The Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) in Abakaliki province on Saturday September 29, 2018 inaugurated a fresh and vibrant family unit, Eze Jiofor family in Abakaliki LGA of Ebonyi state (Abakaliki province). To further propagate the gospel for Biafra restoration in Ebonyi state.

The coordinator of IPOB Abakaliki local government area Mazi Stephen Udoka who performed the inauguration encouraged them to remain resolute and give their coordinator as well as their principal officers the maximum support needed to grow the family unit to be among the best in Abakaliki province.

Addressing the people before the official inauguration took place, Mazi Wisdom Ezike the Ebonyi north senatorial district coordinator enjoined them to actively participate in the activities of the struggle not just in their unit and zone but senatorial, state and beyond. He urged them to follow the ethnics guiding IPOB as to be whiter than white and whiter than snow.

The Ebonyi north senatorial district women leader, Mrs Chukwu Jacinta appreciated the efforts of the coordinator of the new family unit and encouraged the women to give their total support because in the struggle according to her "women play vital role".

On his own side the state legal adviser Barrister Orogwu Cyril noted that it is only fear that can hinder the progress of achieving freedom and justice, therefore he advised them to be fearless even before the enemy.

The coordinator of the new family unit, Mazi Anyanwu Emmanuel, while speaking to the media appreciated his members for coming out in a large number to participate in the inauguration, he appreciated the efforts of Ebonyi north senatorial in the struggle for Biafra restoration in Abakaliki province, he pledged to work hard alongside his colleagues, to making sure that the struggle in the unit and the state generally flourishes.

The inauguration was attended by the Ebonyi state legal adviser Barrister Oroguw Cyril, Mazi Wisdom Ezike the Ebonyi north senatorial coordinator, Mazi Stephen Udoka the Abakaliki LGA coordinator, Women leader Ebonyi north senatorial district, Mrs Chukwu Jacinta, the state media head Mazi Ogeh Friday Igiri and many other persons from the unit. 

The senatorial district coordinator Mazi Wisdom Ezike Nwambam said that the unit is more than 50 members therefore will be divided to form another unit according to the provision of the IPOB bylaw, but will be implemented later if they maintain the zeal and seriousness exhibited initially.

Questions and answers were entertained on the issues revolving the struggle in the state and generally.

Written by:
Ogeh Friday Igiri & 
Ogbuka Franklin
For: Ebonyi State Media.

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