By Mercy Oluchukwu Bernard (Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
In Biafraland, women are known for their positive contributions to community development, initiating programs that will better the living standard of the entire community especially the youths, who are the active workforce. The women August meeting, which was introduced in Imo state, is now gradually spreading across states in Biafraland for other women to emulate, participate in and use it to emancipate their communities.

The motivation and objective that gave rise to this women yearly gathering were to inculcate good manners in children, youths and adults. To initiate programs that will eradicate poverty by creating job opportunities for jobless individuals, discuss on how to solve some problems confronting their individual communities. Discuss ways of restoring hope through establishing skill acquisition centres where various trades such as beads making, plaiting and hair studio, sewing, baking, cooking, decoration with materials etc. are learnt.

Through this women gathering in Biafraland, hope for the hopeless is being restored. Experts are employed to train the youths and the people who are jobless. Through the skill acquisition centers, so many lives are transformed, values added for positive livelihood and proper co-existence. Cases of dispute and issues involved are thoroughly looked into and properly handled and right judgment handed out. By so doing peace is restored and brotherly love continues among people and groups involved.

By this August meeting initiative, married women are cautioned to remain faithful to their husbands, Knowing that their husbands have a complete conjugal right over them because this right is profoundly sacred and must not be shared with any other man until death separates the marriage.
Villages and communities are enlightened on how to live and maintain healthy living. Experts in health and nutrition talks to the people, educating them on health-related matters, how to minimize stress, rest enough, exercise, eat good food. Eat the diet that contains the six classes of food in their right proportion. Helping them realize that life is precious and must be given the proper treatment.

Rural electricity and other developmental projects are launched and achieved; Hospitals and maternity homes are built, equipped and made functional to serve the people; Schools are built, equipped for poor children to go to school and acquire basic knowledge of today. The benefit of women August meeting initiative cannot be overemphasized.
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