The federal republic of Nigeria is a cancer killing virus. Facts have proven that anything that comes in contact with her, is defiled. Nigeria is systematically programmed in such a way that the Indigenous people continue running in circles of terrors and shame. Whoever created this “crime against humanity” (Nigeria) must be eating in the same plate with the devil.

The system is kept under the watch of the Northern Oligarchy by Britain, for the continuous subjugation of the Indigenous People of Biafra. It is now obvious among the indigenous population that made up Nigeria, that One Nigerianism is about to keep the Northern Oligarchy in power and keep the Indigenous People backward. The North, will do everything in her might to hold on to power. While the Easterners are busy campaigning for these bloodthirsty jihadists, this political puppet are looking for way to keep the easterners away from power and to continue to slaughter them like sheep without a shepherd as presently ongoing.

One would wonder, why is Atiku and Buhari the presidential candidates and not any Biafran? The answer is quite simple. The northern cabals have vowed never to let power fall into the hands of the Igbo Biafrans. We are aware of what they did to remove Goodluck Ebere Jonathan from power. How they used Boko Haram terrorists to distract him and forcefully removed him. Even Biafrans votes couldn't help to retain him talk more of now the same people with the same mindset are running for presidency, which the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) has vows to boycott come 2019. "Never think they have come to restructure Nigeria, a system without a structure can't be restructured," do have that in mind. They have come to continue rejoicing over our plights. Wake up now!

Those Efulefues (Slaves) campaigning for those bloodthirsty beasts are nothing but brainwashed hungry slaves. How on earth would one give you money (raw materials) to vote for him or her into power if such person has your interest at heart? You just sold your birth-right to him that moment you took such blood money. We should understand that our votes do not count and will never count as long as this crime against humanity (Nigeria) is still in existence. The best option for the Indigenous People is to boycott the election as the Ambazonians in Cameron did recently. Freedom is not cheap, we need to fight collectively with one mind and voice to reach our target!

However, before I do proceed, I would want to clear this impression or misconceptions people often have about the Biafra agitation. First and foremost, the agitation of the sovereignty state of Biafra is not about “Black Gold” (Crude Oil), nor for infrastructural development in our area. Many circumstances gave birth to the Biafra Agitation project. In 1967-1970 Nigeria/Biafra civil war, millions of Biafrans were slaughtered in every nooks and crannies of Biafraland. And before the civil war, the northerners have been the ones campaigning to leave the federation, not after they were brainwashed again to believe this lies called One Nigeria. Our brethren killed during that war and beyond can never be swept under the carpet. The foundation of Nigeria was built with the blood of the innocent Biafrans and that is the major reason we can never back out from this struggle.

Before the disintegration of Yugoslavia which gave birth to Kosovo, Croatia, and the rest of them, if you cared to ask me, I will tell you that Yugoslavia was doing far better than Nigeria both in governance and economy. One would be forced to ask, why is crime against humanity (Nigeria) still existing? Ambazonia and Catalonia are doing exactly the same kind of agitation which gave birth to Croatia from Yugoslavia just that the Ambazonians and Catalans lack the military might to add with regional political autonomy to engage their oppressors just like the Croats. Croatians declared and conducted their referendum themselves, after which they recorded up to 87℅ yes and they later declared their total independence from Yugoslavia without the consent of Yugoslavian authorities?

That was 1991, after declaring their independence from Yugoslavia, the host nation declared a total war against the Croats. Initially it was as if the Croatians were losing because majority of their boundaries were taken from them by the opposition military, but as the war progressed the Croats recovered most of their territories and was winning the war. Germany was the first world Power who defied the order of European Union to recognize Croatia as an independent country to avoid escalation of the war. Croatia fought a war from 1991-1995 before she was duly and fully recognized by EU and a host of other countries in Europe.

How I wish our political elites will stand with IPOB and fire from the same cylinder. The disintegration of Nigeria is even easier than Yugoslavia because Biafrans have the manpower and the ingenuity to stand eye ball to eye ball and steel to steel with Nigeria military only if we press the right buttons and court the right nations who can stand with us and also intercede for us in world politics.

Politically and religiously, Nigeria is far more divided to stand as a country far more than even Yugoslavia. 2019 presidential election must be boycotted. I would love IPOB leadership to study very well, the struggle and the independence of Croatia from Yugoslavia. Or better still, the disintegration of Yugoslavia. That will make us not make any mistake in future.

Biafra agitation is not all about Crude Oil as some misformed ignorant individuals believe. Neither is it all about restructuring this unholy marriage known as Nigeria. Biafra agitation is all about the total emancipation of the Indigenous people and the Africa continent. Biafra remains the beacon of hope to Africa Continent. Support Biafra Referendum and also get ready for anything that comes out of it. Free BIAFRA now for absolute peace in the world.


Written by:
Mazi Dimkpa Ikenna Ikenga Amadioha-Gbo
For: Rivers State Media

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