I want to start this contribution by saying that, what oxygen means to human existence is what Biafra means to the Igbos in the absence of a country that accommodates Igbos’, interests.  From all aspects and from different perspectives, there is no diplomatic way of saying that the Hausa/Fulani and majority of Yoruba Leaders, who are willing to be used and dumped as Pathological and perpetual slaves to the North, because of love for quick cash above all else, political offices and streaks of treachery, which runs in their blood like oxygen, are existential threats to the Igbos and their general interests. Danger which took its flight from the 60s, particularly 1966. I will still come back to this as I proceed in this message.

I must remark here that this Biafran project and the struggles associated with it, must be based on scientific strategy, that will not allow any form of mistakes, miscalculations or retreats.  It must be based on sound knowledge, not emotion, not hear say, not this people gather as my people gather, not getting stranded on the way because of wrong strategies or  delayed  actions; the disease that disabled our first republic Leaders and exposed us to the threats we are facing today in Nigeria as a people; with the exception of Chukwuemeka Nzeogwu, who rose up to destroy the criminal and threat  network of the North and the Yorubas against the Igbos, but were not supported by General Aguiyi Ironsi or Emeka Ojukwu; instead they mis-handled the opportunity to stop the emergence of a bigger problem that took its effect from July 29 ,1966 and led by Gowon and Awolowo, who was  later induced to join the killing squad; a challenge that has assumed multiple dimensions today.

By sound knowledge I mean, we need to go back to the past, through “customized Education”, to know what happened to us in the past, that made people who cannot beat the Igbos in any contest, you can name of, from eternity to become Lords and threats to the Igbo, politically, economically, educationally, in fact, existentially.  It is not enough to blame Nigerians- Hausa/Fulani and Yorubas for their conspiracy to eliminate the Igbos and take over our property, political positions in high and low places, money in the banks and resources.  We need to dig deep and find out how they gained access into Igbo territories and was comfortable enough to cause such a damage and devastation to Igbo interests.  What were our Igbo leaders doing?  This is one question our leaders have not provided the answer. The first day I met Chief Mbazulike Amaechi (a Zikist) at Ohanaeze meeting at Amuwo-Odofin in Lagos State, when I was the Ohanaeze Alimosho Chairman and Ohanaeze Lagos State Chairmen Forum Secretary, respectively. This is the only question I asked him; and I expected him to use the microphone to answer the question to the hearing of everyone in the hall. He did not say anything. Indeed, there was nothing to say; they only watched as threats were gathering before 1966 challenge. This is what history told me, through an independent, unbiased and elaborate research activity.

We need to explore the history of Nigeria from 1914 till today, in order to establish conflicts of interests, divergences, convergences, relationships and developments.  We need to go back to review the actions of Dr.  Nnamdi  Azikiwe, General Aguiyi Ironsi, General Emeka Ojukwu and how what they did, and what they did not do opened the doors wide for the North and Yorubas to come in and become Lords, and  form alliances with the purpose of eliminating the Igbos in order to take over their high political positions, their property, money in the banks, and initiate and  implement policies that were strategically designed to cripple Igbos, economically, politically, socially and existentially. We can see how people who did not contribute anything to the independence and liberation struggle, people, who would not have survived without the resources from eastern Nigeria, are now insultingly and arrogantly boasting how they will rule Nigeria forever, and see themselves as headmasters that will determine who will contest elections in Nigeria and who will become presidents and governors. And Ohanaeze is busy talking about an issue that cannot work with elements with deviant mentality; Ohanaeze  is busy singing lullaby like our first republic leaders, Ohanaeze is busy trying to make something ,out of deliberate confusion created by those that benefitted from the atrocities of 1966-1970;  Ohanaeze  is busy talking to elements that are still operating from Igbo properties, which they commandeered after 1970 and have become billionaires because of Igbo money in Nigerian banks, which they stole and shared after 1970, with Yakubu Gowon and Obafemi Awolowo as  major beneficiaries; Ohanaeze is being very insensitive like His Excellence, General J.T.U  Aguiyi –Ironsi, and other Igbo officers in the military before 1966 ; who surrounded himself with SEVEN NORTHERN SOLDIERS AS BODY-GUARDS ;and a head of state ,who was murdered without resistance from anywhere because, he was so insensitive that he walled himself with those that declared themselves, enemies of the Igbos. Now Ironsi has given them power to insult the Igbos and to tell Igbos whether they will be president of Nigeria or not.

