By Ogechukwu Ubah (Abia Writers)
Edited By Chidi Aloysius Nwosu
Those of you collecting money from the Nigerian government to sabotage the struggle for restoration is fishing in troubled water, in fact, you are gambling with your life because no good or free gift comes from the Devil, you must surely pay for it. They will use you to do their dirty and dangerous jobs, after which, they will kill you so that you will not live to tell the story.
You all know how and why Dele Giwa, Emmanuel Ifeajuna, Adaka Boro and others were killed. The Nigeria that did it in those days is still the Nigeria of today, it is even worse now. The leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu said that any Biafran that goes to serve the Zoo (Nigeria) must come back in disgrace. You can see what is happening to Justice Walter Onnoghen, and others.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB are being accused of killing one prophet Anthony Nwoko because he is one of the Biafra saboteurs. How can you accuse somebody of such a crime without proper police investigation and evidence, if it is true, police would have been the first to report it and not the Nigerian media. This is pure frame up, prophet Anthony Nwoko collected money from the Nigerian government to sabotage the restoration of Biafra. The Nigerian government killed him after finishing the paid job, to use his death to blackmail Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB.

Biafrans are not unaware of the fact that they have enemies, both individuals and countries. Any country or Nation that is seeking for freedom will not expect 100% support, there must be enemies and saboteurs. Now if Biafrans should start killing their enemies and saboteurs, how many are they going to kill?, Biafrans have died enough. IPOB cannot kill those she is meant to protect. The intending and already Biafran saboteurs should learn from the case of prophet Anthony Nwoko as Nigerian government will never spare any of them.

If you don't want to support the restoration of Biafra, it is not enough reason to sabotage it; it is better for you to steer clear than to undermine it. Biafra is a spirit; nobody will undermine it and go scot-free. What Biafrans are doing has been done elsewhere; it has been done in Sudan, Latvia Eritrea etc., how many countries emerged from Yugoslavia? Even America got her independence from Britain. Secession and self-determination is not a crime anywhere in the world, it is enshrined in the United Nations (UN) charter and in the Nigerian Constitution. Some Africans are so draft, that they see everything as impossible.

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