Biafra: IPOB Records Global Compliance Of Their Hero's Remembrance Day - Comprehensive Report

■ Compile By: Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka & Ugochinyere Onyechere 
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 03, June,  2019

Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the Supreme leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu records a successful and peaceful sit at home in Biafra land and rallies conducted outside the borders of Biafra in commemoration cum remembrance of all the brave fallen heroes and heroines of Biafra. In a bid to dismantle the lies coming from the Nigerian brown envelope journalists, this report was made. The successful reports are coming from the desk of Umuchiukwu Writers and will be annexed accordingly as was gotten from Facebook and other social media in case of verification.

Our first report is coming from a Facebook user name Emeka Gift who significantly posted photos of IPOB in Abidjan Ivory Coast. His post reads "IPOB FREEDOM MARCH FOR BIAFRA: images from Abidjan, Ivory Coast and Durban South Africa. #BiafraHeroesDay2019 #May30 #BiafraHeroesRemembranceDay #Biafra

It is now proven with the below pictures that Biafrans especially IPOB in Ivory Coast observed the 30th May fallen heroes remembrance day.

Next report is coming from a Facebook user, ............ who notified us that Biafrans in large numbers were on the streets Berlin, Stuttgart Germany also observing the heroes remembrance day. The post reads
"IPOB Berlin family was with our family in Stuttgart Germany and we shut not only Biafra streets down but also German streets. IPOB under the leadership of our able leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is very very formidable and am happy and proud to be part of this global family phenomenon never ever seen before". The reporter further thanked IPOB and Biafrans worldwide for also participating in the event and also urged Biafrans who are yet to be part of the IPOB global member to avoid further delay and join the moving train. See picture evidence below

Following up next the report from a Facebook user, Afunwaechetanna Chidozie Striker all the way from New Delhi India. His post reads "IPOB New Delhi India wasn't left out. As we honour our fallen Heroes and Heroines. We return all glory to ChukwuOkikeAbiama. The spirit of our fallen Heroes and Heroines lives on. May their courage be our inspiration and strength... Iseeeeeeee
We must continue" Also, Biafrans in New Delhi India were also in the morning spirit as the 30th May was observed. See Picture evidence below

Up next is the wonderful IPOB family in Austria, they were not behind. A reporter on facebook posted "IPOB Austria 30th May Biafran Heroes and Heroines Remembrance Day in Vienna Austria Live.
#FREEBIAFRA". The picture evidence is below

Up next is the picture and video evidence coming in all the way from IPOB U.K at Trafalgar Square in London. Biafrans matched on the streets and hope the British Government hears the cries of Biafrans as they remember their fallen heroes and heroines. Pictorial Evidence below

Indigenous People of Biafra in Brazil also followed up. There was great trumpet sounds from Brazil as they observe the Biafran fallen heroes and heroines remembrance day. Pictorial evidence below

IPOB Canada followed suit, the 30th May Heroes and heroines was also observed in Canada successfully as pictured below

In the same spirit, IPOB Durban in South Africa on this same day 30th May respectfully, joined the global family to remember the Biafran fallen heroes and heroines in a grand style The pictorial evidence of this event will shock you.

Up next is a report from a Facebook user who reported the situation in France. His post reads "Biafra restoration is inevitable::-- Photos of I.P.O.B France today 30th May 2019. #IPOBFRANCE #BIAFRAHEROSDAY #30MAY2019". IPOB France was is indeed formidable and below is the pictorial evidence

IPOB family in South Korea on May 30th 2019 also, joined the event with a peaceful match on their streets of South Korea. The honouring of Biafran fallen heroes and heroines took a nice shape in South Korea and below are the pictorial evidence.

IPOB Indonesia On 30th May 2019 being the Biafra Remembrance day also, honoured the Biafran fallen heroes and heroines in their own way. They are more than formidable, as shown in the below pictures.

Indigenous People of Biafra in Australia Sydney family also commemorates, they joined in the remembrance of the Biafran fallen heroes and heroines. See pictorial evidence below.

The Banikoara Benin Republic also was seen on the streets of Benin Republic doing the needful. The brave spirits of our fallen heroes and heroines were celebrated. Pictorial evidence below

All the way From Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, the 30th May 2019 heroes day was successfully observed. Great Biafrans converged to mourn our fallen heroes with every ounce of soberness. Pictorial evidence below

For their ultimate sacrifice, for their heroic efforts and love for Biafra, we'll forever
IPOB China also made it a priority. The brave heroes and heroines of Biafra were remembered

Great rally in Rome Italy as IPOB gathered to remember in honour, the brave men and women who died for the sake of freedom. It was a thunderous event that brought Biafrans within the country together. Pictorial evidence below

IPOB family in Malaga Spain on May 30th Biafran heroes remembrance day, turned the atmosphere into a mournful one as they remember their fallen heroes and heroines. Pictorial evidence below

Biafrans in Stockholm Sweden joins in their heroes and heroines remembrance event. They were not left out in this s globally oriented event. Pictorial evidence below

