A FULANI man is running INEC; running EFCC; running the Police; running the Army. What do you expect?

There is a problem we have, and I have said this many many times and I will repeat tonight. This problem has to do with our brain and how we analyze, how we absorb and process Information in our brain is highly defective. Look at Bolivia, do you know that in Bolivia, they gave an order to the Army to shoot at protesters and the Army said "No, those are our people." But in the Zoo (NIGERIA), if you ask them to open fire they do so in the South, anybody who is against Fulani and have tendency of Islam.

Understand this very well, that is why they opened fire against the Shi'ite because they are not their sect, that is why they can come down to BIAFRA land and kill us as many times as possible and nothing will happen. Once in a while, they invade Oduduwa land as well and nothing ever happens. They kill at will. How many times have you heard that the Army opened fire against protesters in Kano, in Sokoto or Katsina? Never and it will never happen. And do you know why it is happening? Because Nigerians are stupid, very very stupid.

The issue of diplomatic offensive is for everybody. Every IPOB family member, every IPOB Unit, Zones, wherever you are in the world, you must get ready. Every Politician in every country of the world must be aware of what is happening in the Zoo Nigeria. MAXIMUM EXPOSURE! Do you know why? So that any day we match, nobody will blame us because if we match prematurely, the world will say but you didn't tell us, we didn't know what was happening and all the lies that the Zoo feed them with the help of Britain will speak. They will say oh, they are rebels, they're coming up again to secede. How can I secede from something I wasn't even part of before? Something that was created around the table in Berlin in 1884, how can I secede from my own home town? But that's how they will write it. You have seen them.

As captured by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media

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