The sit-at-home strike by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) was a huge success and as you know it the federal government of Nigeria will do everything within her powers to undermine the gains IPOB has made so far.

Lot of persons are now praising Nigeria media for doing the needful, saying the media houses reported the exact happenings that took place within and around Biafra land during the sit-at-home. The report gave 100% credit to Biafrans at large for responding to IPOB leadership call for a sit at home general strike within a short notice.

Recent development shows that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu teachings concerning Biafra restoration is in-depth and it is well understood by all yielding positive result. With the recent survey carried out it shows that currently millions of Biafrans are pregnant with the Biafran ideology and are getting ready to put to bed.

Sahara reporters came up with a report saying IPOB members attacked and burnt down truck and Daily Sun also made a statement on the 15th September 2018 that 15 trucks were burnt down and IPOB group allegedly attacked residents of Oyigbo Under Igweocha province known by Nigerians as Port Harcourt.

My question goes to the Chief Editor of Sahara Reporters and Daily Sun, how can a man sitting at home burn down a truck?

Calling on all Biafrans to ignore the said Fakes news from all Nigeria media houses, it so clear that Buhari has lost control via his governors in Biafra land. With situation report from an insider, it was reported that President Buhari is not happy with the total compliance of IPOB sit at home; he knows that the land of Biafra is now united and never to be divided by the British backed Hausa Fulani government in Nigeria.

Well, it shows how bias the Nigerian media is and how President Buhari has bought over all the media houses in Nigeria, instead of the media houses to speak the truth the media houses are busy looking for money from the same government of President Buhari that claims he is fighting corruption.                                                                             

Written by:
Ben Nnadi                                                             
For: Rivers State Media

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