By Ogechukwu Ubah (Abia Writers)
Edited by Solomon Elughaiwe 
The Nigerian government is using communal crisis to establish RUGA settlement in the eastern region of the country, masterminded by Dave Umahi, the Governor of EBONYI state who doubles as the chairman of eastern governor's forum. He is using the Cross River state boundary community against their neighboring village called Izzi in EBONYI state. A dangerous war in the guise of communal crisis that has claimed many lives and injured many is ongoing now.

On 11th October 2019, Fulani herdsmen arrived Izzi land in Ebonyi state in their numbers with their families to settle for RUGA. When confronted by Izzi youths, they were given security and claimed that Dave Umahi, the governor of the state sold the land to them. Since then, serious fight has been going on there, with many deaths and some injured.

That is the mayhem that Dave Umahi has brought to the people of Ebonyi state. He has sold his people to Fulani herdsmen, and who knows how much he has collected? The eastern Governors like Dave Umahi, Willie Obiano, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and Okezie Ikpeazu have all compromised, because of money. Willie Obiano rated the lives of Anambra people at #500,000 each, and Dave Umahi has collected his. After making Women Windows, gave them useless gifts.

Dave Umahi bought 30 bags of rice and 40 bags of garri to give to the widows in the state, on reaching to the venue, he found out that there are up to 1000 windows waiting for the gifts, he got confused not knowing who to give or not, what he did, was to go back with the gifts.
Is that not enough reason to stop RUGA settlement in the state? With RUGA, there will be more deaths and hardship, but it doesn't matter to them, what they care about is themselves and their generations yet unborn. They prefer to be slaves to the Fulani's to enable them to remain in power than the protection they swore to give to their people. 

You can only see this type of thing in the eastern region; the northerners can never allow such things to happen to their people, they give them protection to the core even when they are wrong. They are solidly behind Arewa Youths, Fulani herdsmen, Bokoharam despite all the atrocities they have committed and still committing. But unarmed IPOB that has committed no crime, Eastern governors were strikingly bold and quick to proscribe them, organize operation python dances 1 _____ 3 and even 4 to quieten the IPOB, you can imagine! Their leadership is of no benefit to the people. Unless we restore Biafra, we are, like all men, miserable. 
All hail Biafra.
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