According to history and records from the archives: one hundred and five years ago, this contraption calls Nigeria was born as a colonial territory through the amalgamation of the northern and southern protectorates, and the colony of Lagos. Like the pattern of colonization everywhere in Africa, the amalgamation exercise was carried out without consideration for the convenience of African peoples involved in the partition. As matter of fact in Nigeria the British adopted policy of indirect rules in the north, and it worked with great success, so this impressed the British authorities that they favoured the north in every decision both on the short and long run. This form of rule succeeded partially in the west and failed in the East in totality, because of the individualistic and republican nature of Biafrans, which is never to believe in one man Lording it over his subjects. This was one of the reasons why the colonial masters hated the Biafrans.

With this experimental failure in the east, the white administrators, loved the north with such love anyway, and then, they strategically planned to ensure that the north was in power dominance over other regions in the country and favoured in all matters affecting it. To this effect in 1939 Governors general Bourdillon divided the south into East and West, thereby creating dichotomy between the Biafrans and Yorubas. According to history this Bourdillon action was consolidated or rather given the required approval by the Richard's constitution of 1946.

The second phase of how evil this contraption is: in 1956 the then Governor general Sir James Robertson instructed the young British junior civil servant named Harold Smith, and threatened him not to disobey order in falsification and manipulation of election results in favour of the conservative northern because they will preserve their interest on oil and gas from the East, which is (Biafraland). By so doing, the British have created marketers of political ignorance and hegemony, in Nigeria. The British thought Nigerians how to manipulate elections in other to preserve their interest, much especially. As if, that is not enough they use minority rights to divide Biafrans, that facilitated their loot of our common heritage and interest. They do not believe that Biafrans should use their hands and brains to secure a better future. They created upheaval within the Biafran, through evil programmes and policies, by keeping the area on perpetual undeveloped, felt that the masses must continue to feed from the crumbs that fall from the masters table, so that they will never stand one day to look out for their destiny. And they make sure that Nigeria will never have a government of the people and for the people but of the minority north that Lords it over the overwhelming southern population.

As knowledge grows, men got wiser, and so many questions came on board, but in order to silence everyone asking questions into stupor, and maintain that power dominance to the north or total control they created this monster, called the Fulani herdsmen to overran the country, by killings, banditry and kidnapping which have resulted in the death of many, were the evil or tumour outstanding from what the British left behind. The lack of clear pattern of punishment of the offender of the law, and the lips service to the protection of lives and property on the part of the Fulani led government and security agencies has made many live-in fears from day to day. There seems to be no end in sight, especially with allegation of killings by the Fulani herdsmen being left unattended.

They believed, they are in an overwhelming class of their own and had promoted fear and intimidation as instruments of governance which they have sworn to perpetuate. As evil beget evil, they went as far as Sudan to bring in impostor impersonating late president Mohammadu Buhari to man the affairs of over 200 million people, as one thing give birth to another. With the limitless man's inhumanity to man and impunity without measure, has left indelible or permanent wounds in the hearts of Biafrans. If Jubril Al-Sudanese is not an impostor let him made himself available for DNA test, and not to be hidden behind or be cover with multiple Photoshop’s pictures deceiving the people, and causing staggering shame to the national image abroad. Just to conclude this article read this brief: if the findings of the preliminary investigations now in public domain turn out to be the case, what can be more shameful than the discovery, that an army officer or officers at a security checkpoint could ‘cut' a deal with a kidnap kingpin (Wadume), that resulted to the death of fellow comrades on arm? Evil begets evil. The restoration of Biafra is our only hope and nothing more

Written by:
Ama Chukwugoziem.
For: Abia State Media

Edited by:
Solomon Elughaiwe
For: Abia State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Abia State Media

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