Sabotage has been the bane of every struggle and movement in all human endeavours. People high and low always want to be recognised even when they have lost importance. Oha na eze ndi igb├│, you can call them Ohanaeze, are busy ranting and conspiring with their Fulani contractors to jeopardize the relentless efforts of God's people.

Yet the contract has gone sour. They failed to cajole the masses to ignore the resolute call to remember the dead and the saboteurs amongst us. They gave threats, barked like mad dogs, gave bribes, issued warnings, made promises and tried to break the sky. Lo, it came to pass, everywhere was under lock and key. Cities, towns and villages where shutdown to their chagrin.

I travelled to observe and witness the sit-at-home and indeed I saw a people so resolute and submissive to command and control. One could play football on the busiest roads as there was no traffic. I observed with evident records that shops, malls, banks, schools, churches, markets and refill stations where shutdown. The whole town was locked down marking a huge success to the sit-at-home.

Now, where are the masquerades? Find them in government offices, media houses giving and taking bribes to cover the truth of what happened on the 14th of September, 2018. Wolves in sheep cloth thinking they can deceive everyone all the time. They unleashed their mad dogs on the streets of Obigbo, burning trucks and cars parked on the roads. Soon they will parade their paid thugs as members of IPOB. We know our own, every one of us obeyed the call to remain indoors. Only the citizens of the zoo were jumping like monkeys always perpetrating crimes. We are watching and waiting with unflinching resoluteness what the world will do to restore the dignity of human existence and the sanctity of Godliness.

Biafra is rising! The sun is shining! Let there be light, let's get back to work. Shalom!

Written by:  
Alozie, Justice Nwanze
For: Rivers State Media

Edited by:   
Oby Mboma.
For: Rivers State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Rivers State Media

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