Biafra:Niger Delta, South-South Is A Political Formation

Polluted environments in Niger Delta 

Author : Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 11th March , 2020

The attitude being displayed by my ignorant brothers from the so called Niger-Delta against the quest for the restoration of Biafra will never cease to amaze me. the likes of  Asari Dokubo who have failed to understand the political fraud behind the name 'Niger Delta' but rather have chosen to sabotage every effort put in place by IPOB, should note that gallant and courageous men like Ken Sarowiwa and Adaka Boro were all killed like mere Criminals by their masters.

He should bear in mind that he Asari Dokubo will never escape the wraths of sokoto caliphate. He should be of the knowledge that a clamour for Niger Delta Republic is not less a crime acknowledging the fact that no one is a Niger Deltan.

For avoidance of doubt there is nothing like Niger-Delta on the map of the world, the name was created to weaken the quest for restoration of Biafra and to create divide and rule syndrome among us. No wonder the African king of literature, Chinua Achebe, said in Thing's Fall Apart" That they have put a  knife on the things that bound us together, now the center could not hold and things have fallen apart".

For decades, Fulani terrorists caliphate in the North have been Deceiving us with Niger-Delta, South-south and south east syndrome unknown to us that we are Biafrans.

The insanity of Asari Dokubo and his fellow conspirators clamouring for Niger Delta Republic is mind-boggling, these dudes are so daft and gullible that they depend on nothing but allocation, selling of land and Pipeline security guards.

The gravity of laziness and stupidity running in their system is what has kept them in bondage for decades, because they ignorantly believe that Igbo man is  there problem; out of greed, envy and jealousy they bluntly believed that Igbo man is fighting for Biafra in bid to take their resources.

While they are busy fighting their brothers, who has been their shade for decades, their real enemies are busy taking there oil and injecting abject poverty into there land. They ignorantly believe they are Niger-Delta or South-south, without knowing the name was a political formation to milk them dry.

The utterances from these pipe-line security guards from the oil rich regions known as Niger-Delta against the Igbos is disheartening.

Niger-Delta or South-south is not an indigenous name, but a political formation riddled in identity crisis. To start with, can these brothers of mine who claim to be Niger Delta proudly explain the meaning?

Can they please educate or convince me that Niger Delta or South-south is there indigenous name before the arrival of the colonial masters?

Those of you claiming to be Niger Delta should note that the name is a concocted name just like Nigeria, in other words calling yourself a Niger-Delta or South-south means you are simply a pet.

The era of divide and rule neocolonialism by Hausa-Fulain British experiment on Biafrans is over, those of you calming Niger-Delta or South-south should note that there's nothing close to South-south in geography.

The era to liberate and get rid of this Niger Delta and South-south fraud is now. our people from the coastal region should must do researches about their identities before the creation of Niger Delta and South-South. We are  whom we are and that is Biafra, our history can never be erased by any mortal no matter how hard they try, we have come to reclaim our identity and we are fanatical about it.

Written By Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah, For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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