By Chiemerie Michael (Abia writers)
Edited by Chidi Aloysius Nwosu
There has never been a fight for freedom without saboteurs, but never in history have they succeeded. They either end in shame and deformity or die in the process of escape.
Emmanuel Ifeajuna and other saboteurs championed the event that led to the fall of Biafra during 1967 to 1970 civil war. They mischievously sabotage the Biafra struggle when the hopelessness of Biafrans was to be resuscitated with the mindset of winning cheap popularity. Their selfish interests cost millions of lives in desperation for money, power and promises made by our enemies, today their end is not a story to tell. Truly, involvement in sabotaging genuine freedom fighting like that of I.P.O.B is a dangerous mission that cannot be accomplished.
Misguided brothers, collecting money from enemies of freedom to destroy Biafra struggle is like having too many irons in the fire. Have you forgotten that nothing good has ever come out of Nigeria? And nothing good will. Nigeria is a deceitful nation with corrupt politicians and government. They trickily use the money to pull the wool over the eyes of those who sheepishly fall for it, get vital information from them, and at the end eliminate them, after getting what they want.

Misguided and misled brothers, stay clear; nothing special comes out from a dungeon
I.P.O.B should not be blamed or castigate for any misfortune befalling baby saboteurs from the Nigerian government who are adamant in taking corrections. We remain truthful, incorruptible, whiter than whiter and whiter than snow.

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