how much noise you make, it doesn't matter how important you feel you are nothing, you are nobody.

Fulani is so dedicated to their mission and goal that they gave out their wives and their daughters to sleep with Arab slave leaders do you understand? The people you now have in Aso Rock, am giving you a raw history that you don't know is priceless, Fulani you see in Aso Rock today to tell you how determined they were when the Arabs came to take slaves from Africa when they came Fulani in other to protect themselves they gave away their daughters, as Aisha is now doing prostitution inside Aso Rock that is what they do, they gave their daughters to Arab slave leaders to go and give birth to children that is light skin are you aware of that? And then became agents for the Arabs are you aware of that? The same thing they are doing now.

Am saying this so that the idiots in the so-called Niger Delta can learn, I am a Niger Deltan I want to teach you a lesson with what happened to Hausa people they were Muslims the Fulanis came convinced them that their leaders are corrupt, those useless Hausa people helped the Fulanis to overthrown their own Kings and rulers, and now they are a servant to the Fulani Emirs, every Emir in the North is a Fulani those serving them are Hausa people. Do you see how you brought slavery on yourself?

God kept Edwin Clark alive for humiliation now he is writing a letter, dear Mr President please can you please help us.

Since I started with the case of Orji Uzor Kalu have you heard EFCC is to probe, ant corruption have you heard it since then? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ That is why Fulani they hate IPOB; they hate us so much because we are formidable.

I am telling our people if you fail to queue into BIAFRA look at what is happening to Southern Kaduna.

I am preaching the gospel of heaven, as you hear it from my mouth that is how it is a gospel from heaven, I won't lie I don't fear any man so why will I lie to you? I don't lie because it adds nothing to me if I tell you the truth you can't do anything to me.

Let me tell you what 200 years of worth of betrayal brought to Southern Kaduna yesterday. Fulani herdsmen invade Southern Kaduna community hacked women, Children to death, this is a gift for 200 years ago betrayal.

Hausa people are good people, by nature they are good, now but they were foolish 200 years ago to have allowed the Fulanis to come to defeat their Kings. Today they are paying; they have been hacked Fulani people are evil.

Look at the death of one man in America, the whole world is on a standstill, but people have been slaughtered every day like chicken, every blessed.

I tweeted it earlier today that I endorse the protest going on in America over the killing of George Floyd, which is dreadful, Nigerians protested ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚ the death of George ooO, which is very regretful. Nigerians protested and am asking Nigerians who is going to protest the death of women and children from Southern Kaduna? Do you see the hypocrisy of a black man of a Nigerian? The hypocrisy of the highest order, hypocrisy upon hypocrisy. Devilish people when you tell them the truth they will look for one allegation and concoct put on your head that is how they are, everything in Nigeria is evil anybody who stands up and says I am a Nigerian is evil God knows that person is the embodiment of Inequity.

You are protesting in Abuja, protesting in Lagos for George Floyd who is going to protest the daily massacre of children going on in Nigeria? That is why God looked at Africa and say I will give you Biafrans.  If they can stand on their own, I will bring light into Africa if not you are doomed forever. You don't know how God works, don't you know? God saw black Africa and say you people are evil.

When people are dying every day every blessed day, George Floyd was killed sadly of course by a law enforcement officer, but every day in your zoo somebody has been shot dead at the checkpoint for no reason, and you have not protested hey! Ndi Isi ojii (black people).

We never learn, do we? do you know there are some people in our villages selling land to Fulani for Ruga? They gave Myeti Allah 100billion naira, and they are expending it very wisely.

I was in America 2015, I ask for help to buy ammunition, and because I opened my mouth to ask our people for help that makes me a criminal I said but why? You didn't give me any money? They said you shouldn't have to ask in the first place.

The stupidity of the highest order, I told you about black people including some IGBO as well, our stupidity is legendary, we are hopeless that is why every other part of the world is moving forward, and blacks are always coming backwards.

It has come, and I feel sorry for you, What did you say when I told you they are coming? What did you do? All you did was to betray. To go and call Abba Kyari to bring Buratai to come and kill as many of us as possible. Let's kill the hero, let's kill the hero but now something that requires a hero to defend the people have come now they start running around looking for a hero to defend you.

You want to go to war with the Janjaweed there is no General, you have no General, and you want to go to war, or you want somebody who use to work for them to lead you in battle? Like Afonja did in Ilorin.

Do you see why blacks are a bit strange, especially from Africa, everything is upside-down, somebody said he is your representative he is in the Senate. Money was allocated to build a road he took the money; he put in his pocket, he comes out in the village he said he is your leader and you are hailing him am asking are you not insane? Are you not foolish? Anytime you are travelling having an accident and dying on Enugu Igweocha express road, is an Ike Ekweremadu that is the cause or you don't know?

