Biafra: Dealing With The Naivety In the Christendom

■ Author: Aguocha Chinwendum
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 31, Oct 2018

Setting the records straight , we were never Christians yet we worshiped the highest God, we obeyed the commandments of Chiukwuokike even before knowing or seeing what the Holy Bible has as its  contents, it was those that brought the Holy Bible that saw our traditions and customs who called us Jews because we were living the life of those interpreted in the Holy Bible.

Yeshuah called Jesus by the Europeans was a Jewish born in Bethlehem of Judah, his parents were Jews he prayed and taught in synagogues and Temples during the days of his ministry here on earth,  his disciples and Apostles were Jews, Jesus was circumcised after eight days of birth by his parents according to the tradition and customs of the Jewish people, his parents taught him the Jewish traditional way of worship, he was always part of the family Jerusalem pilgrimage.


Jesus did not form Christianity, he did not instruct anyone to form Christianity, Christianity was an European invention and an imitation of Judaism due to their naivety and misinterpretation of the approach of the Jews.

There won't be any Christianity today without Judaism, somebody was erroneously saying that the Jews rejected Jesus and they accepted him and said to him, the crowd that he fed were they from your village? His twelve disciples are they from Europe? And he shut up his mouth.
All the key actors today in the Christian Bible, ninety percent are Jews, in churches today when we want to pray we use the old testament to pray, we sing and pray that Abraham blessing is mine my dear Abraham was never a Christian. If you accept you are among the sons and daughters of Abraham according to Christian faith then you are a jew because Father Abraham founded the Judaism we have today, he's the root of Judaism. There was no Jewish custom that Jesus did not observe including washing of feet and Passover.

In the book of Matthew 15 vs 21-27, a certain woman who was not a jew needed Jesus to help her and make her sick daughter well but Jesus refused and said "I WAS SENT ONLY FOR THE LOST SHEEP OF ISRAEL" though He later attended to the woman for her perseverance and faith. so those saying, Jesus, was rejected by the Jews are not only liars but blind to the truth, it was only the ruling class that were having issues of the place he should be born, the Jewish public accepted him and called him many Names like Mose, Elijah, Elisha, and Messiah.

Nnamdi Kanu left the stage for all of you facebook intellectuals for good four hundred days rather than come out and lead us since he was not found you all played the tortoise hiding in your shell, and now the fearless and brave lion is back all of a sudden you found your voices again, Nnamdi Kanu is doing that which you cant do, he's saying those things you can't possibly say because of fear, he's daring the powers that be he walked into the camp of the enemy and Chukwuokike saved him, all of you jobless facebook intellectuals will be the beneficiaries because he shall get you Biafra and give you a job for the rest of your life.

Something brought about the interview, something brought about the Jewish question, it was necessary he got interviewed, if Buhari can call for An Islamic state in Jerusalem the Israeli Prime minister can call for a Jewish state of Biafra in Nigeria a person who is locked up, a person in captivity  needs help to come out and be free and the helper needs the interest to come in and offer help it is called using the forbidden to uproot the forbidden this can only be revealed to the chosen ones, not the fake intellectual ones.
Let's leave God to complete what he has started with his servant Nnamdi Kanu.

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