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■ 25, APR 2020

Good evening wonderful people great Biafrans wherever you on the surface of this very planet, even those who are submerged in submarines, Biafrans who are serving in civilized arm forces all over the world because I got a message that they listen to this very enlightening, very expository and delightful gospel of the restoration of Biafra, and this evening it doesn't matter where you are, it could be your morning, it could be your afternoon, it could be your midnight I welcome each and every one of you.

My name is Nnamdi Kanu

I am the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, and by the extraordinary grace of Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe Nile Elohim in heaven Tamuno, Abasi Nbong I welcome each and every one of you. Because I am here to serve you until the end of time and BIAFRA will come, and one of the ways through which that restoration will be possible is by this very relentless dissection of the abomination that is the zoological republic damnable zoological republic of Nigeria.

Anybody who wishes to belong to that place may God have mercy upon your soul, because things are happening and this evening we shall reveal all of them, those things they are hiding this evening we shall expose them the world will know about it, and then you make up your mind where you belong. For me and my household, we belong to Biafra, and the mechanism or machinery that can bring it is only IPOB.

We want to show the world that black people are not animal, we want to prove it in our time, and we are going to do it, that is why we say we that man can not stop what we are doing it doesn't matter who you are you can not stop it if you are in doubt come out In any social media platform do a video and say to us over your dead body will Biafra come. You will see what will happen to you. Then you will know that our mission is driven, that this very IPOB is not two is only one.

Opening prayer followed the opening prayers were anchored by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and after which I Onyebuchukwu Olusco Nwa Biafra echoed Isee Isee Iseeee with him, and he proceeded with the broadcast.

This very evening you must pay attention to this very gospel of redemption.

We told them we will not fire one bullet. Still, we will drag the whole entire zoo down, not through any strength that we possess, not through any extraordinary gift that may be attributable to the flesh but only by the grace of God in heaven upon whom and in whom this much effort is anchored, that is why we know that the zoo has fallen and will continue to fall.

Today is the 30th anniversary of Gideon Orkar coup Major Gideon Orkar he was a Tiv man, he is from Benue state he is a Tiv man he is not a Biafran, I am quoting verbatim what Gideon Orkar said so when I preach what I preach people should not see it that am condemning a particular people Tive man is not Igbo he is not a Biafran.

Gideon Orkar 22nd of April 1990 this was what he said that is how we begin this program this evening. This is not just another coup he was making this broadcast at the federal radio corporation of Nigeria in Lagos when they attempted to take power from Babangida listen very carefully I beg you in the name of God in heaven.

This is not just another coup but a well-conceived planned and executed for the Marginalized, oppressed and enslaved people of Middle Belt and the south with a view to free ourselves and our children yet unborn from eternal slavery and colonisation by a clique of this country. He said this thing 30years ago 22nd of April, the same thing that I am preaching, the same thing that Nnamdi Kanu is preaching, the same thing that IPOB is propagating it's not a new philosophy, it's not a new ideology.

Do you know why I pick this up? To let people understand that the words used by Gideon Orkar are manifesting this very day. Are you not been marginalized all of you in the Middle Belt?  By the South he was referring to Oduduma and Biafra are you not been marginalized? This is Gideon Orkar in 1990.

Listen very carefully he said,  we are marginalized that is why we are doing this coup, we are oppressed that is why we are doing this coup, wait for it we are enslaved that is why we are carrying out this coup, our children even those we have not given birth to, even those that will come in the future like those that will come in the year of 2020 they will become eternal slaves to the cabals in Abuja, the cabal which Abba Kyari represented before he died.

Gideon Orkar saw this in 1990 I think he should be designated statue of a saint. If you are a Roman Catholic, if you are an Anglican if you believe in saint, I believe that Gideon Orkar he is a Tive Man he should be elevated to the position of a saint, he said the children we are going to give birth to if we don't do anything now they will become eternal slaves some of you know what is happening In Benue state today.

Do you see that everything Gideon Orkar talked about is happening and unfolding before your eyes? Do you know why am dwelling on this to let you know that once you receive a prophetic message like this, you must do something about it?

When I see people from Biafra, people from the East talking about one Nigeria I feel ashamed on their behalf, you have no international airport that can fly abroad even the Ethiopian airways or whatever they call it has to land in Abuja or in Kano, you have no seaport people go pass Warri, Onel, Igweocha, Calabar to deliver goods in South Africa they can not stop there because of the satanic arrangement between compromised Yoruba people and the Fulani, and today everybody is suffering it nobody is having fun anymore.