If I were to be a white man and am in America or elsewhere in the world and I say to my Government danger is coming there is invasion prepare, and they don't prepare, and that invasion happens they will come to me to ask me first what do we do? How can we do this? That is how it is done, but in Africa in the zoo. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Any freedom fighter anywhere in the world, you get up you enter a Taxi you go to shopping mall my friend you are deceiving yourselves and the idiots around you, you are not a freedom fighter, mad people everywhere.

In Biafraland at least 30% of the population are traitors, if I tell you what is happening in my village you will not believe it, in where I come from Some people went to DSS to ask them to come and conduct the election for them for P.G. somebody who will sell the land because am not home, and I just buried my father in February, all they care about is how do we sell land. So they couldn't succeed they now went to DSS, DSS of all people that came to their village and kill people.

Traitors everywhere the only Yoruba person to come out publicly to condemned Amotekun and Oduduwa republic is Yoruba Muslim, and they are the ones that  Fulani Janjaweed are using because something binds them together with their religion.

Before the supreme leader of Islam in Nigeria is Sultan of Sokoto.

In Biafraland you take the security of BIAFRA you gave to a Muslim that means your brain is not correct, they planted these people that is what they do they plant them in your community, so as their Army is marching they have somebody already on the ground.

Freedom fighter you drive in convoy to ShopRite to go and buy ice cream, and you are fighting the Government of that place you are not even ashamed to come out and say you are a freedom fighter, mad people everywhere.

Group of Yoruba Muslim in Yoruba land said we don't want Oduduwa ooO, and there are a great bunch of young Yoruba men who are now out to liberate Yoruba Land from the shackles of slavery of Fulani domination and hegemony, but do you know who Fulani sent to do their work for them? Yoruba man Muslim, we Yoruba Muslim we are not part of your Oduduwa republic ooO exactly what Hausa is doing in the North, and today there is no more Hausa. Is the Fulani template and that is what they are doing to some idiots in Biafraland in the coast.

Everything I say is the gospel; if I cut you you are finished I told you the ZOO would fall, it will fall. I said to Biafrans Buhari is our gateway to freedom, Buhari is the way to our freedom Elohim told me in 2014, that man is your passport to your freedom. Men will fall, many will die, you will sacrifice a lot, but BIAFRA will come where are we today? Where is he? Of course, Aso Rock is empty. We need the world to know that Aso Rock is empty and is over, is bye-bye.

I want to see the British officer that will stand or sit in my face and tell me nonsense, that people that concealed the death of a president should be allowed to be in the same country with me, I want to see the idiots that will say that in front of me ka Chineke pko gi แปkแปฅ (let the fire of God consume you).

The zoo is finished no amount of Saboteur game plan can work, plant as many saboteurs as you like it can never work. Borrow all the money in the world, bribe every diplomat, buy every weapon from China if I say we are going, you are about to witness a miracle you have never witnessed before.

Am telling Fulani waste all your money, Fulani waste every money you have, Aisha pour out your billions waste it, waste your son Yusuf Buhari stolen money, all of you waste all your money in the North BIAFRA will come. And you know me very well, as BIAFRA is coming I will be telling you can you see it? Is coming. Try all you can to stop it you can not, do you know why I do all those things? Is to let you know that Chukwu Okike Abiama is with us IPOB is not a creation of a man it's divine, that is why is indestructible by man, and that is why we are under oath, under oath to heaven not to man, to be the best we can be every blessed day.
I thank you all for listening to this very evening; we only encourage you that if you are not in Twitter, you should go on Twitter very imminently, if you are not on social media you must come in Facebook. I love the battle, and I love the fight is amazing I love it because we always win at the end of the whole process, as we won yesterday, as the criminal accepted yesterday that he took money from us there is no feeling better than that, is amazing is a very big fulfilment I love to fight.

And that is how we are going to fight for BIAFRA for 75 years non-stop, once BIAFRA is proclaimed we will work for Biafraland day and night 24hours every blessed day for 75 years non-stop, every blessed day at night we put on the floodlight.

We won't be around for that 75 years to the club they won't forget us, we can forgive our enemies but those to come con not forget our achievement that is why we are special, if you say IPOB to Fulani man when they are sleeping they will have convulsions we are the only people they are afraid of not all the chaff everywhere only IPOB.

You don't go to war without a General, and when the time comes they will see it, they will know how serious we are.

I Thank you all you very much for listening especially our white friends all over the world including Argentina, that is why we proclaim with every certainty, with every proud and every believe that BIAFRA is our religion here on Radio Biafra is where we worship, because Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile is our God from me from here it's good evening.

Remain Blessed Umunnem.

Edited/Published By Udeagha Obasi 
For  Umuchiukwu Writers
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