By Nwabunwanne David (Abia writer)
Edited by Solomon Elughaiwe
The current happenings in Biafraland is that the South-East Governors whom the people elected to protect them have sold the people to their Fulani masters. The Chief Security officers of the States who swore an oath to protect the citizens have sold them to the Fulani cabal, with an agreement to continue to rule, without a hitch. The deal had propelled the Fulani herdsmen to take a greater space in our land. They have destroyed our subsistence farming. The herdsmen scare people from the farm, those brave enough to farm, have their crops destroyed by the herdsmen and their cattle. 

The sadness in our bone continues to worsen every day as we see what is happening to our Women and mourning everywhere. Widows have taken over the land of IZZI Local Government Area in Ebonyi State because the Fulani herdsmen and Bokoharam that had been transported to Biafra land to kill and maim our people have killed their husbands. I can tell you that these women are more hopeless as like never before, and no one lifts a voice for these desperate women. 

Unfortunately, our land has been taken over by these murderous Fulani herdsmen because of this inhuman Governor of our age. The Pastors who preach heaven, the righteous and officially ordained voice to the voiceless have kept quiet as our people continue to die. I ask, will the world keep quiet over this heinous crime happening in our land? Is there nobody whom this our terrible situation has touched? Is there nobody coming to our aid? Will the world standby and watch another genocide on Biafrans?

Please listen to me very kindly; the latest now is that, when Fulanis kill our people, the Governor, who is an accomplice to this heinous crime will buy some bags of Rice and bags of Garri to share few cups to the victims as compensation. No one says anything against this evil happening in the land. These unpatriotic leaders like Dave Umahi have sold our land in Ebonyi State to the Fulani herdsmen in exchange for a vice-presidential slot in 2023. 

Some days ago, they transported not less than three thousand Fulani herdsmen and their families with big Lorries to Ebonyi State. Something terrible is about to stream out from those communities in Ebonyi State. Many crimes are being documented because these bloodsuckers cannot change from their hooliganism and their inhuman nature. They kill human beings like Chickens without conscience. We cannot live with these animals that are uncultured in every ramification. It is time for the youths, and I mean every youth of Ebonyi to rise and defend their land because these brutalities of the Fulani must end. 

Dave Umahi had to instigate violence to get what he wants from the back door to satisfy his Fulani masters. He has been using the border community in Cross River State to create communal crisis against IZZI Local Government Area in Ebonyi State to unsettle and weaken IZZI people. Dave Umahi is responsible for every abuse and ordeal the good People of Ebonyi State are passing through now. It is unfortunate and pathetic that they have planned to wipe us away from the face of the earth, and no one sees the importance to defend their ancestral heritage, apart from IPOB: (Indigenous People Of Biafra). Some prefer us being history and parable in the mouth of Men, but Chukwu Okike Abiama forbid. 
It is Biafra or nothing.
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