We are in the same one country one Nigeria, but you are the same people that said Igweocha (Port Harcourt) seaport will not open, that was the deal they had for them to move the capital from Lagos to Abuja Yoruba have to agree that no other seaport will open in Biafraland, no seaport going to Igbo land it was Obasanjo that stopped the importation of Opkoro Oko (stockfish) are you aware of that? Before Aba use to be the capital of second-hand clothing, it was this same group of people that ruined everything.

When I hear people from Biafra land saying we are one Nigeria honestly speaking, I don't have words to describe you.

You people don't know what is happening in your zoo. Do you think that the curse that was laid on Aso Rock is a joke? Anybody who goes in there you either die or you lose your relative go to Aso Rock Nah you will see what will happen to you, Abba Kyari is the last one I said it here live on air. If you go into Aso Rock to rule Nigeria you will die there, or somebody from your household will die, ask Jonathan he will tell you, ask Obasanjo he will tell you, ask Babangida he will tell you, ask Yaradua he will tell you.

You people don't know what you are in for, you have no idea that this very Biafra this very IPOB movement will crush the zoo to the ground it can not survive, it can never ever survive that I assure you. You watch and see what is going to happen.

Do you know why I respect Gideon Orkar he is a lover of truth if you don't love Delegiwa that means you are not a lover of truth, that means you can never ever accept truth in your life, and you can never progress? Sadly both men lost their lives, but we are not discouraged; no sensible person will be discouraged none whatsoever.

When I told you that Babangida killed Delegiwa, did you believe me? You didn't, now that am reading what major Gideon said in 1990 maybe you will believe it, everybody knows parcel bomb, Delegiwa was having breakfast in the morning, and they delivered the parcel to his house, he opened it the parcel exploded, and all his stomach came out his intestine came out, who sent the parcel bomb is from Babangida and after that, he actually killed the man that organized it that is how evil that man is.

They say oh we are brainwashing people of cause they know we are not they know we are teaching you the truth, they know that what we are propagating is the gospel of truth they know it very well.

A black boy or girl Africa will graduate From school look for a job on Facebook or maybe in Twitter in the zoo called Nigeria, and they give it to them, he will not use it to try to make things better he want to sit there and frustrate those who are preaching the truth, a black boy not up to 30 years old that is how wicked we are as a race now you understand it.

You know the DSS and army in the zoo they just go somewhere, and they round up people because the amount of money that DSS receives in Abuja is based on how many innocent people they have in the cell.

There was a girl that was coming back from Sudan they picked her up from Abuja airport she was going to Maiduguri even her parents doesn't know that she is in the country, they drove her from the airport into DSS custody. What did she do? Nothing that they found a book the book looks a bit tragical, can you believe such nonsense?

Inside DSS detention I was fighting with them, asking them to take people to Court it's not your job to judge anybody, it's the duty of the court to decide who is guilty or who is innocent ask them they will tell you.

I told them I am a political economist I know what to do to grow Biafran economy within 6 months, I know what to do is in my brain, but I can not give it to Nigeria because they are useless.

When I was transferred to Kuje prison inside Kuje, I sent people that left the prison outside I gave them money I say to them go to Nasarawa state, go to Niger state, go to Kwara state, go to Kaduna, go to Kano, go to Bauchi this were the names of the people when I was in prison that was accused of Boko Haram suspect there is no trial for them, they have not seen outside for the past 4 years some of them, look for their parents and bring them to Abuja for me. I paid am saying this because of those that accuse me oh he is too selfish it's always about Igbos alone, and Biafra every time is Biafra. I said to them you that is claiming that is one Nigerian how many people have you help outside your tribe before? When I was inside I brought them to Abuja Binta Nyako said I shouldn't speak when I go outside.

They said I should not give any press statement and I said to them go to hell, when they drag me to court it is like a president going court they drag me to court with Armoured personnel carriers, guns and siren everywhere when am coming to court you will think a president is coming to court, inside the court of law I was in handcuffs when I went into the court. I came out before I could climb to their prison van to take me back to Kuje I gave I press conference a world conference there and there.

When I left Kuje there were crying I use to pay for lawyers to come and give people proper legal representation, Ejiofor was sometimes working without pay morning and night to get people out when people visit they say they will never see any other person like me come to such a place, but you have Alex Badeh all the big shoes there were coming home people did they held? But they are your Nigerians.

