■ Author:  Chimaobim Nnanna
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 6, Sep 2018
Enemies are those who oppose and tries to stop the people of Biafra from restoring the kingdom of Chiukwuabiama on earth. They have no plans but would want to destroy that which another has. Franklin D. Roosevelt quotes, "I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made". IPOB has made great enemies more within. Judge them by their enemies. Happiness is a free gift of nature to man, yet only very few get it. It can be self-triggered or by loved ones.
When we were young, we had a lot of childhood memories. We had a lot of friends and people we play with and have a really good time. But as we grow and get older, our friend list gradually changed as our interests and passion switched to something else. We begin to get even more involved and passionate about the things we do and the people in our new cycle of friends. It's certain that in this struggle for freedom we've all found a hubby and something of great interest and importance. We've all found people who believe and want the same things as we do, whom we can die for. Who believes so much in us and we in them. We all see ourselves as brothers and sisters whom our world seem to revolve around their happiness and well being. We often eat together, play together, sing songs together, share our dreams and even go to protests together which is a very legal and world recognized way of registering displeasure and grievances. It's so much fun marching side by side with the people we love and cherish.
The undisputed truth is that in every BIAFRAN soul there's a piece of another BIAFRAN stuck in there. Any of us can die for all of us. Because that's what the friendship is being found upon. On the other hand, there are these set of people we think we are fighting for who eventually turns around to stab us at the back. They are the people who we think is our brothers and sisters and we leave our food with them to bring an extra spoon so as to share the food with them of which they reject to our surprise. These set of brothers and sisters are the ones being bought over to poison our food, the same food we want to share with them out of love from a very fat heart.
These people pretend they are a part of us, they sometimes join us for fun but sneak out when must have been carried away to connive with our enemies to kill us. They are the same people we thought we could die for. The same people we thought our hearts beat for. The same tender and delicate ones we'd rather starve so they could eat to their satisfaction. Yes, those are the same people heartlessly slitting our throats. They, in turn, will rather die than see us smile. Our happiness chocks them really. Not that they don't enjoy our sacrifices and love, but envy and thirst for power have turned them into this monster that could only come from the pit of hell. They have been filled with so much bitterness towards their supposed brothers and sisters that they now hunt us even more than the supposed enemies we both have in common. They are now the enemies within us.
Moreover, these enemies from within we once felt so much great love for must be seen for who they really are. They are saboteurs and must be seen as such. In the middle of the fun, they'll do anything to obstruct the peace and happiness of the people. Those are sadists who delight in the agony of others. Those are predators who we thought are tender amongst us but they take us for a prey and as a result, we lost our lives and that of our loved ones'.
Join us on September 14th, 2018 as we embark on a general strike to register our displeasure in their sabotage. Sit at home. There should be a general lockdown of Biafra land on this day. All hail Biafra Edited By Ezekwereogu John For Umuchiukwu Writers
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