"When ever you see any person, who was not a stammer, or who may have been a stammer, presenting any matter, or answering any question, or responding to enquiries, in a stammering tactics that is over and above what the person is used to, know that the person is complicit in a crime that is known or unknown. Such a person can never look at your two eyes in the process of smarting out such fabrications, which in most cases, are self-contradictory".

The above wisdom was transferred to me by my father, at a very tender age, as he concluded without difficulty or any equivocation, that I was the culprit in a "deed", which I thought was a "perfect crime". It was in the process of explaining to me how he found out that I was "the herbalist that farted in-between the cracked wall", (dibịa nyụrụ ahụrụ mgbawara aja), that he instilled this ancient wisdom into me. This truth has been as efficacious as it has been reliable in establishing the guiltiness or otherwise of parties at various times.

It is on the backdrop of the above that the depth of vacuity, wretchedness, misery, paucity of vision, and substituted impoverishment, that the moronic zombie and war criminal, Gowon, represented, as he struggled to becloud, justify, rationalize, and validate his mindless, brutal, venomous, and unmitigated genocidal massacre of innocent, harmless, helpless, and unprotected Biafrans, in the British provoked and sponsored Biafra genocide, can be seen.

It is rather baffling, if not startling, disgraceful, and very shameful, that at an age above eighty years, Gowon, who goes round the whole world, deluding himself in the absurdity he calls Nigeria Prays, who should be using the minutest chance to confess to his falling into the trap of the predatory Britain to be used to rain hell on his so called countrymen, will still be straining himself to defend what the whole world knows to be naked falsehood.

It was therefore with empathetic helplessness that the world watched the war criminal, Gowon, on Channels Television, making very poor, shallow, unfruitful, and nauseating attempt at historical revisionism, with regards to the events concerning the Biafran genocide, which Britain used Gowon to commit against the Biafrans, and led the world to describe the Biafra genocide as the Nigerian Civil War.

Up to this hour, Gowon is still attempting to apportion the blame of his non-implementation of the Aburi Accord on the Great Ikemba, Emeka Ojukwu, after he had inadvertently told the world that it was the federal government, which he led, that was responsible for the non-implementation of the Aburi Accord.

Up to this moment, the empty headed genocidist, Gowon, is still striving to promote and sustain the baseless and childish act, if not outrightly inhuman narrative that "it was the secessionist disposition of the Biafrans that prompted him to declare a "Police Action" against the Biafrans" (For the avoidance of doubt, by Police Action, Gowon meant the total exterminative massacre that would obliterate Biafrans within forty-eight hours).

Is it not appallingly curious that after over fifty years of deliberate, unprovoked, and avoidable massacre of a people, the protagonists, the smokescreen, and the subterfuge through whom such a magnificent heinous crime was committed, is vainly trying to justify the unjustifiable injustice cloaked and garbed in inhumanity, and meted to a people, so as to remain exonerated in eyes of the world?

Is it not unbelievable that up to this hour, instead of the empty shell called Gowon trying to pursue how to tender his unreserved apology, and facilitate a national reconciliation and restitution in favour of Biafrans, the childless father, Gowon, is going about, assaulting the sensibilities of Biafrans, and the sane/humane world, thereby denuding and demeaning himself, by insisting on the justification of the starvation and the indiscriminate bombardment genocide of Biafrans, in the name of keeping Nigeria one being a task that must be done?

If the fool Gowon had not lost his mind, he would have stopped to ask himself why the multi-dimensional plague, encapsulating every form of catastrophe and boundless disaster, has befallen his Middle Belt home. Ruminating on this would have made the evil man Gowon examine and introspect himself, and take the necessary urgent steps to avoid the ultimate impending cataclysmic doom upon his own people in the Middle Belt region of Nigeria.

Any person who knows the volcanic eruption that is currently obtainable, and symbolized by the human disaster that the north central zone of Nigeria, otherwise known as Middle Belt, where Gowon comes from, represents, cannot but pity the hollow man, Gowon, as he pitifully, painfully, putrefying strained to maintain that Biafrans deserved what they got by being massacred in millions.

Gowon therefore betrayed even himself in his awful, shabby, narrow and hollow defense of the indefensible invasion and murder of undefended, unprotected, and innocent citizens who looked up for protection unto the very barbarians that actually drew their sword against them.

In addition to all the countless woes of Gowon, including childlessness in the midst of many children, one heart breaking news still awaits the satanic agent called Gowon. That final calamity is that despite being used by Britain to murder millions of Biafrans, to truncate the emergence of Biafra, Gowon will witness, in this his lifetime, the restoration of Biafra, notwithstanding the uncontrollable annihilation that Britain is still using Nigeria to pursue against Biafrans, up to this moment. Nothing can retributively compensate as much as this, since it is whatsoever a man soweth that he reapeth.

Biafra has come!


Written by:
Okwunna Okongwu
For: Lagos State Media

Edited by:
Mazi Chukwudi Okeke
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media

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