As the nation of Biafra has risen, so shall the people be free. The Indigenous people used the medium to showcase our cultural heritage in Igweocha Biafraland, on the 4th of November 2018. It’s quite an interesting moment with different region who were present to participate on the indigenous Cultural day celebration.

Different regions showcased her uniqueness during the great moment. Thousands of Indigenous people gathered in Obigbo Biafraland to display and take a glance on the great moment. After the opening remark. As tradition demands that Kola Nut must be presented before any event would take place. The eldest Nze in the event took the kola Nut shared among the elders of Igbo region, Izon region, Itshekiri region, Urhobo region, Ogoni region, Igala region, Annang region, Ikwerre region, Etche region, Ogoja region, Anioma region, Ibibio region, Igede region, etc.

Every elder representing each region prayed for the kola nut and it was broken and shared among the region. As it is said in Igbo adage "Onye wetare oji wetare ndu" (He who brings kola nut, brings life) Ndu mmiri Ndu azu. As it is said.

However, so many events took place at the cultural heritage/Exhibition. They were display of mmanwu (masquerade) at the event. Entertainment group were present to cheer up the arena. Not forgetting the unique drama display. The message was very clear that the clan pot of Nigeria has broken. The drama display was wholesome. On the clip of the drama, the message was loud a enough that the centre could not hold any longer. The Nigerian state is a failed state. Nothing will be done to redeem her again. The only option is to the let the blessed nation of Biafra to go.

Even our children were not left out on the program. The children were singing "Referendum Is What We Want Or No Voting. We are marginalized and deprived from modern refinery, good roads, good health centre (hospitals), schools etc all we got was Operation Python dance.  Osinbajo (Vice President of Nigeria), promised us model refinery, all we got was Operation Crocodile Smiles 1 & 2. The vice president of Nigeria promised to clear our land, all we got was Operation Crocodile 2. He also promised to repair and build bridges for us; all we got was Operations Crocodile Smile 1&2. So, all we want is REFERENDUM said the children. They song continued. Referendum! Referendum!! Is what we want or no voting.

They said we are one Nigeria. Kano and Kaduna will soon have a working refinery. The dry port in Kaduna is now working but Igweocha, Warri and Calabar seaport is not working but they said we are one Nigeria. But all we want is referendum or no voting. We want a referendum to cast our vote whether we want to stay in Nigeria or be in the blessed nation of Biafra. The brave children in their renditions urge everyone to support the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in pursuit of Biafra freedom. They still insist, all we want is Biafra Referendum or no voting.

Still speaking, the children sang "Oh! rise and shine and give Chukwu Okike the glory" Rise and shine for the light has come. The time for freedom of the children of the rising sun has come. Nothing will stop the light from shining in Africa and the world at large. We urge everyone to join the revolution to liberate ourselves from this crime against humanity.

The imperialist took our land and resources, forced us to embrace their ugly culture (lifestyles) but we must be free; Biafra must be free. They stole, slaughtered our parents and siblings, raped our mothers and 50 years later, they are still doing the same but we must be free, Biafrans must be free said the brave children.  They came, looted our resources, 50 years later; they are doing the same but we must be free. Biafrans must be free.

Our great children were indeed wonderful in their renditions. And our mothers were not also left out. One of the mothers presented her news in one of the languages of Biafra (Asusu Igbo). Indeed, it was a great moment with thousands of indigenous people gather together for one unique quest. The freedom of the Indigenous people.

In summary, the land of the rising sun has risen to shine her light to the world. No force on earth will stop the restoration of the blessed nation of Biafra iseeee.

Rivers State Media use this medium to thank the leadership of IPOB for allowing such wonderful event to come up in Biafraland. It was indeed wonderful. Rivers State Media also thank other media correspondences for coming. And we will not also fail to thank the organizers of this great program. They are indeed hardcore. Biafra must come and we shall rejoice in the end.

Written by:
Mazi Dimkpa Ikenna Ikenga Amadioha-Gbo
For: Rivers State Media (Igweocha Province)

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