I am a Biafran I came into prison because I am a Biafran, I was in detention because I am a Biafran yet this Biafran is the only one helping poor Fulani and Hausa in prison. That tells you who we are, what we are doing is not against anybody.

I hate poverty, I hate the facts that there are some old men and women who can not feed, I hate the facts that our kids are not going to good schools, my own children are going to very good schools, and you want me to be happy seen other people's children suffering selling banana and oranges? That was not how God made me, I was raised to fight injustice, and that is what we are doing.

Had the Nigerian Army's not been cowards they would have attacked me when I was outside not In my house, where I have my father and my mother. But anytime I go outside they never attacked me they were scared as the cowards they are, they have to come to my house with my parents. In it.

I went to Ekwulobia Obiano said don't come to Ekwulobia I said you are talking rubbish, I went to Igweocha (Port Harcourt) before we left the hold up in Igweocha was 8 hours, they know I am destructively stubborn if I say I will destroy Nigeria God In heaven knows, of course, he sent me the zoo is gone.

You don't know who we are, you don't know who is IPOB that thing you are asking us not to do is what we are going to do, that was why we shattered Twitter yesterday only an order that was given, within 2hours Twitter itself, was even crying that we should take it easy.

Do you see how determined we are? Is anybody paying us? This is the same people contributing money to run IPOB for them because the finest Army in the world is the volunteer, not the one you conscript. Not the one you did by force, willingly that is why we are formidable exceptionally formidable.

Remember my broadcast I warned you 3 weeks ago that the coming of the Chinese is your doom and surprisingly I will read it for you from Daily Trust. Over 150 people died In kano between Friday and Saturday of last week, and they have been buried in 3 cemeteries,  Did I not tell you? When the Chinese come in, you are going to die and do you know who brought them in? The same people you are thanking oh he is a chief of staff people are now talking about the chief of staff as if is a campaign.

Because the office is locked there is no Abba Kyari they need to nock it down, the Chinese are looking for people to experiment with, the Chinese want to take over your resources they came to run your Government the same way that the Russians are helping Asad to run Syria, I told you did I not? Is not up to 4 weeks have you all forgotten? I said on this radio station that the Chinese will come now they have come when people begin to die you know those to hold responsible.

Who are the people dying now? The poor people in Kano because they have started the experimentation. Many more will die unfortunately am sorry to say this, because you don't listen as our brother said you have ignorance growing inside your brain cells, you have no conscience.

This is the price of ignorance:

when people are ignorant, they go to the toilet with a pocket of water.

When people are ignorant, there is no light they run the generator.

When people are ignorant they have no roads, they drive they fall into a pit, and they die.

When people are ignorant, their graduate doesn't get any job.

When people are ignoring their children can belly feed.

When people are ignorant when there is a Pandemic, they are all abandoned to die.

When people are ignorant, the army will kill you.

When you are ignorant, the police will kill you.

When you are ignorant, a politician will give you #2,000 to buy your PVC, and your right is gone.

When you are ignorant, you look up to God for a solution when the solution is right there in front of you.

I am warning people if you are living in Kano don't come to Biafraland stay there, you like Ugwu Hausa stay there and don't bring this nonsense to us, all though we have spotted some Chinese in Ebonyi state.

150 people did not die when the Chinese were not there before the Chinese came there was nothing people were not dying all of a sudden the Chinese are they people are beginning to die.

They are spreading Covid19 now from Alamagiri from Kano, they have gone there and infected them, and there are now moving them to all the state around, you will hear what will happen to the zoo write it down. The only saviour will be this vaccine that Britain is fighting to produce that will be the Savior.

You are answering professor of microbiology can you please show us the effort you are making to produce a vaccine at least you are a professor, am not asking you how the virus is moving, am asking you as a professor of microbiology you want to be called Prof we call you Prof. What are you doing about finding us a treatment or vaccine for this very dangerous microbe? You read microbiology, he is waiting for 2023 as a dumb to a rigged the election, and that is a country you want to belong to.

I know what they are doing, they are killing off everybody that knows about Jubril, and they can not hold it for 3 more years is impossible, we are here IPOB is here Nnamdi Kanu is here. Let Coronavirus finish then everything is over, but right now we are feeding the whole world with the information they need any head of state now is aware that the face they see as Buhari is actually a mask.

Change from your evil wicked ways serving Fulanis will destroy you, Yoruba change from your evil wicked ways serving Fulani will destroy you it will destroy your race. Why can't you learn from history? Abiola served them they killed him, Awolowo served them he was disappointed.

