Recall that during the Nigerian Civil War, the Nigerian Soldiers wore Biafran Military attire and invaded many communities within the coastal areas of Biafra land and massacred people in hundreds and thousands. Their agenda was to instil a strong hate and animosity between them and their neighbouring Biafran brothers.

Same false flag was used during world war 1 & 2. So many European countries used it against themselves which triggered more war and made the wars to circulate around. Many countries in retaliation destroyed many innocent lives just to prove they also have the Military might to retaliate. It is responsible for the release of Atomic bomb to Japan Hiroshima by the USA and over 100,000 innocent people were killed.

I was forced to write this piece because I stumbled on a post on Facebook from an indigene of Ngbo who was trying to make excuses for the murderous Herdsmen who have been terrorising the State for a long time now. The young man was actually calling out IPOB and warning them to stay away with the false claims that Ngbo was attacked by the Terrorist Herdsmen. Without waiting for the suspected Herdsmen to deny being responsible for the dastardly act, he is on social Media defending them and pointing accusing fingers on a neighbouring community.

Meanwhile, Ebonyi State has been in the News for high level Herdsmen attacks. They kill, they rape women in their farms, they destroy farms, burn down homes and boldly claim responsibility.

This onslaught got so bad that the Governor cried out for help. Governor Dav Umahi lamented the incessant rape of their wives and daughters by the Herdsmen. He pleaded with security Operatives to please come to his help before it gets out of hands. Unfortunately, help never came to Ebonyi people, rather the terror Herdsmen were shielded and given support by the security personnel in Ebonyi State.

The attack of Ngbo Community on 10/3/2020 was the normal pattern of attacks by Herdsmen. They arrived the community in broad daylight, in camouflaged uniforms of Security Operatives. A survivor, testified that the Herdsmen came with military support. No wonder the Police was quick to push the terror attack on a neighbouring Agila community in Benue State and labelled it Communal clash. Agila cannot come dressed in Military attire because it has never happened before. 

The Fulani herdsmen are using a false flag to deceive the people and exonerate themselves. While in this plot, their target is to plant evil seed of disunity between Ngbo and the people of Agila, just like Nigeria did to the coastal area of Biafra land and the Igbo tribe.

In the usual game of Fulani Herdsmen, they will attack and kill more people in Benue State in coming days or weeks and tag it a Reprisal attack.

The Agila and Ngbo community must make peace at the earliest before they are wiped out by Terrorists Fulani Herdsmen who are already using their dispute to raise a false flag.

I repeat again, what happened in Ngbo is just a false flag used by the enemies. This is their pattern over 5 decades today, and we must be wise this time.

The Agila and Ngbo communities should understand that they are Biafrans whose target should be to focus on the Restoration of a sovereign State of BIAFRA at the earliest.

Written by:
Mazi Chukwudi Okeke
For: Lagos State Media

Edited by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media

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