Many people, who have seen the various pictures of the highly emaciated and skeletal Biafran children, who were on the verge of death, have asked whether these pictures were real or mere artworks.

In one of the pictures, which has three children pictured together with the British flag, somebody asked whether those children actually existed, or just the artist's imagination. To that enquiry we made this brief response...

I am actually the boy at the right side of the picture. I am a survivor of the British genocide against Biafrans. That is why I am very furious and enraged with the satanic, greedy, parasitic, covetous, exploitative, sadistic, tyrannical, genocidist, and predatory Britain.

Britain hid behind the barbaric and anarchical terrorists called Nigeria to unleash a humongous and unprecedented butchery against Biafrans (Because of the almost monopolistic exclusivity of the lair-ological BBC, they carefully hid their heinous crime from the world, and misled the world to calling their genocide against Biafrans THE NIGERIA CIVIL WAR). Don't forget that over 6 million Biafrans were murdered by the representatives of Satan here in the world, called Britain.

We died in millions. It was only by God's providential intervention that few of us survived. Many of our fellow children were not that lucky. They were starved to death by Christian Britain, under Harold Wilson. Even the vultures rejected the corpses of some of our very close relatives, as they decomposed, decayed, and mixed with the sand, before our eyes.

This is not something anybody can begin to plead with me to forget. The worst part of the whole episode is that even up to now, the moronic, vacuous, hollow-headed, and unrepentant zombie, Gowon, who provided the platform for the satanic Britain to unleash such an incomparable, unmitigated, and causeless genocide on a hapless and helpless people, is still stammering his defense, rationalization, and even justification for their beastly disposition that was dispensed as exterminative annihilation against Biafrans.

It is on this basis that we declare, without equivocation, that it is BIAFRA OR DEATH. This is the only thing that can compensate for the barbarism and consciencelessness of the sadistic Britain towards Biafra, in murdering over six million innocent Biafrans, just to confiscate Biafra's OIL AND GAS (Britain is still maintaining a stranglehold, up to this moment, on that Biafra's oil and gas, through their proxy, the terroristic Fulani, under the shadow of ONE NIGERIA).

It is because of the fear of losing this unfettered access to free oil and gas in Biafra that Britain is secretly supporting the sponsorship of the most deadly terror groups by the Nigeria government, who are the owners of those terror groups.

For the remote, contemporary, and immediate abominable atrocities of Britain against Biafrans, Britain is irreversibly and irrevocably cursed, as the world will CERTAINLY WITNESS the doom that will befall the murderous Britain.
No apologies.

Biafra has come!


Written by:
Okwunna Okongwu
For: Lagos State Media

Edited by:
Mazi Chukwudi Okeke
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media

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