Biafra: Igbo Presidency Is Symmetrical To Deception

■ Author : Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 18, October ,  2019

Between 2013 and 2015, we couldn't have peace of mind l, We heard, saw, felt, and ate their campaign promises meanwhile, 2023 is still far away and the same group has started the deception yet again.
The Igbo Presidency syndrome is simply an instance of actions and schemes fabricated to mislead and delude Ndi Igbo into errantly believing a lie and inaccurately that things will be better having an Igbo man as the president of Nigeria. This is highly commensurable to Deception. 

Well, even if we decide to deceive ourselves a bit, and assume that the Presidency is handed over to Ndi Igbo, the truth remains that it won't change anything, an adage says "to who much is given, much is expected" In contrast, another, states "He that is expecting a bigger portion should be faithful with the little given to Him" 
The little given to the Igbo politicians are mismanaged and so, therefore, we can not take any further risk.

For example, the northern people of Nigeria has ruled the country for 36 years, have 19 states and 419 local Government with surface Area of (684,894), over 85% road networks, 8 international Airport fully operational, brings nothing to the table but receives the largest allocation fund from the federation, the highest number of legislators in the Government of the day, highest number of security chiefs in the federation, controls and are in charge of the judiciary, the highest number of oil marketers in the federation, highest number of oil well owners in the federation, has the richest man in Africa by fraudulent means (monopoly), but yet, they still have the highest number of beggars across the country, biggest security challenges in the federation, has the highest IDP camps in Africa when we not at war, poverty headquarters in the whole universe, uneducated, unproductive and myopic set of people in the federation and finally cannot survive without the oil and gas in Biafra land.

If the northerners could have such supremacy value, and it brought nothing positive in their region or change their society or lives, I bet you that Igbo Presidency in Nigeria will only land us in a hot soup.
As noted, the Hausas has all it takes to make Nigeria a great country, but because Nigeria is a no-mans country where incompetence and mediocrity reign supreme the reverse will continue to be the case.

In the same sphere, Ndi Igbo has not held the Presidency mantle since the independence of Nigeria, they only  have 5 states and 95 local Government with Surface area of (29,445), faced with marginalization, economic strangulation, intimidation, military and police extortions, 95% roads are dead traps, contributing over 47% revenue generated fund to the Nigeria economy, no international airport and seaport, low members of legislators in the federation, does not have access to the oil and gas in their region, and yet, they survive and smile even in their misery.

Meanwhile, there are people we know under the state, local governments and rural levels who were to at least represent, speak for us and do the little they were to do But unfortunately, they joined forces with the oppressors and made matters worse for Ndi Igbo for their selfish reasons.

Obviously, some people are going for the Igbo Presidency, Someone that wasn't fruitful and faithful in his community, Local government and state has nothing to offer as a president, Charity they say begins at home, and when you look at these people who weren't charitable at home clamoring for the outside position, one needs not a prophet to discern their incapabilities.

But it is not a good thing for one to deceive him or herself, the people that are clamoring for Igbo presidency were the same people that told us in 2018 that with PVC, the tyrant and impostor Jubril Al Sudani will be removed, this is why I am so furious the election has come and gone, yet the PVC remains worthless while the impostor was fraudulently declared the winner.

Ever since the clamouring for Igbo presidency, I have been so observant to see if there could be another magic or tactics, but everything is still drawing back to the same PVC Certainly, we are still years ahead before 2023, but the Igbo Presidency has become a failure already.

No sane northerner will support an Igbo man to the Aso Rock because it's their birthright according to their forefather Usman Dan Fodio, also, the majority of Igbo indigenes cannot vote because they have given up on the country.

I will sincerely advise the Igbo Presidency aspirants to wake up from this dream and work towards the restoration of Biafra.
The earlier they realize that Nigeria is meant for a particular people the better, One cannot eat his cake and have it back, the choice between the Igbo Presidency of self-interest, and Biafra for all is already decided we cannot be deceived anymore.
Biafra is the Answer!

Edited by Aguocha Chinwendum
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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