Biafra: Igbo Presidency 2023 Is A Scam

■ Author : Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 18, October ,  2019

Clamouring for Igbo presidency 2023 is like asking Ndi-Igbo to invest into coffin business,because coffin business will boom heavily if an Igbo efulefu is elected as president of Nigeria, I have noticed that some worm groups of Igbo efulefus have started again with there madness of Igbo presidency ,the clamor for Igbo presidency by some political jobbers is highly provocative, in the sense that this unscrupulous elements and idiotic individuals who are now clamoring for Igbo presidency maintain neutrality against injustice melted on Ndi-Igbo, this group of efulefus who are political jobbers are mute while Fulani herdsmen militia continues to raise havoc in Igbo land,the clamor for Igbo presidency as was said by the indefatigable Supreme leader of indigenous people of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is like second Niger bridge and Ogoni cleanup, it's fraudulent and scam and most be condemned by Ndi-Igbo by means,those clamoring for Igbo presidency 2023 must be hallucinating and  mental deranged group's of confusions that needs to be taken to sync-hospital.

It still baffles me how this group's of zombie intellectual, puppies elites, and political jobbers think Igbo presidency will solve the menace in Igbo land, the only solution and remedy to the predicament facing Ndi Igbo as a people is to exit from this criminal and fraudulent contraption called Nigeria,we must emancipate  ourselves from the bondage and mess brought upon us by Nnamdi Azikiwe,umu-Igbo has been diminishing and strip of there dignity for decades by the murderous Islamic State of Nigeria, It's high time we opted for a sovereign state  of ndi-Igbo which is the ultimate restoration of Biafra because we have clamored for one Nigeria enough,the dignity and pride of Ndi-Igbo must be restored back to it originality, we have been deprived of our moral and civil rights as a people and we have to revolt against these a jihadist tyranny government of Nigeria.
Umu-Igbo must not allow themselves to be deceived by this confusing stomach infrastructure political jobbers, this lunatics of Igbo extraction has come again  to deceive the gullible ones who are incapable of reasoning and seeing behind the scene,Igbo presidency 2023 is a dream a joke and a scam, you must decease yourself from any individual or group's clamoring for Igbo presidency before they scam you, even if my ancestors should rise from the grave to clamor for Igbo presidency I will never support him.

It's important that I draw the attention of those individuals seeking for Igbo presidency 2023,2030 and 2050,that an average Igbo man will continue to survive with or without Igbo man becoming president of Nigeria,after all what have we gain from our  illustrious Igbo son's who have ruled Nigeria as president,that alone should tell you that Igbo presidency is not the remedy to our problems, take for an example northern part of Nigeria that has ruled the country for decades yet they have the highest number of bandits,Boko harm, kidnapping etc,if eventually, an Igbo man becomes the president of Nigeria which is impossible our pains suffering and hardship will be worst than the northern, we must note that those clamoring for Igbo presidency are those efulefus who are obedient slave's to Fulani caliphate.

In conclusion our ultimate priority as Ndi-Igbo is to restore our sovereignty which is the ultimate emancipation and restoration of Biafra,any other priority apart from the emancipation of ndi-Igbo is irrelevant to us,we must debunk any efulefu clamoring for Igbo presidency because it's a scam to deceive the gullible ones,we must collectively support our illustrious son Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for ultimate emancipation of Ndi-Igbo,freedom for ndi-Igbo,freedom for ndi-Igbo,freedom for Biafra,Igbo-make.
Ndi-Igbo nurunu onu ayi (listen to us). 

Long Live Ndi-Igbo
Long Live The Federal Republic of Biafra.
Long Live IPOB
Long Live Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. 

Edited By Ezekwereogu John
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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