If there is anything so scaring in Nigeria, it is clear disregard to judiciary pronouncements by Executive arm of the government. That which is known among comity of nations that Nigeria judiciary pronouncements are mere expression before the members of executive arm, except it fall within the choice of what they want. Many are factual allusions of different cause of obvious disregard of judiciary pronouncements. In Imo State, the government of Rochas Anayo Okorocha is notorious for her clear disrespect for the judiciary. Could he be said to have mentored Imo Police Command into following suit?  No!  Though as the chief security officer of the state found wanting on respect for the judiciary, the Imo Police Command is one of the institutions of government that is deeply corrupt and disgusting when it comes to bullying citizenry and extorting Imo Biafrans.

On 17the August, Biafran women from Biafraland were in Owerri to press home for Nigeria Government release of the leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra (Onyendu Nnamdi Kanu) whose parents and him were abducted by the Nigeria Army through the widely condemned military operation code named “Python Dance”. In her cruelty, the Imo State Police Command excessively clamp down on these peaceful women. Over 300 of them (including pregnant ones) were dumped in various detention camps of the state.  A horrible place that could similarly compared with Nazissts concentration Camps of Eastern Europe.  These women were looted, harassed and dumped in these despicable places without any sanitary and medical attentions giving to them.

After global outcry, the state Government shamefully dropped the laughable trumped up charges against them as the Owerri Court washed off her hand off the matter by “unconditionally discharging and acquitting” them. They were released, but what of their properties under the Imo State Police Command? Here comes the exhibition of Nigeria Police way of life! The police placed a demand through the officers whose department are in charge of the properties. IPOB legal team told them “we are not paying a kobo. We have no bribe to give to anyone”. This response got the officers furious that the team leader uncontrollably fumed and said, “I will release the vehicles at my convenient time”. This crude behaviour forced the Biafran legal team to approach court in search of court orders for the release of the vehicle.

On 24th August, an order was secured by the team of lawyers from Justice S. K Kadurumba ordering the police to release the properties. When the legal team approached the police department with the order, the police demanded for the vehicle’s particulars in search of loopholes (having been told that IPOB doesn’t pay police).  These they were finished with!  In order to hasten them, the legal team approached the state Police commissioner for a complain and presentation of court order.  They Commissioner of Police gave an order for the police department in charge of the properties to release the properties to IPOB.  With the order from the superior officer, the department in charge released the vehicles after 52 days.  What is shocking here is that various items in the vehicles before their confiscation were all stolen or looted (if you chose to use the later word).

What does this to speak about Nigeria? It shows how dysfunctional the so-called judiciary arm is before the executive arm. If a junior police officer regards an order from superior officer than the court, it shows that the police has replaced the judiciary. No wonder disputing parties in Nigeria would want to “settle in police” than the court. You buy “justice” in police station than the court.  Secondly, who vandalized the vehicles in police custody?  Does it mean thieves could operate freely in police station? Could this be the reason various Nigeria police stations close by 6pm “for security reasons"? Could this be the reason light generator sets in police stations are under heavy key and locked in fear of thieves stealing them?  Your answer is as good as mine!

Written by:
Chika Austine
For: Imo State Media

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