By Ama Chigoziem (Abia writers)
Edited by Chidi Aloysius Nwosu
The contraption called Nigeria is a heterogeneous society. It is a creation of one man for his own self-interest, void of consideration of the conventional value system that unites the people. Culturally, it has diverged customs not relating to one another... The 1914 amalgamation of the northern and southern protectorate has done more harm than good, particularly to the Biafrans. Going down the memory lane, Biafrans have suffered slavery in the hands of these Hausa-Fulani people.

Nigeria as an Islamic state and knowing that Islam has everything to do with sharia, When Lugard took over the administration of the north, he assured the ruling emirs that the Islamic religion would not be tampered with. Again, their British colonial master recognized the Sharia in the north. 

This ushers in the reason(s) why we must restore Biafra.
Infrastructure: Infrastructure throughout the Biafra land are in a decay state. Biafra cannot boast of any good motorable road; Enugu-Igweocha (Port Harcourt) expressway, Enugu to -Ebonyi state road are dangerous death traps, Owerri-Umuahia road an eyesore. Not to talk of the military siege/roadblocks on these death traps called roads. 

Still on the infrastructure, all the seaports in Biafraland, none is functioning, for example, the three major seaports in Biafraland include Warri seaport, Igweocha/Portharcourt seaport and Calabar seaport are not functional thereby hampering the economic development of Biafra via waterways. Also making it hard for the transportation of heavy goods that can only be transported through our waterways. Imagine how much it costs Biafran business men to transport their containers by road down to Biafra land from Lagos. It increases the cost of goods and services as well as the many hardships experienced by the masses.

Do you also know that Biafra does not have even one functional international airport? Enugu airport does not have an international wing. Imo state airport and Igweocha airport are not in good condition not to talk of an international wing. Even heavy aircraft cannot take off or land in any of these airports. Air transportation in Biafraland is a mirage to many Biafrans. Imagine someone from Biafraland has to travel almost 1000 kilometres by road to Lagos, Abuja or Kano to fly to Europe, Asia, America or other African countries.

Learning and educational conditions in Biafraland is not conducive for academic excellence. Classroom blocks are in dilapidated condition. Many parents have to go through their noses to make sure their children/wards have that primary education or the rudimentary knowledge in education, unlike their counterparts in the north who have free education and get government incentives that they may attend primary schools which includes free meals. It is a common knowledge that these people are nomads who only believe in cattle rearing as their occupation.

In the health sector, let us take Imo state as our case study, governor Rochas Okorocha sold off all the general hospitals deceiving the populace that he is constructing new ones. Those plying Owerri to Aba road between Okpala junction and Owerrinta will see what was sited in the bush for more than 7 years as the general hospital of the people and many abandoned like that. But one funny aspect of it is that these politicians go overseas for their medicals. 

People in Biafraland are afraid of going to hospitals because there is no difference between a mortuary and hospital here. Even the commonest paracetamol is not found in the so-called hospitals. It was during the tenure of Buhari as the PTF boss that many hospitals in Biafraland were equipped with expired medical equipment and drugs. In fact, hospitals in Biafraland are death zones. The recent pipeline explosion in Aba Abia state bears witness, many people died in the hospital than at the site, which was caused by the government negligence to the health sector.

Biafraland cannot boast of one functioning industry of any sort. Aba textile mills, Golden Guinean brewery Umuahia, Nkalagu cement factory in Enugu state etc had gone moribund. For those of "One Nigeria" where is your 3Rs (Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Reconciliation) in Biafraland?

Biafrans, before I put down my pen, here, are the words of this Islamic fundamentalist (fanatics) Sheik Shehu Abubakar Gumi whose works were serialized in the national concord in 1987. “If Christians do not accept Muslims as their leaders, we have to divide the country, Nigeria unity is to try to convert Christians and non-Muslims to Islam until the other religions become the minority and not affect our society". 

The above reasons are just a few of the numerous of the reasons why elections in Biafra land are to be boycotted until a referendum is conducted. The referendum will allow Biafrans to self determine their political and economic future and also allow Biafrans to develop at their pace.

Biafrans a word is enough for the wise. Biafra restoration is our last hope.
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