The Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) led by Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and deputized by Mazi Uchenna Okafor Mefor aren't relenting in the quest to Biafra liberation. The liberation of the Indigenous people remains sacrosanct and inevitable as our freedom is paramount to us. While the leader of this global movement (Onyendu Nnamdi Kanu) which indeed enlightened us about the Biafra genocides and raw history of whom we are, he rightly emphasized that “anything we can do for Biafra to come, we should go ahead and do it”.  For the first time, such program was organized in Biafraland.

However, the organizers of the program did excellent job, both in the lectures and presentations. The lectures were eye-opening. Hidden stories backed with pictorial evidences were exposed. Seeing the pictorial bodies of our fallen heroes and heroines on the genocidal exhibition made many of our people present cry bitterly over the genocide been committed against the citizens of Biafra in 1967-1970, and of recent between 2015-2018. Thousands of indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) has lost their lives to this blood sucking agent of British oligarchy. Indeed, it shall never be well with British government and her collaborators!

While delivering the lecture, the first speaker (Elder Nwaojoziri F.E.) highlighted his experience during the Biafra/Nigeria civil war. He made it known that he was a Biafran soldier and fought gallantly at the Biafra side. He undeniably narrated that Biafra soldiers were indeed formidable in the fight to freedom despite roles British, Russia, and the Arab world played. “About 6.2 million of the indigenous people were massacred by the evil world powers. Biafrans will never forgive Nigerian government and the British government in their roles during the bitter war. Indeed, it was a sad war. We are here to educate our children who we are fighting for and enlighten them on what transpired during the civil war and the current killings by the FG of Nigeria against the citizens of United States Biafra (USB). Because there is a saying which says “If you don't know what killed your parents, the same thing that killed them will also kill the children" he concluded”.

Second Speaker on the Biafra Genocidal Exhibition: Chief Precious, spoke further about those ignorant citizens who has this misconception that Igbo Biafrans are forcing them into the Biafra Republic “because of their oil which they don't have hold of”. He made it known that Abia State (Umuahia Province of Biafra) has oil, Anambra State, Imo State, etc has oil reserves untapped. According to him, “the Indigenous people Of Biafra (IPOB) led by Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu are fighting for the total liberation of the indigenous clans. We are not interested in oil because Biafra government has made it known that every state will control their resources. If those ignorant individuals want to remain in Nigeria, when Biafra Referendum arrives; is one man one vote. Yes, to Biafra or No to Nigeria. Your vote is what counts not the noise making”. Speaking further, Chief Precious spoke fearlessly that Biafra does not belong to Ndi-Igbo alone but all Biafrans. “This Biafra genocidal exhibition is to expose the lies of the Yoruba Media and the British government lies against the Biafra citizens.  We will never relent in the pursuit to freedom until we are free from this shithole (Nigeria)”, he concludes.

The Third Speaker, His Royal Majesty (H.R.M.) Ogwunka fearlessly exposed how the British government laid oil pipeline down to the Atlantic Ocean down to Britain. “The Oil coming from Biafraland was channelled into British reserve, and that was the reasons why Britain refused to let the Biafran people go. The British government derives joy in the plights of the Biafrans”. H.R.M made it known that British government will go bankruptcy if Biafra re-gains her freedom. Because according to him, “the British government is feeding large at our plights. Actually, I don't know what British government saw in us that made them to deny us our freedom”.

Speaking further, he said; the British government used general Gowon against the Biafran populace knowing fully well, that Gowon has a Biafran blood unknown to him. “Gowon was from a Christian home but unknown to him, he was used against his people. They tricked him to come over to Saudi Arabia to sign in that no Igbo (Biafran) will ever rule Nigeria for 200 years onwards. The British government brought corruption to us. They are fighting hard to leave EU but want us (Biafrans) to remain in crime against humanity (Nigeria). Nigeria must be dissolved because force union is modern slavery”, he concludes.

Rivers State Media Team (RMT) had the opportunity to be present at the Biafra genocidal exhibition. It was indeed a successful program. Men, women and even our children were not left out in the program. Our children presented their dramatic show on how they hate the Nigerian state and cherish BIAFRA. Our children were all present to learn and have first-hand information from elderly men who fought during the bitter war with their experiences. Our children in one of their presentation sang, "Biafra is our home and there is no going back. Nigeria has failed us because they told us we are the leaders of tomorrow but is all lies and propaganda. The old men we saw in current affairs are the same people fighting for power. We see no future in Nigeria but Biafra. All Hail Biafra.

Written by:
Mazi Dimkpa Ikenna Ikenga Amadioha-Gbo
For: Rivers State Media

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