It is another moment with the Riverine brethren who openly support the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra. The Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) led by Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and deputized by Mazi Uchenna Okafor Mefor is not taking any chances as the good news of Biafra is spreading rapidly at every nooks and cranny of Biafraland. As we prepare for the forthcoming Biafra Referendum soon next, IPOB used this medium to reach out to our brethren in Riverine area of Biafraland to know their take and stand for Referendum and preparations. Believe me, the Riverine area has finally come out for the struggle.

The Rivers State Media took a tour at Bonny region of Biafra, where our brethren in Bonny region warmly welcomed us and they assured us that when the reaping time comes, the contraption will understand that 1967-1970 is not 2018. We love and support Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in the liberation of our people. He understood the tricks of the British "Divide and Rule" tactics on us. Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is the man we support, we have tested him and we will do everything in our power to making sure this fight to freedom is won. Enough is Enough for the Nigerian government and her collaborators.

Our brethren told Rivers State Media that is time to put a stop to our sufferings. We are blessed with material resources but yet we are in mess. The government of Nigeria is not helping matters, they are not taking our plights seriously. They are more concern with the Black Gold (Crude Oil) and not our wellbeing as a people. Through the IPOB struggle led by Onyendu, we now understand how Nigerian government has been dividing us for decades. They turned us against our brothers just to keep us in this mess. Enough is enough. Our freedom is now paramount to us. We will stop at nothing until the Biafra Flag is raised high.

We IPOB in Bonny, is using this medium to call on our brethren, Ijaws, Isoko, etc to support Ndi-Igbo and IPOB struggle because our salvation lies in it. Igbos are not here to dominate us as been propagated by our enemies. We have known the truth about the Civil war, how the Nigeria military-disguise dressed on Biafra uniform to massacre our people just to keep us in bondage. Nigeria government and our alleged elites are not for our own good. No more voting in Biafraland. Boycott everything boycottable until we achieve our ultimate goal. I am urging everyone to secure our land because our referendum date will soon be announced. We must vote for BIAFRA for freedom. In Biafra where our salvation lies. Come out let's support IPOB leader because is tested and trusted.
Biafra is still alive, very much alive. I see this truth in the continuous growth of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and Deputized by Mazi Uchenna Okafor Mefor.

However, every revolution is built solely on people's culture. The way the vultures have devoured our children leaves a question mark on the validity of our nonviolence struggle. I am aware that in any form of resistance, when the government is killing resister's (Biafrans), they are, as well forcing them to retaliate.

The questions that they have failed to answer since the resurrection of the Biafra struggle is, how did the first Biafra come into existence? What is the known approach to the struggle of the people of Eastern Nigeria? The first Biafra that produced heroes and heroines on our side was declared and defined. All known struggle of the Eastern people especially the Igbo were built on "Nzogbu Nzogbu Enyimba Enyi." Our struggle has been like waking up sleeping lions and giants (Onye metere nwagu di-na-ura, obilite kwa ya Agbara oso). Lion and Elephants are not known for feasts. They are known to be mean animals and they remain our symbols. 

If we continue to pretend and preach nonviolence to an oppressive and tyrannical government like Nigeria, it is assumed that the elephants and lions in the land are still sleeping. But if the unjust policies of Nigeria have woken the sleeping giants, let the jungle have no rest until their spirits are appeased.

In summary, support IPOB struggle for total freedom. Our freedom is paramount and no going back until freedom is achieved. Support Biafra Referendum.

Written by:
Mazi Dimkpa Ikenna Ikenga Amadioha-Gbo
For: Rivers State Media (Igweocha Province)

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