The blessed Nation of Biafra has risen to emancipate the black continent from abject poverty eating the indigenous people deep. The land of the rising sun, the epicentre of creation. The light of the world. Obodo Chukwu Okike ‘telu mmanu’ (A land filled with milk and honey) has risen to shine her light to the entire Africa Continent and beyond. Nothing anyone could do about it.

The Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) led by Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the Director of Radio Biafra / Biafra TV is a light to the world. The world are afraid of the truth, if only they knew who the man Nnamdi Kanu is, they will pressure the British government and her collaborators to let the blessed Nation of Biafra to go peacefully. The man Nnamdi Kanu comes once in a century. I listened to him last night via Radio Biafra on the 3rd November 2018 Live broadcast; he indeed gave me hope, the entire Black Continent, the great people of Biafra and the world in general what he has in stock for us. A man with a large heart for humanity. A Prince from the east who is sent on a mission to liberate us from the shackles of poverty and freedom. The man of the people. You shall live long to see Biafra Nnam ukwu.

I would use my precious time to digest the speech of IPOB leader Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in my next article. However, I will digest a little on what he made emphasis; on last night broadcast on Election Boycott.

I wish to appeal to every suffering person, you must ignore the established propaganda and join IPOB to boycott Nigerian elections. If you are tired of the massacre and pains in Nigeria, you must boycott elections. Those of you who want restructuring, employment, then you must boycott elections - Nnamdi Kanu (3rd November 2018 - Radio Biafra broadcast). 

The election boycott is quite very necessary, enough is enough for the cabal's recycling the old puppet for British evil empire experiment in West Africa (Nigeria). The British government must be held responsible for many of our sufferings. The Civil Disobedience the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) led by Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is the best of his kind. Indian and other countries of the world who at one point were hungry for freedom, applied the Civil Disobedience order and it did work for them. IPOB method is not different from it. We the Indigenous people must boycott Nigerian election come 2019. We must stop allowing these criminals to continue using our youthful age for granted. Do you know as a youth, you don't dream of been a Nigerian president? Nigeria is not working and will never work even if it exists for another 100 years.

No matter your ethnicity, you must come out and partake on this revolution. The Power is in your hands and make them understand you will not vote.

If I am interested in wealth, I would have accepted every useless thing they offered me. Those who know me, can testify that I don't change. Some of you, are very hungry. During Election they give you N1000 and you vote. Only One Police Check point, will take it from you. They demand for Break Light, Bulb light until you spend the N1000 - Nnamdi Kanu 2018.

The Nigeria President, is forged in Sudan. Independence document forged, everything forged. If you see them, jumping like monkeys. Look at the face of Jubril, Coke and Fanta like someone applying bleaching cream, after all the surgeries? Write it down, if that thing is Buhari, how come he don't want to debate Atiku? Why can't this very Jubril speak Fulfulde. Some of you don't know, Hausa people have other language, other than Hausa. The real Buhari in 2015 granted an interview, where he said, that one called Nnamdi Kanu will not be released, until he dies in jail.  Why can't this very thing, participate in a debate? Without Biafra, Africa will be in darkness. Biafra is Light (Nnamdi Kanu Speech on 3rd November 2018).

Do also recall that Nigeria is an expired entity which Lugard documented to last for only hundred 100 years. The Amalgamation document has it that the entity Nigeria will only last for 100 years. 1914-2014 is the day this unholy marriage expired. It still baffles my consciousness why the British government refused to dissolve this useless experiment in West Africa (Nigeria), after the forged document. The British government must pay for the suffering the indigenous people are going through since 1914 and beyond.

We the Indigenous people has lost hope in this expired experiment in West Africa (Nigeria). The plights too much, we must be free from this useless entity known as Nigeria. Is a task that must be done. Our freedom is Paramount to us. We will boycott Nigerian election come 2019, if the entity will still exist till then. Fulani's are murderous agents committing numerous crimes in Africa. They are willing tool in the hands of the western world to continue subjugating the indigenous people. They are not full African blood but mixed blood who are close to Black people.

Africa Continent must rise again. We must be free this time. With the restoration of the blessed nation of Biafra. Africans are sure of rising again. We can do it again. Support the restoration of Biafra nation and see the light shine in our world.

The Truth is that Jubril Buhari, will sink the zoo (Nigeria) finally. Boycott every boycottable. The leader of IPOB Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu made the below statement. They try to deceive us with the adage, "What an old Man sees sitting down, a child cannot see it while standing". I don't need to stand up, to see poverty.

Do you know that after Abacha killed Ken Saro Wiwa, Bayelsa named a street by Abacha's name? Is just like naming a street in Israel after Hitler, you know is not possible. It is only in Nigeria, where people name streets with the names of people, who killed them.

Prophet Muhammed ran away and came back to conquer everywhere. Jesus did same and came out victorious. Nnamdi Azikiwe ran to Ghana, Nelson Mandela ran to Nigeria. Those of them saying I ran away when they came to kill me, are people who want me dead because, they know I'm their headache.

If Britain doesn't let Biafra go, Britain will be decimated by the Almighty. What is happening to Britain, is because they don't want to let Biafra go. Britain must let Biafra go or they will be broken into pieces - (Nnamdi Kanu 2018)

Oil and water can never mix itself. Biafran populace will never live under the subjugation of the Fulani Oligarchy again. Nigeria has expired and we the indigenous people must dissolve this British experiment in West Africa. BIAFRA has come to shine her light. Is Biafra or Nothing.


Written by:
Mazi Dimkpa Ikenna Ikenga Amadioha-Gbo
For: Rivers State Media (Igweocha Province)

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