China is responsible for Coronavirus, and now they are using Fulani Alamagiri in the North to do the test and people are dying, and you can not complain because they are not your children, people are dying in the North because is not the Children of the owner of Channel TV. You people are evil children dying in Kano, and nobody is asking questions, is that same man from Biafra that has no business with Children in Kano that is talking about them. And you are a proud Nigerian stupid set of idiots all over the place.

We are the Architect of our I own misfortune that Africa is poor is because of Africans the way we reason is horrible, black people must change, those who are in the zoo called Nigeria you must change and reason. That is the only way you can accomplish anything in your life, the whole of Africa was conquered by only 2,000 Europeans overwhelmed 20 million people.

White people are more concerned about the treatment the black people are getting in China than black people in Nigeria.

So you didn't see me in the Law Court? I was in the court of law In Abuja, and I called Buhari a mad man you didn't see it? Hey, he is a coward he ran away. What I did in Abuja your entire lineage can not do it even if they live to a billion years they can not do it. I called Buhari when he was an alive the old dictator I called him a mad man inside high court number 4 in Abuja, I called him a mad man that he can not jail me I told them you are not educated enough to jail me.

When I told them that I am going back to Abuja with 2 million men, they came to kill me because I told the whole world that that thing there is not Buhari.

They said he insult people why won't I insult when you are foolish, you went to China you brought Chinese people they are now killing you in Kano, and you are saying am insulting you, so those killing you are better than those insulting you do you see how foolish they are? Very mad people everywhere.

If you read political science in the zoo if I meet you anywhere, never ever mention it to me, please. Because I won't talk to you go and do another degree political scientists gbakwa Oku lunatics everywhere, you have turned reason upside down.

Where is Osibanjo? Yorubas must raise up, Yoruba if you want to show that you are a nation fight for Oduduwa ask for where your son is that is the least you can do. Even though we don't like Orji Uzor Kalu because of what he did are we not fighting for him? Because if you are saying you want to jail people who are corrupt jail everybody.

In front of our eyes, Coro Coro 13.9 billion meant for Aso Rock clinic disappeared who was in charge? Abba Kyari and some people are writing letter Abba Kyari was a good man abomination. 13.9 billion nairas and Orji Uzor Kalu is in prison you want me to keep quiet? Olisa Metuh is where you want me to keep quiet? They must come out. Until you go and jail the person that eats 13.9 billion meant for Aso Rock clinic, and why is Yoruba media not writing about it?

Nigerian University is a place they train cultists, Yahoo boys and prostitutes all they know is selfie and laptop talking nonsense, and where the lecturers demand Sex to give them marks.

We speak the truth always even if it leads to our death, we help the poor that's what I do all the days of my life defend the poor and those who can not defend themselves, that God may love us that is why IPOB is indestructible.

Nigeria has one of the worst government in the world the whole world knows, they know about Jubril they know that  Buhari is dead is only a matter of time, let Covid19 finish. They know it they are fighting a losing battle, and they know it, are we the type of people you come to with sense? You want to do Sense with IPOB, and you think you will defeat us you are wasting your time.

Those that Covid19 refuse to kill hunger and starvation will kill them. Am appearing to all the Biafrans all over the world please make sure you provide something for your village am begging you we can not afford to go through starvation again. And am begging all the Governors in Biafraland please we don't want to go through the mess that our parents saw between 1967-1970 we are begging you.

You are now at the mercy of Fulani Janjaweed, they control the army, they control the police, they control Civil defence, they control the Air force, they control the Navy they control everything.

You don't know that the EU is happy every time the Fulani Janjaweed kill people? Because their population is reducing it's coming down, that is what they want. At least the populations of these monkeys are going down they are very very happy, but you don't know, Only here we tell you the truth and only truth will set you free.

Nigerian Army they are more deadly than Boko Haram, the Nigerian Army they have repeatedly attacked someplace in Ebonyi state constantly the Nigerian Army.  What is happening in Ebonyi state is terrible when I tell the EU that they are killing us in Ebonyi state they say oh but they are looking for water for their cattle to drink a whole EU can you believe such nonsense?

On one side the Chinese are stalling their 5G to radiate, we are fighting Coronavirus also in Ebonyi state, the army is attacking us inside the same Ebonyi state we are in one almighty mess, and should anything happen to us you hold the world Igbo Congress responsible when I told you in 2015 we need guns and we need bullets to defend our land they said no you are a warmonger it has started, the Fulanis are coming.

