I guess, it is time we addressed above topic by calling a Spade by its rightful name. 

I am a Christian and of the Catholic denomination. I stopped attending Church for some time now because Politics has crept into churches in full force and causing a lot of havoc. I cannot stand a Priest who uses the Altar of God to pray for a country that her President enjoys the massacre of innocent citizens put under his watch. A priest, should be praying against insensitive and evil Rulers and not praising them. I cannot stand such hypocrisy and cowardice in a place of worship. I hate to sit and watch my Priest praying for a murderous Government. It is like validating the evil President to continue.

Since the creation of Nigeria in 1914 over 7million people have been massacred by the reckless Hausa Fulani Islamists from the North and about 90% of this number are Biafrans from the Southeast Nigeria whose only crime is BEING CHRISTIANS.

The Jewish Holocaust is an international day, in honour of over 5million Jews massacred during the Adolf Hitler era.  

Few months back, we witnessed Armistice Day in France and world Leaders gathered to honour those men and women who got killed during the WW1. World Leaders assembled in Paris because they understand what it means to be a survivor of that war and to recognize the fallen. This is not the case with Nigeria. In Nigeria, it seems a capital offence to wish to remember your fallen heroes. 

Biafra has lost well over 5m People since the creation of NIGERIA. Till date, it is on record that each time they make attempt to mourn their fallen men and women, the murderous Government of NIGERIA sends her Army out, to maim and kill them. 

These Priests in churches are mute whenever the Government slaughtered Biafrans but quick to pray for the callous Government to continue in power. This is insanity taken too far. The Bible says, "Righteousness exalts a Nation and sin is a reproach". What this portion of the Bible simply means is, let there be Equity, Justice and Fairness for all in a Nation, but any Country that goes against this rule shall face punishment of Crisis, Stagnation, Friction Lawlessness etc. This is why Nigeria depreciates every day. Nigeria can never know PEACE. Nigeria can never progress. Nigeria can never be United. NIGERIA WILL ONLY CONTINUE TO GO DOWN TILL IT PHASES OUT.

Question is, at what point will the Priests in Nigeria Churches start asking why their Prayers for a peaceful Nigeria is not getting positive response from God?

Let me make it clear, your prayers have become an abomination unto God. You have not condemned the evil with NIGERIA before asking God to heal NIGERIA. The murderous Government of Buhari will watch the slaughter of innocent Nigerians in their sleep by his FULANI kinsmen and say nothing. The next day, he sends the Army after Biafrans and innocent youths are shot for no offence committed. This same President gets up the next week, walks into the Church with millions of dollars and as a Priest you praise, celebrate and pray for him to continue in office? Remember, God cannot be mocked. Your prayer is an abomination before God.

During the days of Jesus Christ, he revolted against men who tried to turn his place of worship into business centre. He kicked the tables and turned them in anger. This is a man we are supposed to follow his footsteps but worldly gains have made men of God to abandon their duties.

Politicians have turned churches to Campaign ground and when they visit, the Clergymen get carried away with excitement because of the Financial gains from such visit. The Clergymen have sold their Dignity and God is not happy with them. They have left the ways of God and the sheep have scattered.

The Clergymen in Nigeria must seek for the face of God now, or perish. They must turn from their evil ways and pray for Justice and Equity in Nigeria rather than praying and dinning with wicked Rulers.
Clergymen in Nigeria must speak up against evil in Nigeria. These Clergymen understands that A DEMAND FOR SELF DETERMINATION IS LAWFUL. Therefore, they must pray for Biafrans in their various churches. The least I demand from them is, Pray and ask for the wish of God for the people yearning for a BIAFRA State. 

The time to turn a new leaf is now or you all sink.


Written by:
Mazi Chukwudi Okeke
(A Catholic)
For: Spot-on Media (Lagos State Media)

Edited by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Spot-on Media (Lagos State Media)

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Spot-on Media (Lagos State Media)

Twitter: @Spot_On_Media1

Facebook: @Spot_On_MediaB

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