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One of the major debilitating, but recalcitrant arguments that has been very recurrent in recent times has been the appropriate geographical nomenclature which should be the classification of the coastal regions of South Eastern part of what is currently known as Nigeria.

Some of the so-called "Political Big Wigs" from the coastal regions have disassociated themselves from the nation Biafra saying they are people of the Niger Delta, or at times, they identify themselves with the non-existing, but deplorable, debasing, demeaning, and despicable name, South-South, which cannot be found in any location in any of the existing compasses in the world.

So, it is compellingly imperative to discuss, dissect, situate the geographical nomenclatures in their rightful positions, so as to vaporize every atom of doubt or confusion, about the aforementioned subject matter.


The Niger Delta is the delta of the Niger River, sitting directly on the Gulf of Guinea, on the Atlantic Ocean in Nigeria. This is what the word Niger Delta means in a common explanation, and, of course, it is geography. Unfortunately, it has been mischievously applied, in advancing the satanic divisive agenda of the predatory Britain, as instituted in Nigeria, as a "Political expression".

Furthermore, the Niger Delta, as now defined officially by the Nigerian government, extends over seventy thousand square kilometres (70,000 km2), and makes up 7.5% of Nigeria's land mass. Historically and cartographically, it consists of present-day Bayelsa, Delta, and Rivers States. In the year 2000, however, Obasanjo's regime included Abia, Akwa-Ibom, Cross River, Edo, Imo, and Ondo States, in the region.

The word Niger Delta first came up in 1966, when Adaka Boro declared a part of the present-day Rivers State as Niger Delta Republic, at the instigation of the predatory Britain, in pursuit of their satanic Divide and Rule strategy, targeted mainly at the people of Eastern Nigeria.

Please note and get this fact straight; only a part of Rivers State was declared Niger Delta Republic.
Cross River, Delta, Edo, and the rest were not inclusive. So, all those claiming Niger Delta should know that Niger Delta came up in the year 2000, when former Nigeria President, Olusegun Obasanjo, added more state to make up Niger Delta, in which Imo and Abia from the so-called South-East is inclusive. So, if you really want to talk about Niger Delta beyond just Rivers State then know it clearly that Imo and Abia states are also part of Niger Delta.


Where did the name Biafra come about? Did the name Biafra originate from Hinterland or Coastal land of Biafra? The name Biafra has been in existence long before 1710 in the African map. The geographical entity, Biafra, stretched from parts of the present-day Gabon, to parts of Central Africa Republic, Nigeria, and Southern Cameroon.

The name Biafra originated from the Bight of Biafra, which the Nigerian Government renamed to Bight of Bonny, after the Biafran genocide, in which Britain hid behind Nigeria to murder over 6 million Biafrans, and thereafter confiscated Biafra's OIL AND GAS, the custody and control of which the exploitative and parasitic Britain is still keeping, up to the present moment.

The name BIAFRA is older than Nigeria and the so-called Niger Delta. The Portuguese, the Spanish, and the British, all benefitted through the Bight of Biafra, as they explored and carried out their slave trade through this River that flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

The name Biafra originated from Ijaw, and an Ijaw man by the name Pa. Frank Opigo was the person who suggested it during a meeting of the Eastern Consultative Assembly before it was adopted by General Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu as the name of the young Republic, which the Easterners of Nigeria were creating to serve as a legitimate standpoint for the resistance of the apparent genocide that they were being subjected to.

Biafra was therefore declared a Republic on May 30th 1967, in the midst of the premeditated and unmitigated massacre of the people of Eastern region, in the northern and Western parts of the country, Nigeria, following a coup led by Major Chukwuma Nzeogwu, who hails also from a part of what is known today as Niger Delta.

As the Governor General of the Eastern Region, Ojukwu had to take a decisive action after so many meetings with the Nigerian head of state, with regards to protecting the lives of the people from his region.

A major proof of the fact that Adaka Boro's Niger Delta Declaration, was at the instigation of the murderous Britain, in pursuit of their divisiveness, was the creation of Rivers State out of Eastern Region on the 27th of May 1967, before the declaration of Biafra. The Federal Government, under the guidance and direction of Britain, did that so that the people of Rivers will fight against Biafra for thwarting their "Niger Delta Republic" a year earlier.

So, from the above analysis, it is clear that this argument, about the nomenclature by which the people of the coastal regions should be known, should not proceed any further. This is because it has been established that Niger Delta, in the real sense, is a very small geographical location within the present Rivers State, which however was adopted by Nigerian government, for the furtherance of the gerrymandering and sowing of seeds of discord among the people Eastern Nigeria.

The reason some people from the so-called Niger Delta appear resentful about Igbos is that they still see Igbos as those who truncated their so-called Niger Delta Republic. It was so because Ojukwu was the GOVERNOR General of Eastern Region, (Rivers State, of which a part was declared as the so-called Niger Delta inclusive). It was then informally written in the mind of most people that the demeanour of one meant the demeanour of all.

All of a sudden Adaka Boro who was not even an elected official from that Region, nor or was holding any governmental appointment, declared a Republic. He only believed in his gun as a soldier, but his guns failed him after 12 days because he didn't carry his people along. He only succeeded in giving a few people arms, which, as was established later, was the beginning of armed militancy in the coastal regions.

Brief History about Adaka Boro, he was an undergraduate at the University of Nsukka, where he studied chemistry. He was also the Student Union President of the University. He later enrolled into the Nigerian Army, after which he formed Niger Delta Volunteer Force, because he accused the Federal Government and Eastern Region of exploring their oil and then he declared Niger Delta Republic.

He fought against Nigeria troops and was defeated after 12 days. The Head of State then was Major Gen Aguiyi Ironsi and the Governor of Eastern Region was Gen Ojukwu. This was the reason why too many lies have been told the younger generation of the people of the coastal region, that Igbos fought against Niger Delta. Ironsi jailed Adaka Boro and didn't kill him because he still saw him as a brother, Gowon released him to fight against Biafra with that hatred that the Igbos stopped their republic, Gowon also separated Rivers State from BIAFRA, and later, through covert operation, killed Adaka Boro.

In Conclusion: Don't Tell Igbos to go away with their Biafra that you are from Niger Delta and South-South. It's either you claim the two because both Biafra and Niger Delta originated from coastal part of Biafra. It is better you tell the Igbos to go and have their own nation and leave Biafra and Niger Delta for you. But you know that is not possible because Igbos are also found in the coastal region not as migrants but also as indigenous people.

Even if you think you want Niger Delta and not Biafra, note there is no way you can do it without still having Igbos in your Republic, as Igbos constitute over 50% of the population of the so-called Niger Delta.

So, we are one, just that those who have been plundering pillaging, and polluting our land want indefinite sustenance of the satanic divide and rule, so that their rape of our land cannot just go on unchecked, but equally unchallenged.

We must continue.

Written by:
Mazi Chukwudi Okeke
For: Lagos State Media

Edited by:
Okwunna Okongwu
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media

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