■Author:  Victor Njoku 
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ

■ 10, Oct 2018

I thank everyone who has been working tirelessly to make sure Biafra's are liberated. As the people of Biafra is about to leave the camp of slavery and the shackles of marginalization (Nigeria) to the promised land Biafra, there are things we must and must not do. Fellow Biafrans I think haven spent so many years left in Nigeria where evil is in abundant, will enable us to build a better Biafra. Experience is the best teacher they said, so I believe we have experienced so many things in Nigeria. As we come into this new Biafra, there are something's we saw/did which we shall let go, and we should also check if there is any good thing we will carry along as we go into this new Biafra. Nigeria is bad we know, but assuming the citizens have good will and sense of belonging towards the country just like Americans have towards America. The country would have been better because everybody will have a good attitude of work for the nation and not some group of people working and the other eating without working (looting) monkey de work baboon de chop.

Religion bigot is one of the problems which destroyed Nigeria completely, religion is deep, its an ideology which if not properly handled can destroy a nation. We all know too much of everything is bad, a country where some group of people can not accommodate other peoples religion is doomed because such act can incite violence. So I warn you Biafra's religious hatred is bad and can destroy a nation. As we all move into the new Biafra we should all drop such act in order to build a better Biafra.
Ethnicism and tribalism, this is another problem which has ruined Nigeria, this is a problem which has claimed millions of Biafra's lives and properties in Nigeria. Indeed Nigeria may have been peaceful if not for this problem ( Ethnicism and tribalism) Nigeria is a country where one ethnic group See's themselves as people who are born to rule and the other born to serve with much hatred. I'm saying this because I know Fulani's hates we Biafra's with passion and we also do not like them. And so, therefore, Ethnicism and tribalism we must leave for Nigeria and Nigeria's as we come into this new Biafra. As an Igbo speaking Biafran, I should see somebody from Calabar and other tribes in Biafra, not just as my closest brother but like my self for us to leave in peace and unity as one family. Selfless activity is the secret of our forefather's unity and prosperity. Nigeria is a country where everybody See's the opportunity to serve as the opportunity to get rich overnight. If you're a citizen of a country and you can't sacrifice anything for the country such as money, time and even your life, that country will remain stagnant and can never grow in life. It's just like a worship without sacrifice. If you want a miracle from your God or gods, you must make the necessary sacrifice. Impunity is another thing we must let go, I will do it and nothing will happen, but before you pinch another person, first of all, pinch your self and know how painful it is. Biafra should not be characterized by cabals, like Nigeria where some people are conceded as secret cows, they do anything they like and get away with it. So Biafra's before you do anything, think twice.
I have mentioned but a few, Nigeria problem is numerous. Indeed experience is the best teacher in life, we have suffered in Nigeria for years, that is true but everything that happens in life, there is a reason. the arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward, Joseph was sold by his brothers only for him to be made governor in Egypt which latter benefited his brothers, the same happened to mosses in the holy bible.
Its true we have suffered in Nigeria but we have learned a lot, political, economically and otherwise so, therefore, I believe we can build a better Biafra with the traumatic experience we had in Nigeria and not only that Biafrans are blessed with so many talents by GOD.
Edited By Ezekwereogu John For Umuchiukwu Writers
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