What about the brave Indian women that stood behind Mohandas Karameh and Gandhi and other Indian male freedom fighters to confront the British malpractices and slavery. Many of them died during the struggles. They are being remembered for that singular act of freedom fighting. The unsung Indian women are remembered for the type of hard work they did. Below are names and the role they played including the slogan their people used to modify most of them and their respective work;

1. Ram Lakshmibai: The lady with lion heart.

2. Sarojini Naidu: The great planner

3. Begum Hazrat Mahal: The Epitome of courage

4. Kittur Rani Chennamma: The vove of the Un- Heard

5. Madam Bhikaji Kama: The dreamer of Indian independence

6. Sucheta Kriplani: Crucial face of quite India moments

7. Aruna Asaf Ali: Woman of dedication

8. Lakshmi Sahgal: Tigress of Indian national Army

9. Annie Besant: The political back bone of Indian freedom movement

10. Matangini Hazra: Source of inspirations for a lot of Indian women etc.

 11. The South African women played significant roles also in South Africa Struggle, while below is the list of women that fought for their nation in different dimensions;

12.  Marocirent Mircadi: she was a political activist who became the first president of the African National Congress women’s league in KwaZulu – Natal. She led a powerful protest march in 1959 and championed the passage of law in the provinces. She was named in treason trial but was not prosecuted. She went into exile in Swaziland in 1960.

13. Victoria Mxenge: intervened in cases in which the youth were ill-treated while imprisoned and was part of the defense team in the year 1984 treason trial against leaders of the limited Democratic and natal Indian Congress (NIC) in the Pietermaritzburg supreme court. She became a member of the release of Nelson Mandela Committee (RMC), this national organization of women (NOW) and treasurer of the UDF. In 1985, she was murdered at her home in Dubai.

14. Dorothy Nyembe: she became a volunteer in the defense campaign in Durban. She helped to set up the ANC women’s league in Cato Manor. She led the Natal Continent of women to the union building in Pretoria to protest against the introduction of passes for women. She was part of Natal women’s Revolt in 1960s, while in1980s she became a member of NOW, including the wife of Nelson Mandela, Mrs. Winnie Mandela, the mother of female freedom fighting in Africa.

15. Finally, in the case of Biafran women is exception, freedom fighting changed shape, some acknowledged people called Biafran women as great freedom fighters but I call them freedom pendulum that swing in the favour of her people. Biafran women were the first women to had confronted the colonial mismatch and imperialism in Africa, and fought against, impunity, tyranny, dictatorship and illegal taxation, that was levied on both men and the women of that generation. The secular Biafran women took the bull by the horn in the 1929 known as the popular Aba women riot; those were selected women from all over Biafra land. This protest, whose encompassed women from different ethnic groups and locations from Biafraland are namely (Ibibio, Andoni, Ogoni, Opobo and Igbo). It was perfectly planned and organized, and led by the rural women of Owerri and Calabar provinces. During the events, many warrant chiefs were forced to resign and 16 native courts were attacked, most of them were destroyed. Thousands of unarmed Biafran women confronted British armed soldiers, where many died and uncountable injured as the result of live bullet, tear gas, bully and stamped victims. Biafran women fought the British army in Aba without their men. Now the fearless Biafran mothers have passed the baton of freedom to IPOB women who are doing exceptionally and marvellously well. The current IPOB women tapped their formidability, resoluteness, doggedness and consistency policy from Biafran old heroines that stamped the undeletable foot print of freedom where majority of African women learned from, for today amazement of freedom fighting, likewise the IPOB’s Women as mentioned earlier, drew their strong mental inspiration and anti-slavery character from Biafran Women of 1929s.

For those influential female politicians, elites, intellectuals, captain of industries, clerics, traditional rulers, business women and market women, non-educated and educated irrespective of financial and academic background should come out to do the needful because “Yesterday is called past, and that is history, today is called present and that is a gift, tomorrow is called future, hope and still very much a mystery”. Biafran restoration must be Mystery to anti Biafrans and also to people sitting at fence, always remember that your positive action towards Biafran restoration echo in tomorrow history because Biafran freedom is Sacrosanct.

Bravo! Biafran women of 1929, you people have done it before and the current IPOB women can still do it again. Freedom remains their bedrock.

In Biafran, we stand.

Written by:
Onumajuru Onyekachi MacSantos
For: Abia State Media

Edited by:
Solomon Elughaiwe
For: Abia State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Abia State Media

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