By Oluchukwu Mercy (Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
Without mincing words, the Nigerian system of government is evil paving the way for evil succession. A situation where the northerners vow not to rotate the federal seat of leadership instead choose to hold firmly to it, declaring others slaves. The most annoying aspect is that Nigeria claimed to be running a federal system of government, but its constitution is highly ineffective.

The dirty game the Fulani politicians are playing in Nigeria since its creation by Britain is setting a live trap for other tribes in Nigeria especially the Biafran people. Now Buhari versus Atiku challenge as regards their 2019 election which Atiku vows not to compete with a foreigner come 2019 election. Atiku used a deceitful statement to confuse Nigeria, not Biafrans in presenting himself as the right candidate for their hopeless presidential position.

He is simply going to continue from where Buhari stopped. The evil they plot will engulf them, and total destruction will be their portion.  Atiku as a retired customs officer is more deadly and wicked in discharging his heartless duties. When he was in service, he dealt with Biafrans especially the Igbo-Biafrans who are the major importers in Nigeria, seizing and damaging their imported goods not minding the enormous amount of money invested.

The question is if eventually, Atiku becomes Nigerian president come 2019 where will he take Nigeria? What are his proposals? First, he would completely transform Nigeria to an Islamic country followed by their brutal dictatorship pattern of governance; followed by replacement of the constitution of Nigeria with sharia laws; subjecting people to an unbearably terrible condition. Atiku’s hard desire to be the next Nigerian president is a greater evil.

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