It is so glaring that the present government of Abia State has lost focus and undeniably a child's play by all ramifications. The people of Abia State has never been blessed with any reasonable government. It has been from one amateur to another. From one criminal to another. From one semi-illiterate to another, people who are not sound in any field of human resources. They have all been very incompetent and self-centred.  

The decision of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu whose state is blessed with INGENIOUS Citizens with great INNOVATIVE SPIRIT, to invite a Chinese Company to Abia State is a big embarrassment and best definition of an INCOMPETENT Government.

What better way can one describe the hopelessness and naivety of a State Government, than this single decision to shut down her own growing Geniuses? To think that Okezie Ikpeazu has Advisers in the State payroll makes it even more disgusting. Advisers who also loot the Treasury of the State while INGENUITY DIES on the altar of INCOMPETENCE.

Listening to Okezie Ikpeazu bragging about how the Chinese Shoes Company has a capacity of employing Ten (10,000) thousand Workers with sophisticated equipment amidst over Three million INGENIOUS SHOE MAKERS in Abia State, can make any man throw up.

The existing millions of Shoe Makers in Ariaria International Market, Abia State have cried out for Government support to help boost their production and export to no avail. The Traders have resolved to self-help over several decades. Despite several appeals to each Government that turns in every 8 years, not one has tried to harness this enviable gift of INGENUITY in her citizens.

From inception, Abia State Governor Okezie Ikpeazu has never embarked on a single reasonable project. It has been the usual rhetoric, excuses, dishonesty and wickedness to the Masses whom they forced themselves on through manipulation of Election processes.

Sometimes, I want to explode with some citizens who are sycophants to these Politicians. I was listening to Magic FM recently and a lady was live on their Political Platform of, "On Politics Today". She was immensely crossed with a man who spoke courageously against the incompetent Governor of Abia State. The man took Okezie Ikpeazu to the cleaners by brilliantly criticizing the decision to go for a Chinese Shoe producer into Abia State, rather than encouraging the millions of INGENIOUS Citizens in the shoe industry. He described the decision as a clear case of INCOMPETENCE and Waste of the State resources. What he has done is akin to Killing Ones Child to adopt another. Surprisingly, the lady was arguing with rage but I was happy she was flawed shamelessly.

The claim by Okezie Ikpeazu that the Chinese Company will employ at least 10,000 people is not only fallacious but myopic. Can somebody tell Okezie Ikpeazu that if he equips well over 3 million Shoe producers in Abia State, it can multiply by 2 within one year there by, employing another 3 million people. What the hell is wrong with these people in seats of Power? For how long shall these crops of people remain in power? They cannot provide the people with basic amenities, no good road in Abia State, not even one and he is unconcerned. All they are concerned with is, how to invent new Taxation and extortion on the citizens they have done nothing for.

It is therefore, disheartening to see any sane man encouraging other countries to invent in the shoe industry in Abia State, a good example is the one under discussion. The Chinese Shoe company, Huajian Shoes industry in Dongguan, Guangzhou. They will not grow your economy but would repatriate income made in our land to China.

May God grant us Biafra because it will put to an end the wastages in the land and build an enviable world class Nation.

All hail Biafra.

Written by:
Nwabunwanne David
For Abia State Media

Edited by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Abia State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Abia State Media

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