IPOB Ghana also, remembered our Heroes and Heroines, hits the major streets of Ghana, see pictorial evidence below

IPOB Ireland also, on May 30th in Dublin city of Ireland peacefully demonstrated in commemoration of Biafran fallen heroes and heroines pictorial evidence shown below

Photos of IPOB New Jersey in Atlanta Georgia USA with the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his wife Uchechi Okwu Kanu on Biafra fallen heroes and heroines remembrance day on 30th May 2019. Pictorial evidence below

Heroes Remembrance Day event in Lagos took another shape, So many Biafrans gathered to honour their fallen Heroes. May their souls rest in peace. Pictorial evidence below

IPOB in Stuttgart Germany evangelise also honoured Biafra fallen heroes and heroines
As was reported by Chrisjoee Joe, Pictorial evidence below

IPOB  Lion Squad Maputo, in Mozambique, shows the world how we love our nation Biafra, remembers the great and brave heroes and heroines of Biafra

Biafra Memorial Day 30th May by IPOB United Arab Emirates (UAE Chapter) Pictorial evidence below

30th May: Indigenous People Of Biafra Gabon honours Biafra fallen heroes and heroines pictorial evidence below.

Biafran Day: Photos of  IPOB in Israel reviving the spirits, and memories of our Biafra Fallen Heroes.

Pictorial evidence of IPOB Sierra Leone remembering the gallant spirits of Biafra fallen heroes and heroines.

IPOB family in Greece also took it upon themselves to make the Biafra Heroes remembrarem day a success and memorial day.  See pictorial evidence below.

IPOB fafami in Senegal was not left out. TheTspirits of our fallen heroes and heroines were also aroused in Senegal. Pictorial evidence

Different Provinces in Biafra Land

Camera stationed in Abia State

1. Tonimas Aba recorded huge compliance in sit @ home order.
Umuchiukwu Writers Reports

2. Popular Enyimba stadium Aba (School road by Ube) gate where you can’t even see any space to walk on a normal day.
IPOB Writers Reports

3. Sit At Home Observed In Isiala Ngwa
30th of May 2019 the Biafran heroes and heroines remembrance day, Is a great day to every Biafran all over the world and must be kept annually!!! the situation in from Isiala Ngwa South and North reports that the residence of these areas strongly supports the sit at home honour in commemoration of our fallen heroes and heroines of Biafra land. Shops were closed! The ever known busy roads were so lonely today! No movements in the rural and urban areas! Today being Orie market day in Biafra land, the market was very empty, only a few, very few traders were seen on sight.

Schools were not left out, they went on holiday today in compliance with the sit at home order.
Umuchiukwu Writers Reports

4. Popular busy shopping centre in ABA shut down Enyimba city is formidable

5. Nsule market in ABA, shut down in
Enyimba city Aba, Biafra land

6. Opobo Road, Ogbor-hill Aba, Abia State was not left out as schools, roads and shops were totally deserted.
IPOB Writers Reports

7. Ogbosisi was not left out. There was no single person in the market.
Umuchiukwu Writers Reports

8. From Ariana junction down to Enyimba, Ariaria international market everywhere was on ghost mode. Total knockdown.
Umuchiukwu Writers Reports

9. Situation Report From obigbo Igweocha.
Photos of popular Timber Market Obigbo
Umuchiukwu Writers Reports

10. Ahia Ohuru (New market Aba) was locked up.
IPOB Writers Reports

11. This is the popular Faulks road that connects to the main park, 7 deck and Ariaria junction... This road is one of the busiest roads in Aba the kind of gridlock that happens is better experienced than imagined.. But today been 30th May it now looks like a desert... That gots to show u our people are in need of freedom in a high rate Mazi Nnamdi KANU remains the only leader will take orders from and we obey his orders.
Nnamdi Obi 's Reports

12. Bata Junction Aba Abia state shutdown
Umuchiukwu Writers Reports

13. Live pictures from Popular Asa Road Aba. Aba Abia state complied 97%. Ekeoha shopping centre Aba has been deserted as Traders decides to honour our fallen heroes and heroines
IPOB Writers Reports

14. Shopping Center, Main Park, Cemetery and it's environ were totally shut down in compliance to Sit at Home Order by IPOB in respect to Biafra fallen heroes and Heroines who paid the ultimate price fighting for our freedom.
Umuchiukwu Writers Reports

15. This is Aba main park completely shut down.
Umuchiukwu Writers Reports

16. Ever busy Azikwe Asa Junction roundabout totally shut down.
Umuchiukwu Writers Reporting

17. The major road that leads from Aba to Azumini down to Akwa Ibom state...
Totally deserted.
Umuchiukwu Writers Reports

18. Schools in Biafra land totally locked.
We must remember our fallen heroes.
Umuchiukwu Writers Reports

19. Photo report of empty streets of Market Road By Mosque in Aba Abia state precisely.
Umuchiukwu Writers Reports

20. Deserted Etche Road in Aba province.
Umuchiukwu writers reports

Camera stationed in Anambra State

1. Deserted Nnewi on 30th May Biafra heroes remembrance day 2019, Few vehicles in Owerri road, Ụmụdim, Nnewi, Anambra State... May 30th 2019 is still ongoing.
ỤmụChiukwu Writers Reports

