The business activities of the Ebonyi people was 95% closed down on Thursday, 30th May 2019 to commemorate the Biafra Heroes and Heroines Remembrance Day, which took place in the entire world where Biafra people are domiciled and to the whole of Biafra land.

The 30th May, which the Biafra people use to remember and honour those who have lost their lives in the struggle to restore Biafra, from 1967 when the Nigeria Government unleash mayhem of war on the Biafra people till date; the genocidal war led to the killing of over 3.5 million innocent Biafra people both children, women, youths and adults.

The Indigenous People Of Biafra, (IPOB) led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu issued the order that on the 30th May of every year, Biafra will 'Sit at home' especially those in Biafra land to remember and honour those heroes and heroines who paid the utmost sacrifice with their lives, this according to the organization in the forefront of the quest to restore Biafra, will continue till the end of the earth even when Biafra is restored.

In all the cities and villages of the states in Biafra land, the members and non-registered members of IPOB dully observed the 'sit at home' from sun set to sun down on 30th May, 2019 as it been observed many years ago when IPOB took over the agitation.

Abakaliki province was not left out as they gave their full support and compliance assiduously for the restoration of Biafra, in Biafra land and to the entire world.

Sadly, one of the bus conveying the members of IPOB from Abakaliki LGA, in Ebonyi North to the venue of the candle night at Ezza South, on reaching Sperando Along Afikpo Road was involved in a fatal accident which led to the death of two members, detailed information on this incident will be made available subsequently.

The event of the 30th May, 2019 Biafra 'Sit At Home' in Ebonyi state also featured special football match, traditional dance performance from various groups, including the women of IPOB, all to remember and honour the heroes and heroines in a special way.

Some members of the Indigenous People Of Biafra in Ebonyi who spoke with the media affirmed that they shall remain formidable till total freedom is achieved.

They prayed for the souls of their members who died in the active service in a motor accident while coming to the candle night to rest on, keep fighting for Biafra even in their other world as they hunt down the enemies of Biafra and IPOB, who do not rest in fighting to thwart the efforts to restore Biafra.

Our correspondents, Agbidi Timothy, Ezeh Ifeanyi, Nwadike Kelvin, Orji Nnachi, Frank, Okorie Tobias, Ani Chisom, Ibeh Amarachi and others who reported from their various field of work say that this year 30th, May 2019 sit at home in Ebonyi was 95% observed the members of Indigenous People Of Biafra.

Written by:
Ogeh Friday Igiri
For: Ebonyi State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Ebonyi State Media

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