I have my maternal cousins who were born and breed in Lagos.  When we were little, during the Christmas time, their parents will bring them back home to see our maternal grand mum. As a village brought up I am, I used to see them as demigods as they basked into the euphoria “oluwa ni eeeeh, oti clear…waaaaaa”. That’s a Yoruba head cousin of mine in Igboland! I felt something was wrong with their parents for not fixing up the heads of these cousins of mine on Igbo values.  That’s a typical Igbo born Lagos breed.  They understand that they are Igbo because “our mama said we are Igbos”.

This simply means that the little knowledge of their identities does not exceeds beyond what their mother told them on that very day of storytelling which was few hours meeting. Do they care to research further as to know what, how, and when they became Igbo?  No!  Their fate of Igboness lays on the woman that exposed them briefly to the knowledge of whom they are.  Regrettably, if the woman dies, that brings to an end, their Igbo fate.  Pity!  No wonder in Lagos today, there are many “Femi Chima Seun”. Yes, Femi by birth, Chima by my mama said I be Igbo and Seun after my mama died. 

What would you expect from such a fellow when it comes to Igbo course, of course he would be worse than Efulefu Joe Igbokwe.  Just the way it is!

Recent developments have exposed in our midst, some crop of Igbo men and women who though are not among the group of “my mama say I be Igbo”, but are in the same mental flow with the above group.  They got perplexed hearing of “Jewish state” yet carrying on their male organ, the seal of Judaism which is circumcision.  Kanu said I be Jew group are so funny that they opposed what their parents, nature, divinity and their lives styles have proven, yet blindly carrying around the Jewish identities on them.  Hated for being Jews in West Africa by their enemies but made to distance themselves from their Jewishness by the same enemies.

Ask them just a simple question, “did your forefathers circumcised before they met the white missionaries”? Without struggling, they will say “yes”! Who taught them circumcision?  They will reply “I don’t know”!! OK, which people on earth do circumcision on the eight day?  Hear them, “Jews”!!! So, your ancestors could practice such Abrahamic act even when there is no historical evidence of them meeting anyone else other than the European missionaries and you said they are not Jews.

 Could this be a case of mentally lost people? Is anyone restricted from making a research? Well I understand how buying and selling coupled with hard hitting poor economic conditions in Nigeria have distorted our minds and passion for investigations.  Because buried truths must be unearthed, I will take it as a responsibility to take a video documentary to places mentioned by our leader as historical evidences of our Jewishness. I think such project when achieved could help some of us the group of “Nnamdi Kanu sey I be Jew” to see shocking video evidences which the Islamic Nigerian state and Britain don’t want you to see.  Till then, remember that your Jewishness is a matter of DNA.  

Written by:
Chika Austine
For: Imo State Media

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