2.  Eme-court road, Ụmụdim, Nnewi, Anambra State was empty  on 30th May 2019
ỤmụChiukwu writers Reports

3. Ogbuawa junction in Nkwọ Nnewi, Anambra State.

4. Bonaventure Ugo Ezissi Reports
Upper-Iweka Onitsha Completely Empty.

5. Electronics international market Onitsha, Totally Shutdown and in compliance to Sit at Home Order by IPOB today the 30th May 2019.
Bonaventure Reports

6. Nkwo Igbo-ukwu market was totally shut down on 30th May
Uzomachukwu Durugo Reports

7.  Head Bridge Onitsha 30th May 2019.
Ojimba Tobias Reports

8. This is New Spare Part Market Nkpor.
Family Writer Reports

9. One of the biggest market in Africa the Onitsha main market is totally shut down and in our compliance.
Umuchiukwu Writers Reports

10. Updates from Onitsha Owerri Road - AP Axis
Addy Chika Zoke  Reports

Camera stationed in Enugu

1. These are pictorial evidence from Enugu, Biafra Land. In compliance with the Sit at Home order, many places I visited such as New Market and some parts of other markets in Enugu were in total lockdown.

The places include Lagos Line, Carpenter line, Zone C and some parts of Odegba all in New Market, other places are Secretariat, some parts of Enugu North Local Government Area.
Umuchiukwu Writers Reports

2. Empty Scene of Sit@Home report coming from Ogbete market in Enugu.
Credit- Family Writers Press

3.  Reporting now from Alex Ekwueme federal university Ndufu Alike Ikwo
70% compliance from the students as everywhere is deserted.

4. Timber Market Enugu shut down Umuchiukwu Writers Reports

5. This is New Market Enugu, totally Locked down today in observance of sit at home
Umuchiukwu Writers

Camera stationed in Igweocha (Port Harcourt)

1. From Obigbo in Igweocha.
Photos of popular Timber Market Obigbo
Umuchiukwu Writers Reports

2. Aba road by second Artillery bus stop Igwuocha (Port Harcourt)

3. Sit-At-Home: This is the busy Afam road in Obigbo LGA Igweocha (Rivers State). Shops are locked up... WE REMEMBER AND HONOUR BIAFRA FALLEN HEROES.
Family Writers Press Reports

4. Eke Obigbo Market In Rivers State Is Totally Shutdown.
Rivers Media Reports

5. Igweocha Province, otherwise known as (Port Harcourt), marvelled everyone; as the City was in 'Total Silence Mood'. "The Compliance was total.
Hon Agadagbawereuzo Reports

6. Atata Market in Igweocha province of Biafra Rivers State was totally deserted total shutdown.
Igweocha Media Reports

7. Photos of Empty shop's @ popular Atata Market Obigbo Igweocha.
Umuchiukwu Writers Reports

8. Empty shop's at popular Obigbo Express junction Igweocha
Umuchiukwu Writers

9. Eumuokurusi along Iguruta road in Igweocha (Port Harcourt) Biafra Land.
Streets and shops are under total lock. Share widely before all these Yoruba gutter media twists it.

Camera situated in Delta State

1. Delta Province (Delta state), under total compliance.
Okwnna Okongwu Reports

2. The popular Nebuisi Road Asaba is deserted. No vehicular movement and streets are also deserted. Schools are under lock and keys.
Family Writers Reports

3. Ogbogonogo Modern market of Ahaba Delta state Biafra Land and streets were totally shutdowns today 30th May 2019 to honour our fallen Heroes and heroines who laid their lives for us to live.
Family Writers Reports

Camera stationed in Bayelsa State

1. Mazi Engr Kingsley Uchenna wrote
Bayelsa state totally deserted

2. Otiotio road Bayelsa on 30th May was Shut Down
DrAfam Chidozie Ndukwe  Reports

Camera Stationed in Ebonyi

Popular and busy Flyover in Abakaliki Province deserted in respect to IPOB Sit-at-home order.

in the same vein, Ijaw, Igbo, Ogoni, Anang, others commemorate Biafra Heroes’ Remembrance Day in grand style.

With the above reports, you should now be thinking of how and where the Nigerian media cane to the conclusion that the sit at home was not adhered to. Most of the popular news houses in Nigeria gave fake and unverified reports without picture nor video evidence, but contained in these reports are pictorial evidence.

It is too numerous to mention, the truth remains that the Biafra heroes remembrance day 2019 is mind resounding and the most successful of all. The Nigerian media can only twist the story because they have the brown envelope on their table.

Meanwhile, during the global protest and sit at home in Biafra land, the Supreme leader of Indigenous People of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was in Atlanta Georgia USA in a mind-blowing and mother of all town hall meeting with IPOB USA.

Long live Mazi Nnamdi Kanu,
Long live IPOB  worldwide
Long live Biafra medias
All Hail Biafra.

Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka  For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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