■Author:  Utiung Mathias 
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ

■ 10, Oct 2018

The kind of slavish mentality our brothers from the Riverine region posses makes me wonder whether they are humans; Even if they are humans, I don't think they have brain; And even if they have brain, it must be a cow brain, and if its a cow brain, it must be an Hausa~Fulani cow.

Which one is 1) Instead of the Niger Delta to be part of Biafra with the Igbos, it's better we remain in Nigeria with Hausa Fulani. 2) Instead of Igbos that don't even love themselves neither are they trusted, to rule me, Its better Hausa Fulani rules over me. 3) Instead of Igbos who are selfish and greedy to own or control an oil well in my region, its better Hausa Fulani claim and own it. 4) Igbos want to impose Biafra on us so they can take over our oil and destiny... AND I ASK ★When did Igbos start taking over peoples properties? ★How many of your properties and destinies have Igbos taken over? ★How many oil wells does an Igbo man own in Nigeria as a whole? ★Why do you choose to remain a slave to Hausa~Fulani instead being part of Biafra with the Igbos? ★ Why do you passionately hate the Igbos because of the senseless fabricated lies our oppressors(Hausa Fulani) told against them.
Have you ever on your own verify/confirm whether what the Hausa Fulani told us is true or lies? You just jumped to conclusion that Igbos are this and that because you are working hard to justify evil in them; Any slight mistake an Igbo who is working for the Zoo govt make, you will use it as a vindication against all the Igbos.

Why my people, I ask Why?
You people reason like an animal because you possess a slavish mentality; Your perspective is like that of a fool because you're suffering from mental slavery (Which makes you love, trust and defend your oppressors, while making an enemy with the Igbos who are trying to free or open your eyes.
I just pray their children don't inherit their slavish mentality. To whom Brain is given, the sense is expected.
Edited by Aguocha Chinwendum For Umuchiukwu writers.
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