These three Igbo Leaders, were directly responsible for the challenges Igbos are facing today in this country, because of trusting people who demonstrated they are not reliable and acting against threats after wasting too much time.  Unfortunately, Ohanaeze has not learnt anything from these mistakes, each time they talk about “restructuring instead of insisting on referendum, which is the final word”.  Ohanaeze is feeling comfortable associating with these same people who are liars, saboteurs and who have declared themselves enemies of Ndigbo.  Ohanaeze will sit down with them and talk about Nigeria and restructuring, only to go back and connive with Buhari and his northern brothers to sabotage Igbo’s political and economic interests.  The Afenifere faction, led by Pa Ayo Adebanjo that Ohanaeze is promoting restructuring with, does not have any influence in south west.

I cannot imagine in my life that Ohanaeze will bring itself so low to be engaging in political argument with “Miyetti Allah” – an association of cow-breeders and goat keepers, to the extent that Buhari’s spokesman and one of their members (Garba Shehu) is now telling Ohanaeze that Miyetti Allah is like them.  This is the beginning because, when you are talking about restructuring, it means you are opening the doors again for the enemies to come in and attack the Igbos; when we have not recovered from the avoidable mistakes of our past leaders.  The North and their leaders and their Yoruba   slaves particularly in APC are aware of these vulnerabilities and are exploiting them to the fullest.  Our people in APC are spectators, while the North and Yorubas share our commonwealth.  Look at the kind of money Buhari is moving to the north, foreign loans, projects, and many others. They are only talking about repairing roads in south-east. Look at the projects being executed and commissioned in south west. I am sure they will soon position the “snake charmers association in the North with their Yoruba counterpart to engage Ohanaeze in rubbish argument and start abusing the Igbos again.  After, they will position their Almajiris, cows and goats and others to contend with Ohanaeze.

These are the insults, disgrace and dishonour and defects one attracts when your strategy is defective.  Igbos do not deserve these, because God made and equipped us to be on top.  The victims of these mistakes, those that were badly affected by the Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba war against Biafra and the generation I belong to, will not watch and allow Ohanaeze to open the door again for the north and Yorubas to have a leeway to instigate another crisis and to do what they did from 19661970, and continued till today.  The war is still going on in government ministries, departments and agencies, exemplified by what Muhammed Buhari is doing with his position and appointments. If you are watching and hearing what is going on in South west particularly Lagos State, you will understand that he Yorubas are at it again.  Go to Ladipo, go to Alaba international market, go to international trade fair, go to Computer village, the story is that the Yorubas through Lagos State government want to control Igbo investments and property in Lagos State, they are sponsoring crisis there.  I am working on the details (see Daily Independent, Friday, May 10, 2019 page 28; Daily Sun, Monday, April 1,2019 page 18.).

Ohanaeze should have mobilized the Igbos at home and abroad, to march on, or confront this government, insist on referendum and stop these   obnoxious propensities of Buhari and his Yoruba supporters; but where are they? We only hear about endorsements of politicians.  They are busy talking about restructuring, they are busy talking to deaf and dumb people, they are busy exchanging words with cow breeders and keepers, who do not have idea of how to get grass to feed their animals, they are busy exchanging words with people who are singing and dancing around all manner of negativities; they are arguing with people who sleep on top of trees and live in caves. It is unfortunate.

I must also mention here that I am aware of reactions, each time General Emeka Ojukwu’s name was mentioned and the feelings of some people.  But may I advise that though General Ojukwu was a great man and a true son of Igboland, some of his actions during the Nigeria – Biafra war helped those who declared themselves enemies of Ndigbo, to succeed, thereby giving them leverages.

I am not talking from the position of ignorance, illiteracy or as a victim; I have in my library today more than ten (10) books on Nigeria -Biafran war by different authors, on different titles and from different countries.

I was badly and roundly affected by the “watch, while things go wrong attitude” of our past leaders; I was seriously affected by the Gowon and Awolowo led atrocities and genocide of 1966-1970. Atrocities that also led to the death of my young and beautiful mother. What I did was not to apportion blames, but invest first in research.  That exploration and exposition which resulted from that academic activity have so far produced more than four (4) books and counting, which will soon be presented to the world.  None is less than 300 pages.  After going through them, you will ask questions, and after that you will either weep or lament and start appreciating and supporting the efforts some of us are making to ensure that we understand what happened to us and how, so that in this new struggle, we work with knowledge and precision.

IPOB and the victims of 1966-1970 have the responsibility to take the Igbos to where they should be, and position the Igbos to be among the super-powers. I love you all.

Written by:
E. Chidi Ofoegbu
For: Biafra State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Biafra State Media

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