They have bribed the EU, the EU will say is hunger everywhere, they will not blame the Fulani Janjaweed oligarchy for impoverishing the country they will never blame them.

Am not asking anybody to work with us but if you don't work with us you are doomed, you are finished.

Nigeria was created not to make you a human being but to enslave you; that is why people are fighting to preserve one Nigeria. A product of a white man I can't understand black people for goodness sake, who were you before 1914?

Their worst mistake was to conceal the death of Buhari the God I serve is wonderful, and I told IPOB in 2014 that God said that he will use Buhari to give us Biafra and I said it live on air. And on the 17th of January 2017, Buhari dead as soon as that idiot came in, in July he made that broadcast I said thank God in heaven.

For hiding the death of Buhari the zoo is gone, let me see the white man that will sit in front of me to tell me that what the Fulani did is good. Let me hear that rubbish and then you will.

He is gone! Is the highest fraud of the century highest fraud of all time. And am telling the world that the Fulanis and the Sudanese they are more fraudulent than any other person very horrible people.

Yoruba media You are calling him Buhari with that hole in his neck? The zoo has fallen, and as they are looting, they are burning unbelievable when I complain about Yoruba journalism people don't understand.

Let me tell you something there are 3 things holding people in the zoo called Nigeria, (1) is ignorance the ignorance of average Nigerian is astonishing. (2) Fulani mediocrity Janjaweedsm (3) Yoruba media. Before God and man, Yoruba media has done more damage to the Sicky of Nigeria than any other sector, Yoruba media, they are evil, pure evil.

They stole money from Jos CBN centre Bank of Nigeria in Jos, now let me tell you what they are doing you Know they steal they burn. They were burning CBN office in Jos let me tell you what Yoruba media reported, the first headline from Sahara reporters fire guts CBN office in Jos Which is correct. Second vanguard that I use to respect and like so much. No records destroyed in CBN Jo's fire outbreak official are you listening? They never bother to send any investigator, any reporter goes and see if that building was burnt or not they sat in their offices and said no record was destroyed.

The damage that Yoruba media newspaper, channel TV or the Punch the damage they are doing to your brain they are worst than your professors. Do you see how the entire system of Nigeria both education listen, education useless, media useless, Government hopeless, Is its judiciary? There is no aspect of Nigeria that you have people who are normal running it.

Do you see how bad Nigeria is? That Nigeria that is your country do you see how terrible it is when they finish looting Aso Rock maybe they will burn it as well.

The person wearing that mask there now I suspect is Femi Adesina because Jubril is in Cuba, I think is Femi Adesina wearing that mask now, anybody can wear the mask and wave and move your mouth as if you are talking.

They did everything Nkpor, Aba provocation so that I can go to war prematurely, look at this idiots oh when is the war starting? As if I am a fool, you think I will go to war without been prepared? I will go to war, and I will lose it is that what you think? Nnamdi Kanu will lead his men to war, and I will lose who told you that?

The rubbish you don't know who we are, remember when I told you on the Eve of my parent's Burial I did broadcast and I told the commissioner of police in Abia State no two days before I told him that you will leave, that people have come to Abia State they tried to do gala with IPOB and they left, he was trying to do I am the CP IPOB must leave, I told the idiot you are leaving very soon and do you know what happened today? He is off from Abia State that is how we roll anything I tell you to come to pass.

Umahi arrested a journalist we want him to release this very journalist please, and he has banned some newspapers and Vanguard from reporting from Government house he is ordinary Governor.

Do you know the meaning of democracy? Freedom of speech is in their useless constitution written by another Janjaweed, freedom of speech in Biafra land you can say whatever you want to say about anybody that is your business, how can you be banning and arresting journalist what sort of nonsense is that? I hate journalist to be molested.

If you are coming from Kano to Biafraland, I will know they have sent you to come and infect our people, please stay where you are, and our people must continue to maintain social distance, better take a vaccine from UN, from the UK than China please our people must try and remain safe.

I thank you very much for listening to this evening as always we have worshipped Elohim here because everything that I have told is the truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth, that is why we say without hesitation, without fear nor favour that Biafra is our religion, and here on Radio Biafra is where we worship because Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe Nile is our God in heaven. From from here, it's a good evening.

Remain Blessed Umunnem.

Edited/Published By Udeagha Obasi 
For  Umuchiukwu Writers 

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