ANAMBRA - The city of Onitsha was in the early hours of yesterday being Saturday January 11, 2020 witnessed yet another market fire disaster as the motor spare parts market (Mgbuka Obosi) was razed to the ground by a strange fire which according to eye witnesses started at around 1am in the morning.

A distress called was made to our correspondent by people residing close to the motor spare parts market around 2am, an hour after the fire started, and upon reaching the venue, a lot of people especially those trading in the market who have been alerted by their colleagues were busy trying to fight the fire in their own little efforts to see if they could help to save some goods from burning completely, but all was efforts in futility as there was no sign of the state fire service to tackle the situation.

Recall that a similar incident occurred back in November of 2019 when a petrol tanker laden with petroleum products fell down at Upper-Iweka, spilled its contents and burst into flames which later escalated to Ochanja market and destroyed goods worth billions of naira and left many dead and others injured. In this case, the motor spare parts market was hit with strange fire which also destroyed goods worth billions of naira and rendered many hopeless more especially in this starting of the year when cost of living is very high and extortionate owing to the just concluded Christmas celebration during which many were usually seemed to have exhausted their livelihood in their villages during the festive period.

In recent times, Biafra business men and women have witnessed incessant and uncontrollable fire disaster in their place of businesses more especially in the market places. In the recent months ago, a long list of markets in Biafra land where Biafra business men and women are plying their trade have been torched and goods worth billions of naira have also been destroyed by fire which have left a good number of people pondering and doubting if such occurrences was a coincidence or an orchestrated plan to oust Biafrans most especially the Igbo speaking Biafrans out of business and render them economically irrelevant in the hostile Nigerian state.

Justifiably, anyone thinking in that line of thought should not be penalized or seen as a pessimist, for the fact that such occurrences are now predominantly only in the Eastern region of the country and should be a matter of severe concern by any right-thinking human being.

So bizarre it might seem but taking a closer look at the situation involving in this recent fire disasters which has adversely affected the Igbo owned businesses, one must recall that there was a taped phone conversation between one Kunle and a certain Alhaji Farook where the later boosted of Fulani evil agenda to sideline Igbo Biafrans economically, politically and socially and to relegate them to the background in every affairs of the country during and before the end of the tenure of late Muhammadu Buhari, meanwhile, these recent incidents appears to be delivering on such promises and evil agenda against ndi Igbo in the socio-economic and political space of Nigeria.

Regrettably, our people more especially the Igbo speaking Biafrans either have short memories or they are docile to understand that such utterances are already in play since the deployment of this method of sudden fire outbreak in the market places which seemed to be lethal for the achievement of the evil northern agenda towards us as a people. A saying has it that a nation that failed to learn especially from history are doomed to repeat it but in a harder way.

Recall that in late November and December of the past year of 2019, it has been petrol tankers laden with highly inflammable liquids, which usually falls around crowded areas such as market places or residential areas and catches fire and burning down everything within the vicinity, then in this month of January 2020, another strategy of strange fire outbreak in market places was deployed, a similar example is the fire outbreak at Ogbete main market Enugu and then this one in Mgbuka Obosi, in Anambra state all in this starting of the year. Yet some people are still thinking that such events are a mere coincidence!

To say the least, the earlier we stopped being docile and understanding that these incessant and sudden fire outbreak at our market places are premeditated attacks on our businesses which will definitely render us economically irrelevant if nothing is done now and fast, the better for us all.

Just as the Western part of the country has  lunched Operation Amotekun a few days ago, the Southeast part of the country must borrow a leaf from their Southwestern counterparts and lunch special market guards and other similar security outfit to checkmate these menace going on in our territory, this is not a task to be left only for the Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) who is seemingly the only organized front to checkmating these attacks, but a task for all the people who are residence in the old Eastern region of the country. This is because the government of the day who have failed to protect lives and properties of the people they vowed to protect, the people must improvise.

In summary, we must rise and support the demand for a sovereign Biafra State if we must live respectfully as humans.

Written by:
Princewill Akubumma
For: Anambra State Media

Edited by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Anambra State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Anambra State Media

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